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Durgapur, 10th April 2014
Youth killed, fiancee's family suspected
A youth taken out of his house in the wee hours by his friends was hacked to death in a coalmine locality near Durgapur this morning. He incidentally was with the same friends the whole night while taking part in 'Ramnabami' puja in the locality.
Vipin Yadav (19) ~ the youth hailing from Khottadihi Colliery locality in Pandaveswar police station area, according to police, had returned home in the early morning and his family members told the police that some of his friends had come to house and took him outside the house. After almost two hours, the locals informed the family that Vipin's body was found lying in the football ground with deep injuries in the left side of his neck.
Police investigations revealed that he was hit by a chopper from the back and succumbed on the spot. Within few hours of the killing, Priya Ram, a girl of neighbouring Ramnagar locality attempted to commit suicide by consuming poison.
She was taken to police custody initially and then was referred to the hospital. Priya was Vipin's fiancé. The ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav said: "The youth was involved in an affair with the girl and on inquiry we came to know that her brother, Akash never approved the youth's relation with the girl." Police after initial investigation said: "It was a pre-planned murder. We have booked Akash, his father and his seven friends for interrogation."
Source: the statesman

Durgapur, 4th April 2014
Durgapur hospital reverses migration trend
T Pramila Sangvi from Chennai had a heart attack a few weeks ago. With her complications, renowned hospitals in the south gave a discouraging feedback on the chances of the 70-year-old's survival even after a surgery. The patient was then flown to the Mission Hospital (TMH) Durgapur, where a successful bypass surgery was conducted. Sangvi is recuperating and will fly back to Chennai in about a fortnight.
Sangvi is not the lone patient from the south who has been treated at TMH Durgapur. R Thankachan, K Nair and K R Balaji are others in the list of 1,589 patients from south India to be treated in this hospital in the past six years.
This can be seen as an encouraging start to a reverse swing when patients from the city and other parts of the state continue to flock to the south for treatment.
"All this when patients from the eastern region travel down south even for minor ailments. The Mission Hospital by virtue of its quality, professional, personalized care and excellent results even in critical cases, has played a role in reversing the migration trend," said TMH chairman Dr Satyajit Bose. The hospital observed its sixth foundation day on Thursday.
In addition to patients from the state and the southern region, the NABH certified hospital boasts of having treated 1,434 patients from western states like Gujarat, 135 patients from Pakistan, 234 patients from Nigeria, 524 patients from Bhutan and 1,566 patients from Bangladesh.
"My five-year-old son Anas Nadeem was born with congenital heart defect and no doctor in Lahore was ready to take on the challenge of operating on him. I started searching for a hospital that would save my son and relatives and friends who had patients treated in TMH suggested me this place," said Khwaja Nadeem, businessman from Multan.
The boy was admitted on March 28 and operated upon three days later. He would be discharged in a week's time.
Sonam Derma (26) from Bhutan suffered from rheumatic mitral valve disease. Derma's mitral valve has been repaired and she too would be discharged soon.
Adding a new feather to the cap of the six-year-old hospital will be a 150-bed cancer unit. A fund of about Rs 120 crore is being pumped into this project that is expected to be operational by 2015.
"My first brush with TMH was in 2009 when my brother in-law got his heart surgery done. Then I got my own heart operated in 2012 here. This time my uncle Abdul Nur Salam was operated for diffused corononary artery disease. Such is the trust the hospital has won on us," said Jaihudil Alam and Chattogram.
Source: timesofindia

Durgapur, 3nd April 2014
Cong fields fresh candidate for Burdwan-Durgapur seat
The Congress finally fielded an engineering college owner from Panagarh as its candidate for the Burdwan-Durgapur seat.
Last week the party had declared an industrialist-turned-politician as its candidate, however he had pulled out citing "personal" reasons.
Mr Pradip Agasty ~ a 1972 graduate engineer of former Regional Engineering College, Jamshedpur ~ runs two engineering colleges in Panagarh and Mankar and hails from a traditional Congress family. Son of a physician father Prasanta Agasty and teacher mother Priyamvada Agasty, Mr Agasty said: "My family, has since long been bearing the brunt of the CPI-M's atrocities and we have made sacrifices for the Congress."
Speculation ran high after Mr Bipin Vohra quit as the party's Lok Sabha candidate for the seat. A lawyer, Mr Azizul Haq, and a worker with state-owned power utility Mr Dibyendu Banerjee were in the rat race. Mr Shakil Ahmed ~ the party's top leader ~ had lobbied for Mr Banerjee but according to insiders the PCC president, Mr Adhir Chowdhury, didn't endorse this. Mr Chowdhury said today: "AICC has given a go ahead to Mr Agasty."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 2nd April 2014
Record output from Durgapur Steel Plant
Durgapur Steel Plant, a unit of SAIL, recorded its all-time best production of saleable steel and special and valued added steel during 2014-15. The plant's output of finished steel was up 3 per cent, while the wheel and axle unit notched up an impressive 22 per cent growth.
In a statement, DSP said that, even with only two blast furnaces in operation throughout March, the plant was able to achieve its annual targets. Major repairs of the blast furnace No. 3 are under way.
Source: thehindubusinessline

