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Swimming Pools In Durgapur

DSPSA Swimming Pool   the best swimming pool in Durgapur is run by Durgapur Steel Plant Sports Association. The pool was once built for the B.T.S. employees who work for DSP. After the BTS left the pool was run by Children's Academy. But in recent years DSPSA has taken the procession of the pool and the pool is in great condition now. The pool also has once Sauna bath facilities but presently services are unavailable. The water condition of the pool is very healthy due to its constant maintenance. The pool is open to DSP, ASP employees their wards and also outsiders. It is located in Priyadarsini Indira Sarani, near Kumarmangalam Park, Durgapur-713205

MAMC Swimming Pool   The MAMC swimming pool was once the best pool in Durgapur but now it is in very pathetic condition. The pool has also produced some great swimmers from Durgapur and its adjoining areas. But as MAMC is itself in very bad condition, the MAMC township and its all other facilities are in a very sorry state. Funds for running the swimming pool dried up and it has to be closed down recently.

Hotel Ispat Swimming Pool   Hotel Ispat has very recently a nice and very large swimming pool. It was open to the outsiders and was run by Relaxanter. They also have a very nominal fee and a good number of pupils for the pool. But in recent years the pool was not properly cared and its condition deteriorated. Now the pool has been closed down but it still is in very good condition and we hope some organisation or the hotel authorities itself will soon open it for the swimmers. It is situated in Hotel Ispat , Priyadarsani Indira Sarani, Durgapur-713204.

Other Swimming pools   Various other Clubs, Organisation and Hotels has their own Swimming Pools. The City Residency has recently added a modern swimming pool with all types of swimming amenities. The Durgapur Club has a very nice and well maintained swimming pool for its members. Durgapur Municipal Corporation is in a process of constructing a modern swimming pool in the Sahid Bhagat Singh Stadium. It will greatly help the citizens of Durgapur who love swimming.