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Durgapur Club Durgapur Club was founded in 1957 as ISCON Club by the British Consortium ISCON & its first President & vice President were British Citizen. It was founded as a Non Profit Organisation meant for social and entertainment purpose for the senior executives of D.S.P. and A.S.P. It is named as Durgapur Club from 1963. Presently as per Constitution MD. D.S.P. is always its President. The Club was visited by many important persons including QUEEN ELIZABETH-II. The Durgapur club is situated in Tagore Avenue, Durgapur-713204 Contact No:-0343-2564280,

Lion's Club Of Durgapur

LION's Club of Durgapur Established in 2002 Lion's Club of Durgapur has already become an important social club of Durgapur. The LION's Club of Durgapur has built a hospital which has a area of 0.25 acres and total building area of 29000 sq.feet. The hospital has 22 beds and 2 operation theatres(one for infection &DCT).They are rendering there services to the needy people of Durgapur and its adjoining areas. Communication Dist:-322, Club No:-5360/030995 President:- P. Mishra Secretary:- N.K.Sikdar Treasurer:- R.K.Jain. Office :- R.N.Bhowmick. Contact No:- 0343-2573419

Rotary Club Of Durgapur

Rotary Club: Rotary Club of Durgapur is established in 1961 and received charter in 21st Jan 1962. The clubs founder President is Mr. P.C. Neogi. They have built 20 low costs Homeopathic Clinic. They have done 100 I.O.L Operation under matching grants. They have raised a school for Bamunara Village people in the name Mana Pallisree School. The club is situated in Rotary Complex, MAMC Township, Durgapur Contact No:-0343-2552580.

Fine Arts Club of Durgapur

Fine Arts Club: Established in 1958 and registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1961 the club is affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti and Bangiya Sangeet Parisad. The club activities include Rabindra Sangeet, Classical songs, Dance, Tabla, Painting, Yoga, Karate, Sports & Games and a Library. The club is situated in 19 Tagore Avenue,Durgapur-713204, Contact No:- 2562526

Amra Ka Jan Nature Club This Club is a union of the nature lovers and for the nature lovers. The name itself tells the story. The Club members specialises in the plant protection, nurturing the forest range and growing new forest range. They try to create and maintain a Green Durgapur.
Address H.O. :- Bamunara, Durgapur-713212 B.O. :- Eg Colombia Street, BidhanNagar, Durgapur-713212. Mobile:-9832166621/ 9332305605