Durgapur, 1st April 2014
Two chit fund officials held
Today, police raided the office of a chit fund company and arrested two officials from their Durgapur branch office.
The additional chief judicial magistrate court (ACJM) has ordered seven days police remand for them.
The chit company has been operating in the name of 'MPS Greenery Development' and collecting funds from local people. Mrs Anjali Chakraborty and Mr Mihir Baidyakar, two depositors, complained that the company has not been refunding their sum, despite the completion of the three-year maturity term. They lodged separate complaints of cheating with the Durgapur police last Saturday.
The company's office is in the City Centre locality. The branch manager of the company, Mr Shubhraranjan Nath, and a marketing agent, Mr Santanu Sarkar, have been arrested.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 1st April 2014
Mentally ill youth beats boy to death
Shock gripped a Durgapur locality after a six- year-old boy was thrashed to death by a mentally deranged youth this afternoon. Erupting in rage, the locals started ransacking the house of the accused in Netaji Nagar Colony in ward 21 of the local civic body. However, police intervening in the nick of time saved the offender from the mob's fury. They took him into custody.
Karan Saw ~ the victim, a student of Class I of local Hindi Bharti School in adjacent Benachitty area ~ allegedly had caught hold of the mentally ill youth. The latter in reaction hurled the boy into the air as a result of which he smashed his head hard against a concrete slab.
The boy's head was crushed. The boy was rushed to the nearby hospital, but he succumbed on the way.
The accused, however, did not leave the scene after committing the crime. He looked remorseful, said eye witnesses.
Raja Ruidas (45) of the locality had lost psychological balance after his wife deserted him 15 years ago, the locals said. He remained a butt of ridicule among the locals who used to tease him off and on.
"The local kids used to mimic him, prompting Raja to reciprocate with body jerks,"said Shatadal Bhuniya, a local. Another Rupkumar Das added: "We noticed he was not fond of children. He used to chase them away." "He has seven brothers in the family, but none felt it necessary either to take Raja to a rehabilitation centre or to a good psychiatrist. Consequently, his condition kept getting worse," said another local.
ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav said: "Prima-facie, it seems the mentally challenged youth committed the crime in an impulse of insanity," adding that the accused has been taken into custody.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 31st March 2014
Prostate disorders on the rise due to water pollution
The coal and industrial zone of Asansol-Durgapur have recorded alarming frequency of prostate disorder cases due to water contamination. Study of cases during a random health camp under supervision of expert neurologists and urologists by arrangement with Bharat Sevashram Sangha, a charitable organisation, has revealed this.
A retired steel plant employee couple ~ Mr Pronay Roy and Mrs Leela Roy ~ organised a camp, in memory of their son Soumyo Shubhro Roy, in association with the Sangha. Mr Roy said: "My son died at the age of 32 due to undetected high triglyceride percentage in blood in 2013. Since then we have been devoted to the cause of common men."
The camp was supervised and cases diagnosed by Dr Tarun Jindal, consultant urologist, and Dr Vikas Agarwal, consultant neurologist and epileptologist. Both work for a Chennai-based super specialty hospital. They attended 130 patients each.
Dr Jindal told The Statesman: "Most of the patients, as I learnt, were suffering from inflated prostate which is vulnerable to critical state like bladder cancer." The reason, he cited, was due to water contamination. "The water samples of this sub-region contain hazardous elements like cadmium, lead, arsenic, which causes prostate-related diseases," Dr Jindal said, adding, "When permeable limit of such elements in water is two per cent, in Durgapur and adjoining areas it is recorded six to seven per cent."
Dr Agarwal said: "Durgapur has been recording an increasing number of epilepsy cases while mild diabetes cases remain undetected for many years. "
Swami Siddharthananda of the Sangha said: "It is shocking that men are falling victim to such deadly diseases due to water pollution. We would expect the local authorities to take necessary measures to prevent it."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 31st March 2014
Prostate disorders on the rise due to water pollution
The coal and industrial zone of Asansol-Durgapur have recorded alarming frequency of prostate disorder cases due to water contamination. Study of cases during a random health camp under supervision of expert neurologists and urologists by arrangement with Bharat Sevashram Sangha, a charitable organisation, has revealed this.
A retired steel plant employee couple ~ Mr Pronay Roy and Mrs Leela Roy ~ organised a camp, in memory of their son Soumyo Shubhro Roy, in association with the Sangha. Mr Roy said: "My son died at the age of 32 due to undetected high triglyceride percentage in blood in 2013. Since then we have been devoted to the cause of common men."
The camp was supervised and cases diagnosed by Dr Tarun Jindal, consultant urologist, and Dr Vikas Agarwal, consultant neurologist and epileptologist. Both work for a Chennai-based super specialty hospital. They attended 130 patients each.
Dr Jindal told The Statesman: "Most of the patients, as I learnt, were suffering from inflated prostate which is vulnerable to critical state like bladder cancer." The reason, he cited, was due to water contamination. "The water samples of this sub-region contain hazardous elements like cadmium, lead, arsenic, which causes prostate-related diseases," Dr Jindal said, adding, "When permeable limit of such elements in water is two per cent, in Durgapur and adjoining areas it is recorded six to seven per cent."
Dr Agarwal said: "Durgapur has been recording an increasing number of epilepsy cases while mild diabetes cases remain undetected for many years. "
Swami Siddharthananda of the Sangha said: "It is shocking that men are falling victim to such deadly diseases due to water pollution. We would expect the local authorities to take necessary measures to prevent it."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 31st March 2014
Fake job agencies using name of 'Aerotropolis'
At a time when the fate of the proposed Aerotropolis project in Andal near here still looms uncertain, some private agencies have started selling fake aviation jobs in the name of absorption with the project, which came to light today after a number of job aspirants were seen screaming being cheated.
At the posh City Centre locality, within yards of administrative headquarters here, a Kolkata based company floated office inviting job aspirants for two-day's walk-in interview.
The Higher Secondary pass candidates, against enrolment with hefty 'fees' were assured to impart through a training programme before absorption. After the training, as the agency claimed: "The candidates would be placed in lucrative customer service jobs offering wages at the rate of Rs 12,000-Rs 15,000 per hour."
The agency, as its notice claimed, would provide placements at job locations like the airports in Kolkata, Delhi and Andal.
The promoters of the Andal airport (Kazi Nazrul Islam airport) ~ the Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited (a JV company) denied any vacancy in its possession.
In a Press statement, BAPL stated: "Some people have received what appeared to be as invitations to what can be called a 'Job Interview' towards employment opportunities at our Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport from an entity named Galaxy Enterprise which has circulated this information using SMS and web based advertisement to different individuals."
It further added: "BAPL finds the information as completely fraudulent and terms this incident of conducting the recruitment process as 'unauthorized' and BAPL highly discourage such debase acts."
The authority has brought the matter to the notice of the Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate too, seeking prompt action.
Police meanwhile detained Sujit Kumar ~ the branch Manager of the agency ~ for interrogation after the candidates protested today.
One candidate from Hooghly, Mr Somnath Sadhu Khan said: "I received a call from the agency two days ago and they asked me to appear today. Now it appears to be a case of fraudulence."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 31st March 2014
Abducted Howrah agent released
A young clearing agent, a resident of Howrah who was kidnapped from the Volvo bus stand in Esplanade at the "commands of a Durgapur-based gang" four days back, was released on Monday.
Police said the "kidnapping" is all about the victim, Mukesh Jha, getting stuck in a business deal that went wrong. But the fact that the crime was reported from a crowded area of the central business district had kept the cops on tenterhooks. Conductors of Kolkata-Durgapur route Volvo buses reportedly acted as conduits in the case.
According to sources, the victim, who works in a company located at Hare Street, was first accused by the alleged "kidnappers" of not paying up Rs 5 lakh on March 22. "It was in this reference that the accused was asked to come to the Esplanade bus stand on March 27," said officers.
Cops believe he had willingly boarded one of the Volvo buses and went all the way to Durgapur at the behest of the "kidnappers." "It seems that the accused were not happy with the settlement offered by the victim. Furious, they had confined him at an unknown destination close to Durgapur," said a sleuth. The victim was on his way to Kolkata when reports last came in.
The sleuths said the youth's family members at Liluah received the first ransom call on March 28 from the victim's cell. "The victim himself described to his brother how he had been kidnapped and asked him to arrange Rs 1.72 lakh. The family did not inform cops even after being told to deliver the money in an envelope to the conductor of a bus. The family followed instructions and a gang member collected the money at the Durgapur bus stand," said a source.
When the kidnappers demanded more money, the kin lodged a kidnapping case with Maidan police.However, this was not the end of the saga. Immediately after receiving the money, the accused called up yet again and asked Rs 1.58 lakh to be delivered to them the following day. It was then that the family approached Maidan police station and lodged a kidnapping case.
South division immediately asked the detective department to chip in. "We have lost contact with the accused as they have switched off the mobile phone of the victim when they heard that the media is aware of the incident," claimed a source.
The cops said that they are trying to get leads from various sources in Kolkata and Durgapur about the accused. "We are also collecting information from the two bus stands at Kolkata and Durgapur about the whereabouts of the group," said a source.
Source: timesofindia

Durgapur, 28th March 2014
Businessman exits race
Industrialist Bipin Vohra, the Congress candidate for the Burdwan-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat, today said he would not contest the election, prompting the party to claim the owner of a Rs 4,000-crore group opted out under duress.
Vohra had been named as a Congress candidate along with two others from Bengal in the last of the Congress's Lok Sabha poll lists, released a week ago.
"I will not contest the Burdwan-Durgapur seat as a Congress nominee," Vohra, 52, told The Telegraph this evening. "There has been considerable opposition from within my family. I told Adhirda (state Congress chief Adhir Chowdhury) about my wife's and two married daughters' reservations about me joining the electoral fray," he said.
Vohra said he wrote to Chowdhury yesterday and also spoke to the Bengal Congress chief over phone about his decision.
Vohra's nomination as a Congress candidate had surprised many as never before had an established industrialist in Bengal decided to contest on an Opposition ticket.
Moreover, Vohra is known to share a good relationship with the Trinamul leadership, especially former industries minister Partha Chatterjee.
Vohra has at least two manufacturing units in Durgapur, including one of the flagship firm SPS Steels Mill Rolling Ltd that produces TMT bars under the brand name Elegant. SPS Metal Cast & Billet Ltd, which produces steel intermediaries billet, also has a factory in the region.
Vohra's business ventures expanded rapidly in the last decade, piggybacking on the metal boom, and diversified into several sectors such as shipping, entertainment and real estate.
"Usually, businessmen like us do not join Opposition parties at the peak of our career as going against the ruling establishment creates problems. So, I was surprised with his (Vohra's) decision. I think he has taken the right step by opting out of the contest," said a Calcutta-based businessman who did not wish to be named.
State Congress chief Chowdhury alleged that Vohra quit the fray because of "pressure" from the Trinamul establishment. "How can a businessman defy pressure from the government? He was being threatened by the ruling party, so he decided against contesting the elections," Chowdhury said.
A Trinamul minister said the party did not know why Vohra chose to contest and why he opted out.
Vohra, however, ruled out the allegation of threats and said he had good relations with all political parties.
"I have a medical college, a steel plant and a management college in Durgapur. Papers regarding some pending work related to the medical college were cleared even yesterday. So, the allegations of threats are politically motivated," he said.
A senior office bearer of a leading chamber of commerce said businessmen in Bengal had to depend on various state government departments for clearances. "If a government decides to be hostile against a group, it becomes difficult for it to do business," he said. He refused comment when asked what could have prompted Vohra to step down.
A section of Congress leaders demanded that MP Pradip Bhattacharya contest the Burdwan-Durgapur seat. Bhattacharya, who has refused to contest citing age and organisational responsibilities, said today: "I have been assigned a bigger responsibility of steering the campaign."
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 28th March 2014
Black flags greet Babul Supriyo during campaigns in Durgapur
The BJP candidate for Asansol Lok Sabha seat, Mr Babul Supriyo, was shown black flags allegedly by Trinamul Congress supporters during a road show in the Baraboni area today.
The BJP has fielded Bollywood singer Babul Supriyo against Trinamul Congress' labour union chief, Mrs Dola Sen, and sitting MP from the CPI-M, Mr Bansogopal Chowdhury.
Yesterday Supriyo started campaigning in Asansol and today he launched a road show flagged off from the Jubilee crossing in the town to the Domohani market area.
The rally faced hurdles while passing through Panchgachhia ~ the native place of Mr Bidhan Upadhyaya, the Baraboni MLA.
Supriyo said: "A bunch of people armed with black flags tried to stop my vehicle. I was surprised. I am a citizen of a free democratic country. How can one be prevented from meeting others?" His convoy, however, was freed by local people and police. Mr Upadhyaya, however, said: "None of our partymen were present at the site. It may have been some outsiders hired by the BJP to draw attention as their road shows are not given any serious importance by the residents of Asansol areas."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 25th March 2014
Nasa Call for Durgapur Student
Ask 16 year old Soumik Ghosh Moulik if a human settlement is possible around Jupiter and he'll say how.
The Durgapur boy, who wrote his Class X, CBSEexams this year, will fly to Los Angeles and explain to scientist in Nasa how he proposes to build a colony for human beings in spacearound Jupiter.
Soumik won the third prize in the Class X individual category of the Space Settlement Design Contest, 2014, which is organised by Nasa online.
The student of SKS Public School in Raniganj had in January submitted a 42 Page thesis on how he proposed to build a colony for human beings around the largest planet of the solar system. Scientist at Nasa, impressed by his plans, have invited Soumik to participate in the 33rd International Space Development Conference to be held in Los Angeles from May 14 to May 18.
"My thesis primarily deals with a project that will make life possible in zero gravity around Jupiter. The name of my project is Stargazers. It's about a colony in space that will have air, water, food, recreation and radiation protection facilities. This is possible through application of present and future science technologies, "Soumik Said.
Soumik who wants to study astrophysics in the future and loves to play football, added "I think food like pulses, vegetables, fruits and spices can be grown in spaceships. For recreational facilities the settlement will have internet and tevelivisons shows through satellites. I am ready to explain all these before the Nasa scientists. "
Asked how he prepared the thesis in between learning his lessons for the Class X exams, Soumuk the son of a civic contractor, said he used to study in the day and write his thesis at night. "I was under extreme pressure of preparing for the exam. But I was determined to complete the thesis. It took me 22 days to complete my paper on the space colony. My mother stayed awake along with me as long as I wrote the thesis and supported me a lot. I am also expecting high marks in CBSE exams, " the 16 year old said.
Soumik father Pratik Ghosh Moulik said he was busy arranging money for his son's trip to Los Angeles. Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 25th March 2014
Alstom concludes contract with BHEL to supply supercritical boilers
Alstom BSE -0.01 % has bagged a contract estimated at 40 million by Bhel BSE -0.69 % for supplying three 660 mw supercritical boilers for North Karanpura Super Thermal Power Project (STPP) located in Jharkhand. The units are expected to be commissioned by 2017.
Under the scope of the contract, Alstom - the sole licensor for BHEL supercritical technology - will design the 660 mw supercritical boilers and supply identified pressure parts along with windboxes. The group will also assist BHEL supercritical technology - will design the 660 mw supercritical boilers and supply identified pressure parts along with windboxes. The group will also assist BHEL with technical advisors during the erection and commissioning of the units. Key components will be manufactured in Alstom's facilities in Concordia, USA, as well as in Durgapur, India. This project forms part of NTPCBSE -0.17 % Ltd's Bulk 660 mw tender.
Andreas Lusch, senior vice president steam business at Alstom, explains, "Alstom is continuously developing cleaner fossil fuel based plants, aiming at generating power more efficiently and with less environmental impact. We are delighted to receive this new contract from BHEL, which marks another step into our successful collaboration on supercritical boiler technology. The North Karanpura power plant will operate with higher efficiency and therefore produce more power with reduced carbon emissions.
The new North Karanpura contract comes in addition to nine contracts signed with BHEL between 2008 to 2014 for supercritical boilers in Barh II, Krishnapatnam, Bara, Yermaras, Bellary, Mouda, Nabinagar, Gadarwara, Suratgarh and most recently the Darlipalli project in India.
Source: economictimes

