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councillors of Durgapur

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Councillors of Durgapur
Serial No Name Designation Department
1 Apurba Mukherjee Mayor Development and Planning, Building Plan, Finance, Minority Development, Solid Waste Management and Other areas which are not allotted to anyone.
2 Amitava Banerjee Deputy Mayor Integrated Child Development Scheme (I.C.D.S.), Relief and Self Employment Programme and Reproductive Child Health (R.C.H.).
3 Prabhat Chatterjee Member, MIC P.W.D., Stores, Purchase and Vehicles
4 Promod Sarkar Member, MIC Water Supply
5 Madhusudan Mondal Member, MIC Resource Mobilisation, Public Safety, Lightning, non Conventional Energy.
6 Smt. Lovely Soren Member, MIC Public Health, Electric Crematorium, Birth and Death Registration.
7 Smt. Susmita Bhui Member, MIC Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yogana (S.J.S.R.Y.), Food and Supply and Social Welfare.
8 Smt. Moni Soren Member, MIC S.C., S.T., OBC and Education.
9 Smt. Moni Dasgupta Member, MIC Sports and culture, Park and Garden and Paribesh.