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Durgapur SteelTownship Map

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This Section covers the Geography and Geographical details of Durgapur, like latitude and longitude of Durgapur, altitude of Durgapur, temperature of Durgapur in summer and winter. Average rainfall in Durgapur etc. In the last of the table we have provided distance of Durgapur from major Indian cities. Maps of Durgapur and Durgapur city is a very important requirement for the people of Durgapur and other visitors to Durgapur. We have provided three maps of Durgapur, one is the DMC map of Durgapur and other Durgapur steel township map. The third map is from Google map of Durgapur. The Durgapur steel township map provides the details of the Durgapur Steel Plant Township. Please click on the small pictures of the maps to enlarge the maps. In the Google map of Durgapur click on the link view larger map to get enlarged Google map of Durgapur. The Google map provides the satellite map of Durgapur, terrain map of Durgapur and the street map of Durgapur. We hope these maps of Durgapur will serve our users purposes.

Country India
State West Bengal
Latitude 23.30N
Longitude 87.20E
Altitude 68.9 Meters
International Time + 5.30 hrs from GMT
Temperature In Durgapur Summer:-Max:46.1(C) Min:-37.8(c)Winter:-Max:32.2 Min:20.4
Average Rainfall In Durgapur 150 cms June to Sep
Total Population In Durgapur 493,405 as per 2011 Census
Sex Ratio in Durgapur Male-263,721 Female-229,684
Metropolitan Area of Durgapur 153 Sq. Kms.
Languages Spoken In Durgapur Bengali, Hindi, English
Literacy Rate in Durgapur 83.57%
Gram Panchayats in Durgapur Sub-Division -Nos
Panchayat Samiti in Durgapur Subdivision 5 Nos
Assembly Constituencies in Durgapur 2-Nos
Parliamentary Constituencies in Durgapur 1-Nos
No Of Wards in DMC Durgapur 43-Nos
No Of Boroughs in Durgapur 5-Nos
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