Durgapur, 24th March 2014
Accounts of Adda attached by I-T dept
Income-Tax officials have further attached two bank accounts of Asansol Durgapur Development Authority ~ a state backed statutory body for not contributing to the advance tax exchequer and also not maintaining the TDS deduction rules framed by the Income Tax authority.
The IT department was at loggerheads with the ADDA since 2008-09 as it refused to pay IT against its profit. The ADDA repeatedly cited the reason that it was not an office of profit organisation and couldn't be brought under the tax net. The ADDA had to face the ignominy of having its bank accounts frozen twice in March 2011 and March 2012 in connection with a long-standing dispute over IT and the dispute finally ended when the state body was forced to pay Rs 26 crore as Income Tax in October last year.
The ADDA has 37 bank accounts in all and the senior IT officials started raiding the office since Thursday led by Mr S K Roy, Deputy Commissioner, Circle - 1.
The officials said: "The ADDA, as per the provisions of the Section 210 of the IT Act was supposed to deposit at least 30 per cent Advance Tax estimated on the basis of last year's deposition between 15 September and 15 March this year, which the authority evaded." The authority was served subsequent notices but the ADDA remained indifferent.
Also, another wing of the ADDA led by Assistant Commissioner, Mr Anis Khan, initiated a survey of TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) under section 133 A of the IT Act considering the authority's financial transactions in the past year. The survey bid was related to realise the authority's dues on account of TDS.
The ADDA has been leasing out land, infrastructure to commercial, industrial and residential establishments and according to the IT officials: "Was liable to deposit TDS at the rate of 10 per cent against financial transaction in which the authority remained indifferent."
The ADDA faced much embarrassment after the fresh seizure of its bank accounts. The Chairman, ADDA, Mr Nikhil Banerjee, said: "The matter remained a debate since years when the LF board used to control ADDA. This caused the inconvenience. However, after the Lok Sabha elections are over, we will start inquiring how the matter was overlooked.
On 3 December 2013, the Income Tax department meanwhile had served notice to the Burdwan Development Authority ~ yet another state's statutory body ~ for evading tax worth Rs 11 crore.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 23rd March 2014
People who vote will get discount from shops
In a first of its kind initiative to encourage people to come in large number to vote, shopping malls, shops and business establishments in Bardhaman district will give special discounts to voters who show indelible ink mark on their left forefingers, official sources said today.
Burdwan District Magistrate and District Election Officer (DEO) Saumitra Mohan held series of meetings with various chambers of commerce, market committees, markets and shopping malls including big brands/market chains and persuaded them to give special discount to voters who show their EPIC or the indelible ink mark on their left forefingers to show that he/she has exercised franchise on pre specified dates, the sources said.
A voter can get some discount/concession while shopping at the production of his/her EPIC on the pre specified dates that he/she has exercised his franchise by showing left finger marked with indelible ink, the sources said.
"We hope that as a result of this initiative, first of its kind in the country, we shall encourage voter participation during the ensuing polls...the discount rates vary from 5 to 10 per cent depending upon the capacity of the vendor/agency concerned...," Mohan told PTI.
There are three Lok Sabha constituencies in Bardhaman district they are - Bardhaman Purba, Bardhaman - Durgapur and Asansol.
Bardhaman Purba and Bardhaman Durgapur constituency will go to the polls on April 30 while the elections will be held in the Asansol Lok Sabha seat on May 7.
Source: economictimes

Durgapur, 22nd March 2014
IdeaRocksIndia Season 6 is coming to rock Durgapur
India's Biggest Musical Dhamaka - #IdeaRocksIndia Season 6 is coming to rock #Durgapur Showcase your musical talent and get a chance to perform live with Sunidhi. Audition now for solo, duo or instrumental here:

Durgapur, 22nd March 2014
NIT Durgapur Notified for Admission in MBA Programme 2014
National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur invited applications from eligible candidates for its two-year full time MBA programmes for the academic session 2014.
Important Dates :-
Last date for receiving application form: 11 April 2014
Declaration of names of candidates short listed for GD/PI: 25 April 2014
Date for GD/PI: 9 May 2014 to 15 May 2014
Final results: 30 May 2014
1. Candidates are eligible to apply, if they have graduated from a recognized university in any discipline with a minimum aggregate of 55%.
2. Candidates from the SC/ST category are eligible to apply for admission, if they have scored a minimum of 50% in their graduation.
Note: Merit list for admission will be made based on valid CAT score (weightage- 75%), (GD weightage-10% PI - 15%)
Selection procedure
Candidates will be short listed for admissions into the MBA programme on the basis of their CAT scores as well as their performance in the group discussion as well as personal interview (GD/PI) rounds.
How to apply
The application form can be downloaded from the Institute website and completed application be sent along with attachments and a DD of Rs. 1050.00 ( Rs. 450.00 for SC/ST/PWD) drawn in favour of 'National Institute of Technology Durgapur' to be payable at State Bank of India (R. E. College Durgapur branch; code - 2108).
For any queries or clarifications, contact:
Office Phone No.:- +91-343-2754277 & +91-0343-2544805
Contact Person: Prof. M. Roy
Head, Department of Management Studies
Email id: For more details log on to

Durgapur, 17th March 2014
Man molests minor
A shopkeeper allegedly tried to molest a 12-year-old girl in Durgapur town. Nantu Chakraborty, the accused, is the father of a civic police volunteer with the Coke Oven police station here. According to the girl's parents, their daughter had gone to a local shop in Shyampur to buy sugar this morning when Nantu allegedly dragged her inside the shop and molested her. The girl bit his hand and managed to escape. Nantu allegedly sneaked into the victim's house and beat up her parents and the girl. Later, he was admitted to the sub-divisional hospital alleging the girl's family had beaten him up. Police booked the girl's father and then raided the hospital but Nantu had fled by the time.
Source: Statesman

Durgapur, 9th March 2014
10 houses gutted in fire
Ten houses were gutted and reduced to ashes in Shankarpur locality in the outskirts of Durgapur town this morning when a high-tension power cable snapped and fell on the series of residential homes. The West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company (WBSETCL) had erected HT cables passing through the Shankarpur-Tentikhola localities here to connect the National Thermal Power Corporation grid. According to an official of WBSETCL: "Some overhauling work was going on when one of the live cables suddenly snapped and fell on the homes."
Angry locals protested and stalled the overhauling work for two hours. They called off the agitation after police intervened and promised compensation.
Source: Statesman

Durgapur, 9th March 2014
Locals rescue stork, in Bankura
Villagers rescued a large wading bird from a farm near Bankura district town this afternoon.
The bird was later identified as Lesser Adjutant Stork by senior forest department officials. "It is widespread species found from India throughout South-East Asia and Java," said Bankura (North) DFO Mr Sudhir Das. Its height is 115 cm when it stands and weighs nearly 5 kg. Locals saw the bird lying in a farm between Bhutsahar and Shanbandha area. "It was unable to fly and looked sick," said Joydeb Ghosh, a resident of the Bhutsahar area.
The forest officials were informed and they, later, rescued the bird. The DFO said: "We have informed the veterinary expert to inspect the bird and administer the required medicine to it. After it recovers, we will release it."
A number of such storks can be spotted in Indpur locality in Bankura these days, the officials said.

