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Sorry SMS

1. Be the first one to say Sorry,when the other person seems to be hurt bcoz of U &Be the 1st one to forgive,if a Person says Sorry to U!
2. There is nothing wrong to say sorry! when we are wrong,One sorry can save many precious Relationships!Today is "world sorry saying Day
3. I Never "APOLOGIZE" i'm sorry.!! That's Just Not the way "I Am"..............
4. Wish I could turn back the time and make things right... Please forgive me!
5. anytime you are angry that breaks my heart but my heart will never stop to love you..... sorry for that
6. Bhool se koi bhool hui to bhool samajh kar bhool jana. Are...bhoolna sirf bhool ko, bhool se bhi hame na bhulana.
7. I'm sorry may not mean that much to you, but it means a lifetime of our relationship to me ! Please forgive me ?