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Funny SMS

1.Question: What happened when two sardars were waiting for buses numbered 1 and 2? Answer: When bus number 12 came, they both climbed on!
2. rat 2 baje kisi ne bajai bel rat 2 baje kisi ne bajai bel mene gate khola to watchman bola all is well
3. If u r stressed, youll get pimples.. if u cry,ull get wrinkles.. So, y dont u smile & get dimples?
4. The difference betwin Best frnd and Just frnd? When you r in hospital, Just frnd asks: Tabiyat kaisi hai? And Best frnd aska: Nurse kaisi hai..!!
5. Namaskar Agar Dharti Par ho to SMS bhejo, Asmaan par ho to Barish bhejo, Swarg me ho to Apsara bhejo aur agar Narak me ho to ENJOY YOURSELF....
6. A pig fell in love with a chicken & they both married each other. next day, pig died of bird flu & the chicken died of swine flu ...!! AJAB PREM KI GAJAB KAHANI !!
7. an IDEA can change ur life..... but DOCKOMO can change ur wife
8. "Me sick, no work" Boss SMS back: "When I am sick I kiss my wife try it" 2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss: "Me ok, ur wife very sweet"
9. Q : what is the full form of maths ?Think A : mentally affected teacher harrasing students.
10. God:I cant be everywhere so i created Mother!!Evil:I too cant b everywhere so i created Mother-in-Law
11. Only True frenz stand by u during bad times...I promise i will attend ur wedding.
13. Apna hath apne sir par phero. Ek bar fir phero,dubara phero, chalo ek bar fir akhri bar phero. Ab to tumhe yakin ho gya hoga k GADHE k sir par seeng nahi hote
14. wat is d diffrnce betwn completed n finished??if u find gud spouse u r completed otherwise u r finishd !!!
15. American:Oh God give me room full of Gold.Russian:oh God!give me room full of Diamonds.India:Oh God!give me keys of both d rooms.
16. Man at medical shop: I need poison.Chemist: I can't sell u that.Man shows wife's photo.Chemist: Oh! Sorry, I didn't know u had a prescription.
17. In the corridor of a govt office was a signboard that read,"Do not make a noise"Someone added the following"Otherwise we may wake up"...
18. Lalu k pichhe ek chhota sa kutta pad gaya..!!Lalu bola..!! Sala hum to BSNL ka card dalaya hu..Ye sala HUTCH ka Network kaise pakad lia.
19. U Ned Heart Ye Dil Apka Hua U Ned Frnd Mujse Dosti Karoge U Ned Joy Dhom Machaly Dhom U Ned Hlp Main Hu Na U Ned Cash Hum Apke HAIN Kaun?
20. Friends are like asian paints 'duniya badal de'. Girlfriends are like everest masale 'taste mein best'. Wife is like mosquito coil 'dhoond dhoond ke maare!'
21. A student asked 2 write a signboard 4 d traffic rules near college campushe wrote;"Drive carefully! Don't kill students, wait for teachers"
22. Behind every successful student there isa girl friend... But,what about unsuccessful student ?Lots ofgirl friends...!
23. What will be the girl's name born on 1st of APRIL? Guess Guess Guess Guess "FOOLAN DEVI..