Source: Statesman Picture source: Bartaman

Durgapur, 7th March 2014
Income Tax dept raids three industrial groups
The Investigation Wing officials of the Income Tax department cracked down on three industrial and business groups operating in the Asansol-Durgapur industrial hub and its adjoining Bankura areas and made significant seizure of documents suggesting gross anomaly relating to movement of fund from the respective company exchequers and illegal payments made to different agencies purposely to camouflage their actual volume of income.
The raids under the supervision of Mr Neeraj Singh, the Director (Investigation, eastern region of the Income Tax department), according to the senior IT officials, started last evening and were still continuing on Friday in different Asansol and Durgapur locations to ascertain the root of financial anomalies and the 'hidden' purpose behind the illegal fund transfer to several accounts. The officials said: "Cash worth Rs 1 crore and gold-bars worth more than a crore of rupees have been seized so far after raiding 32 different locations belonging to the three companies."
The I-T Investigation wing cracked down on the industrial and business groups named Sarojini Engineering Works Group, Prithvi Group and Sharma Group.
Sarojini Group owned by Mr R Rajanbabu of Vishakhapattanam runs secondary steel units in Asansol Durgapur industrial zone and Prithvi Group, owned by Rajesh Jha, besides running daily passenger travel fleets to Kolkata is accused of trafficking of illegal coal from different illegal pits in Bankura.
Sharma Group owned by Shankar Sharma, Ramavtar Sharma and Kanhaiyalal Sharma runs Neelkanth Ferro Alloys, a secondary steel unit in Bankura and one refuelling station in Asansol. The group earlier was accused of adulteration of petroleum fuel.
The Sarojini Group, according to the officials, had siphoned off Rs 60 crore cash in favour of one consultancy agency purposely as a tricky attempt to convert black money to white share capital. Mr Abhishek Kumar, Assistant Commissioner, IT (Investigation Wing) said: "The raids would continue. Besides we are trying to ascertain the actual magnitude of black money in the possession of such groups."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 6th March 2014
Dol Jatra, Holi, Dol Utsab, Basanta Utsab in Durgapur
Dol Jatra is celebrated every year in EXALT'S Mohan Kumarmangalam Park by Ranjit Guha and Madhumita Guha. Dol Jatra Utsab is being celebrated in Kumarmangalam Park for the last 12 years. This year the program will be celebrated on 16th March 2014 from 9:00 AM to 4 PM.
About 450 people will took part in this year's program and will celebrate holi with colours, songs and various entertainment programs. At noon there is a good menu as lunch for the participants. All invited participants are going to have a great bash in the dol jatra utsab organised by Madhumita Guha and Ranjit Guha.

Durgapur, 5th March 2014
Two held in connection with women trafficking
Two pimps involved in trafficking of women were intercepted by the detective Department officials here this morning.
The DD of the Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate started investigating the case after one trafficked woman was rescued from Ghaziabad last year.
The woman from 54-feet locality here was lured with a job offer. The rescued girl complained to police that she was forced to be a part of the flesh-trade racket.
Today, the DD officials cracked down the two in a residential quarter in Natun Pally locality and intercepted two pimps identified as Malati Roy and Susama Das.
ACP (DD), Mr Asit Pande, said: "They used to pick up the local girls from the poor families offering fake jobs and engage them to serve as sex workers."
They, police said: "Have arms in Jharkhand, Bihar and Delhi."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 5th March 2014
Fake job racket victims seek police help
Youths who are victim of fake placement agency fraudulence are making beelines to the Durgapur Police Station from different locations in the state after the cops, with the help of locals, busted the racket last Monday.
The racketeers had been operating here by floating a fake placement agency office in posh City Centre ~ the main administrative hub of Durgapur
The matter came to light after Mr Suraj Sharma, a youth from Panagarh complained the matter to police and political parties. The youth was offered a berth with the CBI as an Assistant Sub Inspector against online payment of Rs 1.5 lakh. He was issued an appointment letter on 30 July 2012.
Today, police received two more complaints from Ms Sweta Adhikary of Kankinara, North 24-Parganas as she was offered a fake appointment with Post & Telegraph as postal assistant on 8 September 2012. Sweta's family members complained that the agency had received Rs 1.5 lakh online payment against the 'placement.'
The agency used to post fake vacancy notices of CBI, BSNL, IR, P&T, IOC in an online search engine tiled ''
Mr Sunil Yadav, ADCP (East), Asansol Durgapur Police said: "Three persons have been booked on fraudulence charges and we have already raided the houses of the accused in Rupnarayanpur. We are after the kingpin of the racket."
Police seized documents including 'rate-charts' for payment against jobs in different categories with different organisations.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 5th March 2014
Class XI girl raped by boyfriend
A class XI student, while returning to her house from her friend’s place was abducted and raped by her boyfriend last night.
Police arrested the accused today afternoon from his hideout. The girl had been to her friend's house, which is at a walking distance from her house, to collect notes given by a teacher. She was returning home alone at around 8 p.m. and the accused, a 26-year-old youth, according to police, was following her. The youth knew her since eight months and had proposed to her.
He suddenly confronted the girl and allegedly attacked her and dragged beside the road where he allegedly raped her. He fled after committing the offence while the locals rescued the girl. Police later took her to SD Hospital in Bidhannagar here. Police after tracking the cell phone of the accused intercepted him from a hideout in Benachitty.
The ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav said that the youth had affairs with a number of girls and he used to give different identities to each of the girls, which was revealed from the records of his cell phone. Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 2nd March 2014
Duping' agency busted in Durgapur
'Imposters' offering jobs with the Central Bureau of Investigation and several CPSU's like the BSNL, IOC, Post & Telegraph and the Indian Railways were intercepted in the administrative heart of Durgapur town today.
The racketeers had been operating here by floating a fake placement agency office in the posh City centre locality where a number of private agencies have mushroomed as land brokers, foreign associated academic institutions these days. The matter came to light after a youth from Panagarh near here was seen shouting in front of the placement agency office demanding refund of the sum he had deposited in 2012 against an offered berth with the CBI as an Assistant Sub Inspector. Mr Suraj Sharma, the victim youth, as he claimed: "Was issued an appointment letter on 30 July 2012, which suggested that I would be placed as an ASI with the CBI from 1 August 2012." He added: "As per their instruction, I made online transfer of cash worth Rs 1.5 lakh initially in favour of the agency."
The appointment letter was signed by one Bhaskar Chowdhury, a self-styled Assistant Commissioner of the CBI posted in New Delhi. But, he said: "Since the day I was issued the letter, they never intimated me about my posting and in which office I would have to report." Also, he inquired the matter with several CBI offices but no prospective response could be received and it was then that he began suspecting something fishy.
"When I started raising my voice, they threatened me and I took the matter to the local political leaders and police," he said.
Today, the ward committee secretary along with the Durgapur Municipal Corporation, Mr Parimal Agasty accompanied the youth to the office and demanded an explanation. The youths in the office flared up and attacked Mr Agasty and Mr Sharma. The matter was taken to police and a police contingent finally helped in their rescue.
Five people including the office manager Harendra Mishra, his brother Jeetendra were taken into custody. The brothers were from the Bengal-Jharkhand border Rupnarayanpur and as they claimed: "Had opened the placement office which was being controlled by one Bhargav Singh Chowdhury of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. The agency used to post fake vacancy notices of CBI, BSNL, IR, P&T, IOC in an online search engine tiled ''
Mr Sunil Yadav, ADCP (East), Asansol Durgapur Police said: "They have been booked on fraudulence charges and we will initiate a haunt for the kingpin in the racket soon."
Police seized documents including 'rate-charts' for payment against job in different categories with different organisations.
On September 2013, one such placement agency, offering jobs with different offices and industries to the youth against cash was busted by the police. Mr Agasty said: "It has become a menace and the offices are not registered or have never procured trade licence from the local civic body. We shall prescribe for stern action against such agencies cheating local youths."
Source: The Statesman.

Durgapur, 28th Feb 2014
DPL clash: 21 INTTUC members get bail
A court today granted bail to all the 21 INTTUC members who had been arrested following yesterday's clash at Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL).
Two INTTUC factions had clashed at state-owned Durgapur Projects Limited ~ a power and coke utility ~ that left three policemen, two company staff and three outsiders injured. Also, two police vehicles and a vehicle of the DPL security was destroyed during the scuffle.
Police had arrested 21 INTTUC members from both the factions, including the faction leaders Mr Debdas Majumdar and Mr Jayanta Banerjee. They were booked on charges of rioting, wrongful restraining, causing voluntary and grave hurt, mischief, damage to property and criminal intimidation under Sections 147, 149, 341, 323, 325, 427 and 506 of the IPC.
Tension between the INTTUC groups, headed by Mr Majumdar and Mr Banerjee, was intensifying, especially after the superannuation of Mr Majumdar from the services on 31 January. Mr Majumdar is the general secretary of the INTTUC's union at DPL in which Mr Banerjee raised his head as the next contender. When the DPL granted extension for the first time in it's history to a worker and he continued to enjoy his "prestigious" position as the general secretary.
Mr Banerjee and his aides were looking for a plea to explode. Mr Majumdar allegedly had influenced for absorption of one Sanjay Das ~ one of his aides as a contractor labourer. His son Mainak also has been absorbed as a contractor labourer with the plant.
The DPL authority, meanwhile, has started inquiring how outsiders entered the plant and caused the commotion.
The INTTUC's general secretary at DPL, Mr Umapada Das, today forwarded a communication to state power minister Mr Manish Gupta, demanding his intervention to help prevent such incidents at DPL in the future.
He said: "The DPL staff members are frightened that outsiders are creating nuisance in the plant and the plant's internal security system has collapsed."
Mr Banerjee complained that outsiders had intruded into the plant and attacked permanent workers.
Meanwhile, Mr Majumdar said: "Contract labourers are engaged in the plant from outside and this has been a custom. It was a section of Mr Banerjee's men who caused the chaos. A proper inquiry should be made into the incident."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 28th Feb 2014
The DSSA Volleyball league cum Super league 2013-14 starts at Durgapur
The DSSA Volleyball league cum Super league 2013-14 starts today on 28-2-2014 and it will continued up to March 2014.
On 2-3-14 there will be two matches at Tansen Ground.On 5-3-14 two matches at Nehru Stadium,on 6-3-14 another two matches at Tansen ground and lastly on 7-3-14 two matches at Nehru Stadium.All the matches will start at 4-30 pm. and 5-30 p.m.

