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Sandip Burman

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Durgapur is famous for many people personalities, many persons are associated in making Durgapur what it is now. Many persons have born here and become famous nationally and internationally. We are trying to provide information about few of those persons of native Durgapurian and who's influenced in the making of the city Durgapur.

Important Personalities of Durgapur

  • Sandip Burman
  • Tushar Datta
  • Paresh Chandra Nath
  • Dr. Arunnagnsu Ganguly
  • Subrata
  • Bimal Mitra
  • Abhishek Ghorui

Sandip Burman

Sandip Burman once a resident of Durgapur, MAMC is a proficient Tabla player ( Indian drum Hands) whose performances are marked with innovation and total purity even when he plays at dazzling speeds. He has a vast repertoire, which includes common and rarely heard rhythms combined with his intense solo styling, that will leave audience in awe of the artist and his art form.
He began playing the Tabla at the age of six with one of India's distinguished Tabla maestros. He has performed with artists such as Ravi Shankar, Bela Fleck, and Al DiMeola in venues across the world-from the San Francisco Asian Museum of Art to the Monterey World One Festival. Sandip Burman has also contributed to movie and commercial soundtracks in addition to touring and recording. His abilities and talent have enabled him to teach, perform, and present clinics at institutions from Texas Tech to Dartmouth University

Tushar Datta

Tushar Datta was born in Natore city of Bangladesh in 1966. His father Rabindranath Dutta was a trader. He moved to Durgapur in Bardhaman in 1978. In Durgapur he started taking music lessons from Bimol Mitra. He learnt the basics of classical music from him. When he was in school, he got an opportunity to study at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy. After his post-graduation he won a scholarship at the academy. There he received in-depth education in the various aspects of classical music dhrupad, khayal, tarana, thumri, tappa and more. He received tutelage from Pt. A Kanan, Pt. Arun Bhaduri, Pt. K.G. Gindey and Pt. Sunil Bose. Later Tushar became a ganabandha shagird of late Pandit KG Ginge. He has performed in various programmes organized by ITC - SRA and other organization in many parts of India, USA, Canada, England, Germany, UAE, Oman, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Bangladesh. He performed at the ITC Music Conference in 1996, which included some of the biggest names in Indian classical music, such as Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ustad Zakir Hussain. Dutta also performed at the Shaptak Music Festival in Ahmedabad in 2009. On January 4, Bengal Foundation arranged a solo performance of the artiste. Titled "Dhrupadi Sangeet-er Ashor", the programme featured Dutta performing various raaga, including Baghesri, Shohini and Hangsadhwani. The artiste also rendered some Bangla songs -- "Mago Tomar Daakey Debo Shara", "Shobai Amra Tomar Baganey" and more.

Paresh Chandra Nath

Paresh Chandra Nath lost his left palm from wrist in his early childhood. But nothing could deter him from fighting the hurdle of life. He came to Durgapur and learned tailoring for livelihood. His talents explored when he joined adventure activities. He is the first handicapped person to go for advance mountaineering course in HMI Darjeeling and completed successfully. With 25years of experience in mountaineering he has climbed several high altitude peaks like Kedar Dome, Gangotri-2, Chandra Parvat, KR-5, Hanumanti BBA, Deoti BBA, Sapta Sringa, Mount Gangstang and many others.
Till date Paresh Chandra Nath has been a part of many successful mountain expeditions, among which he has been the leader in many occasions.
We hope Paresh Chandra Nath succeeds in reaching the summit of Everest and doing so not only will he be the first from Durgapur to climb the Everest, he will also be the first physically challenged mountaineer from Bengal to conquer it. In fact no male Indian with disability has reached the top of the world's highest peak so far.