Durgapur, 24th Feb 2014
One of the accused arrested in the gang rape near Durgapur
One of the three accused in Durgapur's Rajbandh gang rape case was arrested from his village in Purulia last night and sent to 10 days police remand by SDJM Durgapur. The other two accused of the Durgapur gang rape case are still absconding. However police sources said that the two has been identified and their cell phone are being tracked.
The women had initially declined to undergo a medical test. But later was convinced about the need and urgency of it after persuasion. A medical test of the victim has been conducted yesterday. Her garments have also been seized.
Police sources revealed that the accused has confessed his crime.

Durgapur, 23rd Feb 2014
Tribal woman gang-raped
A 30-year-old tribal woman was gang-raped by three youths in Kanksha on Friday night. One person has been arrested for allegedly raping the victim. Meghnad Dhibar, the accused, was remanded in police custody for 10 days after being produced in court on Sunday.
It is learnt that the victim had stepped out of her Bamanbad house with her husband after a family feud. Not knowing where to go for a home and look for a job, the couple first went to Adra station and boarded a train to Joy Chandi Hills in search of a living.
Three youths befriended the couple on the train and promised to help them. They took the duo to Rajbandh station and boarded an auto. The youths asked them to get off midway and convinced the husband that they needed to walk the remaining distance. The accused then thrashed the husband and raped his wife.
Meanwhile, the husband rushed to the nearby village and brought the locals to the spot, only to find his wife stripped and raped. A complaint was subsequently lodged but it couldn't be ascertained whether the woman was gang-raped as she refused to undergo a medical test as "that won't change her destiny", she argued.
"Kanksa police station took prompt action and arrested one of the accused. Police took him in remand for 10 days. We are trying to get information on the other two accused," said Burdwan SP SMH Meerza. CPM leader Bireswar Mondal demonstrated outside the police station with his supporters, demanding security for tribal women.
Source: Times of India

Durgapur, 22nd Feb 2014
SAIL to scale down investment by 22% to Rs 9,000 crore
State-owned steel maker SAIL plans to scale down investment by nearly 22 per cent to Rs 9,000 crore on expansion and modernization at 5 integrated plants during the next fiscal.
Highest outlay of Rs 2,960 crore has been proposed for the Bhiali plant, followed by Rs 1,790 crore for the Rourkela plant. It also plans to invest Rs 1,244 crore in Burnpur unit, Rs 642 crore in Bokaro unit and Rs 588 crore in Durgapur facility.
The remaining Rs 1,766 crore has been planned to be spent on various schemes such as installation of slab casters, coke oven batteries, oxygen plants and others in various plants, as per the documents of the Interim Budget 2014-15.
Source: Times of India

Durgapur, 19th Feb 2014
3 Andhra students duped by job agency
Three engineering final year students from Andhra Pradesh were duped by a fake job agency with promises for placements at SAIL's Durgapur Steel Plant and only found out they had been conned after they came all the way to Durgapur.
The three youths ~ Mohammed Yasin, Manoj Kumar and Chhutan Achhit ~ all engineering students had submitted online applications to a website for absorption with SAIL's Durgapur Steel Plant two months ago.
The youths received phone calls from a person, Joyprakash Das, later identified as a broker from Kolkata. He took Rs 60,000 from each of them as advance money for their 'jobs'. The youths complained that Das had asked for Rs 5 lakh each against assured employment with the DSP and the advance was paid last month. The youths alleged that the broker started avoiding their phone calls after this.
Three days ago, Das called them up and asked them to come to Durgapur. They alleged: "When we arrived at Durgapur, he introduced us to two others ~ Mr Roy and Mr Mondal ~ introducing them as DSP officers. They also demanded the entire sum but we were suspicious as their behaviour did not suit that of SAIL officials."
The youths got involved in an altercation with Das and his colleagues, as a result of which the other two suddenly fled.
The youths then caught Das and took the matter to the police. Police said: "We produced him in court today."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur- News

Durgapur, 12th Feb 2014
Durgapur marathon 2014
Organised by Ispat Athletic Club, Ashok Avenue, Durgapur-713204
All Bengal Invitational Marathon
For Men : [ 22 Km, Half Marathon ]
Starting Point : Sidhu Kanu Indoor Stadium, Gandhi More,
Time : 8:00 AM
Finishing Point : Ispat Athletic Club Premises
For Women : [ 5 KM Road Race ]
Starting Point : Ispat Athletic Club Premises
Time : 7:00 AM
Finishing point : Ispat Athletic Club Premises
1st prize: INR 20,000
2nd Prize: INR 15,000
3rd prize: INR 10,000
4th to 10th Prize: INR 1,000
Contact: 0343-2605758/ 8768537659/ 9474441070

Durgapur, 12th Feb 2014
DOG Show 2014 in Durgapur.
DOG Show 2014 in Durgapur. Organised by Pets 360 degree
Venue: Chaturanga Maidan, City Centre, Durgapur-16
Date: 15th and 16th Feb 2014
For Registration Call: 9333668853/ 9851467244

Durgapur, 11th Feb 2014
Craft Bazar Govt. Exhibition in Durgapur
Craft Bazar Govt. Exhibition, Venue: Corporation Ground, gandhi More Mela Maidan, Durgapur
From 12th Feb to 23rd feb 2014. (Timing: 11 AM to 9 PM)
Inauguration Today by Sri Apurba Mukherjee, Hon'ble Mayor, Durgapur Municipal Corporation.
A wide collection of handicrafts, Exclusive Handloom Product, Hand Printed Household Textiles, Sarees, Assam Cane Furniture 7 bamboo items.

Durgapur, 10th Feb 2014
Valentines Day Special in Durgapur
Valentines Day Special at Blue Hubli, Junction Mall, Durgapur on 14th Feb 2014
Door's open at 3 PM Only Couple Entry
Feat: D.J. Ajay & D.J. Pooja
Mover's Dance Troupe
Sizzling Hot Item Dancer
Sizzling Cats on the Ramp.
For guest Card Contact: 9836433650/ 9732323558

Durgapur, 9th Feb 2014
DPL incurs further demurrage
After a month, the Intuc affiliated unloading staff further caused state owned Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) to incur demurrage as they stranded a coal-loaded rake of railway wagon since midnight.
The same contract labourers had detained three rakes for three days since 5 January, which had hit the DPL exchequer as the state owned unit had to incur railway demurrage amounting to Rs 3.5 lakh (after adjustment with the Asansol Division of the Indian Railways). The agitating labourers alleged: "A section of senior DPL staff were hand in glove with the contractor agency engaged for coal unloading from the railway rakes and as a result the labourers are being compelled to shoulder the job though the wage agreement has elapsed a month ago."
Also, the DPL's fresh work order issued in favour of an agency has asked to reduce the strength of unloading labourers to 80 from the existing 119 heads. The fresh work order was issued to help unloading an average of 450 wagons every month between 1 February 2014 and 31 January 2015. The odd 119 labourers had been shouldering the job of unloading the wagons since 1979. According to Mr Dibyendu Banerjee, secretary of the Intuc affiliated contract labourer's union: "It is up to the contractor concerned to decided the number of heads required to ensure unloading and since 35 years it has been a practice here. The DPL authority, with no sufficient reason behind, has asked the contractor to slash the man-power, which we won’t accept."
One rake that entered DPL last midnight was stranded till this afternoon and the DPL finally had to unload by using mechanised system, including a tippler. MD, DPL, Mr M K Mitra said: "The unloading is being conducted mechanically today and the problem is over, I hope."
The railway authorities provides rakes for transportation of coal to DPL for conversion to coke and one rake is given eight hours of time for unloading. "After every additional hour of detention, we charge Rs 150 per wagon per hour as demurrage," said a senior official with the Asansol Division of the Eastern Railway today.
The rake that had entered DPL last midnight left the plant at around 4 p.m., causing eight hours of demurrage charge.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 5th Feb 2014
NIT Durgapur's Annual Tech Fest
AAROHAN NIT Durgapur's Annual Techno Management Fest from 6th to 9th Feb 2014
Aarohan is the Annual Techno-management fest of NIT Durgapur, the 2nd Largest of its kind in the whole of eastern India. It has been leading the light of instilling a culture of science, technology and innovation among the youth of the nation. With more than 40 events covering all genres of technology and management, Aarohan brings some of the best solutions for the mankind to the fore.
Numerous workshops and lectures are organised, thus introducing the students to new vistas in the field of technology. Be there to witness the ascension.
Aarohan 2014 Technical, Management, Workshop Events in Durgapur :
Junkyard Wars
Inspiratie(Guest Lecture Series)
War of the Words
Khula Maidan
Battle of Bytes
Behind the Dots
Blame the Builder
IBM TechQuiz
Aarohan 2014 Co-ordinators Details:
Anunay Sharan (Executive Fest Coordinator)

Durgapur, 4th Feb 2014
Fight for company quarters
Nearly 200 workers of Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) who had applied for company quarters two years ago are yet to get them as other employees who already own private accommodation have allegedly got the quarters allotted in their names and have sublet them.
DPL has 2,485 quarters in Durgapur for its 4,000 employees. In a survey conducted by the company in 2010, it was found that a large section of the employees who already have their own houses in the steel town and have sublet them. A number of employees were suspended. But the practice continued because of lack of inspections, sources in DPL said.
Most of the quarters are sublet either to retired employees of DPL or other people not associated with the company, the workers who are yet to get company accommodation have alleged.
The workers said they were being forced to live in rented houses for Rs 5,000-8,000 a month. DPL authorities said they were not aware of quarters being sublet, adding that the allegations would be probed. According to a senior DPL official, a person from outside Durgapur working with the company for more than a year was eligible for a quarter.
DPL pays 20 per cent of basic salary as house rent allowance to employees who do not get or take company quarters and 7.5 per cent of basic pay to those who have been allotted quarters.
"I joined the electrical department of the company in 2011 and applied for a quarter a year later. But I am yet to get one. I am from Suri in Birbhum and have been forced to stay in a rented flat in Durgapur. My basic pay is Rs 14,000 and I get an HRA of Rs 2,800. But I pay a monthly rent of Rs 6,000. People like us who need company accommodation are not getting one and those who already have houses in the town are subletting their quarters," said a DPL employee who declined to be identified.
An employee found subletting a quarter can either be fined by the company or even sacked. But sources said inspections by the company were rare. "Even if company officials come once in a blue moon for inspection, we are told to introduce ourselves as relatives of the DPL employee who has the quarter in his name," said a businessman living in a DPL quarter.
Deputy general manager (personnel and administration) of DPL Tito Deb said: "We have no knowledge of anyone getting quarters by forging documents and subletting them. If we get any specific complaint, we will look into it."
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 30th Jan 2014
Minor body found
The body of the missing Eastern Coalfields surveyor was found on Thursday inside the Andal pit he had entered along with six others on Tuesday.
Mr Panchkori Nandi, who had gone missing in the underground deep during the inspection yesterday was found sitting beside a large coal chunk inside the mine. His shirt and shocks were found by his side.
There is about 45 degree inside the mine where his body was found a stench smell of flesh help to recover his body.
Investigators still now did not find any prove of conspiracy and still going through further investigations.
The miner's family member though complained of conspiracy and muder. The police is viewing all angles and going through through investigations.

Durgapur, 29th Jan 2014
ECL search team to trace missing miner
Mr Panchkori Nandi, who had gone missing in the underground deep during the inspection yesterday remained untraced till today and the national coal major has pressed twelve-rescue teams in different sections of the Khas Kajora colliery.
Police today picked up three senior mine officials for interrogation after the family members of the missing miner hinted that a conspiracy against the miner might be responsible behind his disappearance.
The miners in twelve other collieries like Jambad Open Cast Project, Paraskole (East & West), Madhusudanpur - VII went on mass cease work protesting against the negligence of the ECl's miners. The Inttuc affiliated trade union has suggested introducing robotic camera to be brought from IIT, Kharagpore and diver from Dhanbad to help expediting the recovery of the 'trapped' surveyor. The senior ECL officials said that the 18 th level of the mine was having at least 20-metre water depth and it was feared that the surveyor might have fell into the mine water reserve.
Police meanwhile interrogated the manager of the mine, Mr Samar Das, overman, Mr Routh and another surveyor Shyamal Karmakar after the family members complained that Nandi was receiving treats from a section of contractors as he had cited lapses in many parts of the mine.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 28th Jan 2014
New institutes in Durgapur using Xavier name
A number of schools in Durgapur are coming up with names similar to St Xavier's School.
The authorities of the decades-old premier institution are preparing to take legal action soon. St Xavier's school located in Bidhannagar area in Durgapur is celebrating its 51 st Investiture ceremony. The Principal, Fr Zenith William said: "It is a matter of concern that the city recently has seen new institutions having similar name to our institution and the motive seems unfair." He further said: "We however are prioritising the work for setting up a St Xavier's College in Burdwan, which has been approved."
The Mayor, Durgapur Municipal Corporation, Mr Apurba Mukherjee, the chief guest in the ceremony said: "I have been informed that people are doing business using the name of St Xavier's, which needs to be checked."
Two new schools set up in the last one year in Palashdiha and Bidhannagar localities of Durgapur has 'St Xavier' in its name. Mr Subir Kumar Dubey, secretary, St Xavier's School Alumni Association said: "We shall seek intervention by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies to put an end to this trend."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 28th Jan 2014
ECL surveyor missing
A surveyor with an Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) mine has gone missing and couldn't be traced till late this evening.
Mr T K Nandi (50), the surveyor of the Khas Kajora colliery under Kajora Area of the ECL, along with four others had gone to the unit No: VI of the mine this morning for some survey work
According to Mr Narayan Das, GM, Kajora Area: "He was with the officials in the CN-5 channel in the underground mine. He said he was not feeling well. The colleagues told him to get back to the surface immediately but he said he was alright."
Barely a fortnight ago one coalmine surveyor died because of methane emission in an underground mine near Ukhra.
Senior ECL officials led by the custodian manager of the mine Mr R K Modi led further investigation to trace the missing miner.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 27th Jan 2014
College protest on thefts
Over 100 girl students and teachers of a Durgapur college today demonstrated outside a local police station protesting frequent thefts on the institute's premises and lewd remarks made by youths who loiter around the compound.
After hours of sloganeering against alleged police inaction, the students and teachers of Durgapur Women's College later submitted a memorandum to the inspector in charge of Bidhannagar police station.
Principal madhumita Jajodia, who led the protest, said that furniture, TV sets, laboratory equiment and iron grilles worth about Rs 6 lakh had been stolen in the past two months.
"In the past two months four thefts had taken place . We had lodged separate complaints with the police after each of the incident, but nothing was done. The girls have also been complaining about youths teasing them outside the college. A few days ago, a local youth entered the college by scaling the boundary wall and tried to grope a student. When we rushed to the spot, he fled, " Jajodia said.
The principal admitted that the college's two unarmed gaurds who work in two shifts were not enough, and cited financial crunch to strengthen security.
"We have our own gaurds. But still thieves manage to sneak into the premises. we have told the police to look into the matter. We cannot deploy more than two gaurds because of funds shortage, " the principal said.
The police said arrests would be made soon.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 25th Jan 2014
Girl's parents turn foes
A youth today alleged that his newly wedded wife was forced to drink water laced with sedatives by his mother-in-law in front of cops at Kanksa, Burdwan.
Mrs Neesha Prasad Dutta, the 26-year-old housewife, was taken to the Panagarh block hospital, which again referred her to a super-specialty private hospital in Durgapur today. The physicians however said that her condition was stable and she was traumatised fearing forceful return to her parents.
Neesha, a teacher with a private school, after a two-year's affair with a businessman Arindam Dutta of Panagarh had a registry marriage with Arindam on 27 December, 2013. The marriage was not approved by her parents. Dutta's family however raised no objection and arranged a reception party on 23 January, 2014. Mr Bharat Prasad, Neesha's father, lodged a complaint with the Kanksa PS on 23 January alleging that Arindam had eloped with their daughter and police, acting on this information, brought Neesha to the Police Station where her mother was waiting. She, according to Mrs Bina Dutta, Arindam's mother, alleged: "She repeatedly tried convincing my daughter-in-law to go back with them. Neesha refused. She further alleged: "Her mother then forced her to drink water mixed with some unknown substance and Neesha fainted in the presence of the second officer and a constable of the PS." Mrs Dutta has lodged a complaint with the SP, Burdwan office, today, accusing the police of highhandedness.
Neesha however denied to return to her parents and claimed that her parents were trying to mislead the police. The police initiated a probe today into the matter.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 25th Jan 2014
Teachers accused of molestation
A teacher was arrested on molestation charges and another teacher accused of the same absconded in two different Andal localities near Durgapur today. Two other rape accused youths, meanwhile, were arrested by police in Burdwan's Jamalpur PS area and were ordered five days police remand by the CJM Court today. Parents of a class VII student complained that Ram Avtar Yadav ~ a Life Science teacher of Khaskajora High School in Andal had molested their daughter while giving tuition this afternoon. They alleged that the teacher had called up her for 'special coaching' at his residence where he allegedly molested the girl.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 24th Jan 2014
Dibyendu Barua inaugurated a five-day chess camp at Durgapur
"Pinnacle Shatranj" the chess camp by the Durgapur based IT engineering company Pinnacle Infotech Solutions in association with Telegraph T2 and Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy of Kolkata was inaugarated at Bidhannagar headquater of Pinacle Solutions. Grand Master Dibyendu Barua inaugurated the event and played simultaneously played with atleat 50 students of the school.
Mr Dibyendu Barua said "we expect the youth from Durgapur to earn laurels in the international arena, and we want to promote it."
Mrs. Sapna Patwari, director of the company, said "We have decided to promote chess in Durgapur as there is a lot of interest in the region but no avenues for proper coaching is available here."
The five day chess camp has generated a lot of enthusiasm among students and guardians in Durgapur. Pinnacle Infotech Solutions has been promoting chess in Durgapur for long time. The chess camp will end on 27th Jan.

Durgapur, 23rd Jan 2014
Explosives seized from vehicle on NH-2 in Durgapur
Recovery of explosives from a vehicle abandoned on the NH-2 in Durgapur town today caused widespread panic ahead of the Republic Day. Nearly 6,000 pieces of detonators and 90 kg high-grade explosives were recovered from the vehicle.
The traffic policemen patrolling on NH-2, this afternoon found a four-wheeler SUV left abandoned near Muchipara crossing at around 1.40 p.m.
The vehicle bearing a registration number of Chhattisgarh, was apparently heading towards Kolkata, as it was found on the Down lane of NH-2. One of the wheels of the vehicle had been punctured and four people, including the driver, were seen trying to replace it.
As the patrolling vehicle came closer, the four persons fled the spot. They however, couldn't be intercepted.
The policemen then seized the vehicle and recovered the explosives and detonators. The vehicle was taken to the New Township police station here. The explosives were kept in gunny bags that bore emblems of private cement manufacturers like 'Durgapur Cement Works' or a Karnataka based sugar unit. This suggested that the explosives might have been packed in Durgapur and were destined for some location in Kolkata. The ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav, said: "The number plate appears to be fake. We have initiated a probe into this."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 22nd Jan 2014
Power woes for 3 months
Durgapur, Jan. 22: Power supply from Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) to several industries will be intermittent for at least three months as the cable snapped by thieves on Sunday will need three "joining kits" that will have to be imported at Rs 8 lakh each, officials said.
The 132KV cable that was cut by the thieves used to carry power through one of the two DPL transformers, which bring down the voltage of electricity that is supplied to and from the plant.
"The 132KVA cable of our 160MVA transformer was installed in 2006 by a Chinese company keeping in mind our future plans of setting up more generation units. The Chinese company, Dongfang, had used a cable manufactured by a Malaysian company. The joining kits are made in Sweden and the US," a senior DPL official said.
"We need to arrange for Rs 24 lakh to buy the three kits. But we are facing a financial crisis," the official said, adding that the process could take at least three months.
Several industrial units have cut down on production because of the intermittent electricity supply.
The chairman of the West Bengal State Electricity Development Corporation Limited (WBSEDCL), N.S. Nigam, today held a meeting at the DPL office with representatives of industrial units.
"We told the chairman about the problems we are facing in running our factories because of frequent power cuts. We sought his help," said Satpal Bansal, the director of Haldia Steels Ltd that produces ferro alloys. The plant, which requires 13MW a day, has cut down on production since Sunday morning.
Nigam assured the factory owners of uninterrupted power supply.
After the cable was snapped, DPL had cut down by half the 200MW it had been buying a day from West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited as one of the transformers could no longer be used.
To meet a portion of the demand, DPL, which had stopped production on December 31, has been producing 47MW for the past three days from an old unit that had been lying idle for several years.
Today, DPL increased the amount bought from WBSETCL to 147MW. DPL used its only other operational transformer to supply the 194MW to industrial units along with domestic consumers.
DPL sources said the transformer was already taking extra load.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 21st Jan 2014
Civilian employees at Panagarh ammo depot up in arms
The civilian workers attached to the Army's ammunition depot at Panagarh have sought the Defence Minister's intervention against alleged withdrawal of their 'trade union rights'.
The Ammunition Depot Civilian Workers Union (ADCWU), Panagarh, has gone on protest against the Ministry's decision on standardisation of the Ammunition Depots.
The MP, Burdwan-Durgapur, Mr Saidul Haq, in a letter to Mr A K Antony, Minister of Defence, on 5 January last, stated: "The changed nature of the Ammunition Depot to Field Ammunition Depot will increase military manpower and reduce civilian manpower and also be detrimental to the welfare and well being of civilians in Panagarh."
The MP added: 'This standardisation will hamper job opportunities for civilians, and is detrimental to the trade union rights of civilian staff."
In a further communication to the Defence Secretary and the Adjutant General, New Delhi, the secretary, ADCWU, Mr D K Bera charged that the office of the union in the Ammunition Depot is being converted to a storeroom without consulting the union members.
The union alleged: "Woman staff and elderly civilian staff are being humiliated, and despite several complaints, the local administration is not bothered."
The Ammunition Depot authorities, meanwhile, have denied the charges. The Commandant of the Ammunition Depot, Colonel Vinay Balachandran said: "I won't make any public statements on the issue. I will only respond if the Ministry or my superiors seek an explanation."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 21st Jan 2014
Coal miner dies due to methane leak
A coal-miner stricken by poisonous methane gas died in an abandoned underground coal mine and three others, including the manager of the mine, suffered grave injuries and were rushed to the hospital today.
Four officials led by Mr Guruprasanna Banerjee, the mine manager went to hold an inspection of the underground No: III pit of the Ramnagar colliery under Eastern Coalfields Limited, a national coal major this afternoon. The production of the pit has remained abandoned for nearly a decade and the officials were assigned to take stock of the underground mine situation.
Mr Banerjee was accompanied by a surveyor, one over-man, one mining sardar (supervisor). According to Mr Anurag Kumar, Chief General Manager of ECL's Pandaveswar Area, said: "Production of the mine has been suspended for many years and the officials need to conduct inspection of the underground mine to ascertain the status of underground geological condition." He also said: "The abandoned mine pit is the source of drinking water for the local miners' colony and the officials were there to also inspect the pumping system."
Like many other abandoned underground pits, the Ramnagar pit also had sufficient Methane deposits, which affected the survey team members. The mining sardar, Nimai Sutradhar (59) was leading the team and hence got struck by the gaseous emission first and fell down. The other officials, including the manager, quickly escaped the underground mining district and came out screaming. Later, a rescue team took out the body of Sutradhar from the pit. Asked why the survey officials were not equipped with gas masks, Mr Anurag Kumar said: "Every underground mine official is provided with self-contained rescuer. The four officials however didn't take the kits and had only picked up the safety lamps and went underground, which resulted in the tragedy."
The mine authority has ordered a probe.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 20th Jan 2014
Power cut in factories as thieves snap DPL cable
Production at several factories in Durgapur has been affected by frequent power cuts since yesterday after suspected thieves snapped a high-tension cable at Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL), grappling with glitches and security personnel shortage.
Since the early morning theft attempt yesterday, DPL, which has been buying power from the West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL) since production stopped on December 31, has "rationalised" supply to bulk consumers such as factories.
Several factories in Durgapur, most of whom manufacture iron, steel and alloys, have either stopped or reduced production.
The 132KV cable that was cut by the thieves used to carry power through one of the two DPL transformers, which bring down the voltage of electricity that is supplied to and from the plant.
The snapped cable used to cater to the 160MVA transformer, through which power bought from WBSETCL reaches the DPL plant and is supplied to bulk consumers like industrial units
The thieves, who steal copper cables for the metal, left the booty and fled apparently because they suffered a shock after coming in contact with the live wire.
A DPL official said power supply to domestic consumers was not affected because the cable running through the other transformer had not been touched.
DPL has lodged a police complaint and has started work to replace the cable as soon as possible.
"It will take three-four days to replace the cable. Meanwhile, we have started producing electricity in an old unit that had been lying idle for the past few years because of cost overrun. Unit 3 is producing 47MW, which is being supplied to industrial units to meet a portion of the requirement," a DPL official said.
"Power produced by unit 3 is being supplied through other transmission lines," the official said, adding that DPL had cut down by half the power it was buying from WBSETCL as the 160MVA transformer could not be used. "We are purchasing 100MW and bringing it through the transformer that is operational."
DPL had not generated electricity in the past 20 days because of a snag in two modern units and cost overrun-related production freeze in three old ones. Engineers of private companies are repairing the two new units.
The DPL official said power supply to households, schools, colleges, banks and government offices had not been affected.
Satpal Bansal, the director of Haldia Steels Ltd that produces ferro alloys, said the Durgapur plant had to stop production in phases for 23 hours since 2am on Sunday because of the power cuts.
"We need 13MW a day to run the plant in full swing. We have been getting much less since early yesterday. We have told DPL that it will be tough for us to continue production like this," he said.
V.V. Rao, the deputy general manager of Shyam Ferro Alloys Ltd, said production suffered today because of a four-hour power cut.
DPL supplies 220MW a day to Durgapur in winter. Of this, 150MW is consumed by industrial units.
A security official at DPL said: "The power suddenly went off around 1.30am on Sunday. As soon as we came to know about the theft attempt, we rushed to the spot and found the cable had been snapped. The thieves could not take away the cable as they probably suffered injuries after coming in contact with the live cable."
The Intuc and Citu unions at DPL alleged that several posts of security guards had been lying vacant for long.
"Frequent thefts of cables are taking place because of shortage of guards. There have been four thefts of cables in the past one month. The plant is supposed to be a high-security zone. DPL has 275 guards, against the sanctioned strength of 450. Of the 275, 188 have been hired from private agencies," said Dibyendu Banerjee, the general secretary of the Intuc-affiliated trade union at DPL.
Citu's Naren Sikdar echoed him.
DPL sources said the company could not recruit guards because of a cash crunch.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 9th Jan 2014
Bengal Aerotropolis Project faces land problems
Land trouble has further posed a threat to the state's much ambitious airport city project at Andal here as the higher administration's meeting today to resolve the crisis failed, leading to uncertainty over the project.
Another section of villagers at Andal also have stopped civil work in Damodar Valley Corporation's thermal power project on the issue of jobs in a proposed ash-pond today.
A section of aggrieved farmer families at Andal possessing 109 acres in the heart of the project have refused to provide land for the Rs 10,000 crore venture, which eventually has invited yet another bottleneck. The project has consistently been passing through rough weather since the state geared up the land acquisition process in 2009-10. Considering the uproar, the project was downsized from 4200 acres to 2300 acres initially and now the land battle within the core project area has caused severe inconvenience to Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited ~ the project promoter.
The villagers under 'Krishijomi Raksha Committee' (Save Farmland Committee) ~ a farmer body have stopped civil construction work in the project since yesterday. The state power minister, Mr Manish Gupta, incidentally had been to the project yesterday itself to hold a meeting with the officials for another difficulty faced by the company on the question of shifting high tension power lines. The farmers have blocked the project site and refused entry of machines and labourers on the 109 acres ~ against which they haven't accepted land premium cheques. Convener of the agitating committee, Mr Sushil Ghosh, alleged: "They are offering mere thousands of rupees as land premium to us but what we have seen is that they are selling the same land against Rs 6 lakh per cottah as minimum price to different companies and businessmen." Mr Ghosh said: "In the name of an aviation project what they are doing is just a realty business on our land and this we won't allow, unless we are paid at par."
Today, the ADM (Land Acquisition), Burdwan, Mr Utpal Biswas, and the ADCP (East) with the Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate, Mr Sunil Yadav, held a conciliatory meeting with the agitators at the Durgapur SDM's office. The meeting failed to yield any positive result however as the villagers refused to vacate and put forward the demand for substitute land at Andal mouza besides land premium at the current price. Mr Biswas, meanwhile, evaded replies to the questions regarding today's meeting. The DM, Burdwan, Dr Soumitra Mohan told reporters: "They have demanded fresh rate for land and this matter needs to be discussed further."
The project has already been facing hurdles due to funds crunch and the fresh land agitation would surely cause BAPL discomfort. One project official said: "We tried to convince the villagers several times but they are absolutely reluctant this time."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 8th Jan 2014
Dr Batra's at Asansol
To extend treatment for chronic diseases and lifestyle diseases, Dr Batra's has now opened in Asansol. The clinic will attend patients with respiratory ailments, hair loss, psoriasis, white patches, different skin ailments, women and children's ailments, lifestyle and stress-related disorders, among others.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Tushar Mittal, Head Quality, Dr Batra's said today: "Homoeopathy has gained popularity as a safe system of medicine across the world. Dr Batra's endeavours to strengthen world-class homoeopathy supported by cutting-edge technology and position it as a preferred choice of treatment everywhere."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 7th Jan 2014
'Educated' kidnapper gang held in Durgapur
An MBA qualified kidnapper with a panchayat pradhan as his aide were intercepted by police while fleeing after having abducted two victims. The ACJM Court here ordered police remand for them today.
Avik Singh, an MBA graduate from a Pune-based college had undergone IAS- IPS coaching at a Delhi institute. Hailing from Narayanpur PS in Jharkhand's Jamtara district, Avik however chose kidnapping as an easy option for minting money and had set his target on one Harender Mandal from his neighbourhood. Mandal supplies electronics goods and garments through internet booking from different online agencies.
Yesterday, Mandal accompanied by an assistant had come to collect a garment consignment from a courier counter in Bhiringhee on NH-2 in Durgapur town. Avik's aides Raju Giri and Aswini Singh allegedly abducted Mandal and his assistant from the Bhiringhee bus stop. As the victims screamed for help, they were spotted by a police vehicle which radioed ahead to the adjoining police stations along the NH-2 towards Asansol. "The vehicle was intercepted near Raniganj crossing and the victims were rescued and the kidnappers taken into custody," said Mr Sunil Yadav, ADCP (East). He said: "On interrogation, we came to know that the accused were working for Avik, the alleged mastermind. Also one Sanjay Mandal, pradhan of a local panchayat in Jamtara was operating as an aide of Avik. Both have been nabbed."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 7th Jan 2014
DPL trying to tide over power crisis
This unit was erected by Chinese power infrastructure major Dongfang Electricals with a Rs 1,342 crore soft loan from the Power Finance Corporation in 2008, for which DPL has had to bear interest burden amounting to Rs 50 crore a quarter.
Mr Gupta said: "We have planned a complete shutdown of the unit and its overhauling spending Rs 10 crore now."
He stressed on early commissioning of a proposed 300 MW Coal Bed Methane based unit. The minister said: "Multinational exploration giant Essar has started extracting methane in this sub-region and they have agreed to provide required gas for the proposed unit."
The unit, he claimed, "will start generation within two-and-a-half years."
In July 2010, former power minister Mr Nirupam Sen had announced plans to set up a non-polluting gas based unit for DPL after Gas Authority of India proposed to extend the 850 km Hazira-Bijapur-Jagadishpur gas pipeline up to Haldia. GAIL however had shelved that proposal, causing inconvenience to DPL.
The gas-based unit, according to the minister, will also help DPL earn significant carbon-credit that has been made a mandatory provision by the Green Bench.
The minister also discussed about the progress of DPL's 250 MW eighth unit that is under commissioning by PSU major BHEL. He said: "Due to mismanagement the eighth unit has been through rough weather and now we expect it to be ready by July this year."
Besides, the minister also said that DPL was looking for leasing out its unused land where housing, shopping plazas and Information Technology Park have been planned.
He said: "A multinational advisory agency, KPMG, has conducted a basic survey for the purpose and after the DPL board files an application to the Chief Minister's office, the matter will be cleared accordingly." This, he said will help DPL earn additional revenue and allow repayment of the loan of Rs 500 crore obtained from the state years ago.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 6th Jan 2014
DPL power unit lights up
The state-owned Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) today lighted one of its units lying idle for the past two months because of cost-overrun related problems and hoped electricity generation would resume by tonight, the hurried move coming a day before the power minister's visit to the ailing plant.
Trade unions Citu and Intuc alleged that the decision by the DPL was an attempt to "please" minister Manish Gupta as unit III, which was lighted today, generates electricity at a rate higher than the selling price. They also alleged that the company had not bothered to light up its defunct units for the past two months even though thousands of people in and around Durgapur suffered.
The plant, which has witnessed zero power generation in the past six days, has incurred a loss of about Rs 68 crore in the last fiscal. Unit III produces electricity at Rs 5.50 a unit while the utility sells power at Rs 4.19 a unit. The repeated losses have also prompted the company to explore options in the real estate sector.
A senior DPL official said it would be "embarrassing" for the company if they showed production freeze for nearly a week to the minister.
Dibyendu Banerjee, the general secretary of the Intuc-backed unit at DPL, said: "The production cost will be higher than the selling price if electricity is generated through unit III. The move to light up the unit is only to please the minister. The authorities can't do that when the plant has recorded zero generation in the past six days. Its two modern units have been defunct thrice in two months. We will try to meet the minister tomorrow and apprise him of the situation."
Citu general secretary Naren Sikdar echoed Banerjee.
Minister Gupta will meet DPL officials tomorrow to review the progress of an upcoming 250MW unit VIII, expected to start generation later this year. He is also supposed to discuss the plant's decision to invest in real estate on its unused land.
The "sick" utility now has five units, all of which went into freeze on Tuesday. While two modern units - VI and VII- developed snag for the third time in two months, units III, IV and V had been lying idle for the past two months as generation through them escalates production costs.
DPL had for the past few months been generating electricity through its units VI and VII. When one of the units developed a snag in November, unit III was lighted. But the company could not bear the cost and it had to be closed down two days later.
Asked today about the allegations of the unions, a senior DPL official said lighting up the unit was necessary to supply steam to the boilers of the company's Coke Oven plant. The steam makes operational a machine that unloads crude coal tar at the plant.
"Our coke oven plant will shut down if we do not supply steam for a long time to unload crude coal tar. Units VI and VII have been supplying steam, but they also shut down on Tuesday. So we had no alternative but to light up the unit. It is also true that it would be very embarrassing if we showed zero record in production for nearly a week to the minister," said a senior DPL executive who declined to be identified.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 6th Jan 2014
Amusement park flags off awareness programme
Followed by the increase in the number of venomous snakes, a multi-crore private operated amusement park here today flagged off a snake awareness programme.
The park is owned by the Steel Authority of India, a Central Public Sector Undertaking.
The park is being run by amusement park major Exalt since four years.
Its director, Mr Debashis Roy said: "Varieties of venomous snakes are appearing here and there in the park gardens and the water body. Many of the revellers are getting panic-stricken., though none has been bitten by the venomous snakes in recent past."
Still, the authority felt the necessity to hold open-air workshops round the season as according to Mr Roy: "Many of the revellers, being frightened were attacking the reptiles causing them injury."
Veteran snake lover, Mr Amitabha Roy, and Mr Debashis Majumdar have camped in the park bringing 18 varieties of venomous and non-venomous snakes to make visitors aware about the reptiles.
Mr Majumdar said: "Crates, boas are common venomous breeds visible in and around Durgapur. Most of the times they sneak into the domestic quarters here. I receive at least 1500 phone calls in a year from the local residents to help rescue trapped snakes inside domestic quarters."
Mr Roy, the veteran snake lover said: "We are planning to set up a mini sanctuary across the sprawling 80 acres of this park."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 5th Jan 2014
Sweet tooth gets sweeter
Stocks got exhausted as the crowd went crazy over traditional Bengali sweets from South Bengal districts during the first ever 'Misti Mela (Sweet Festival) organised for two days by the local civic body here.
More than Rs 10 lakh worth sweets were sold in just two days. Mr Adhar Chandra Das's pavilion made the industrial city wait in long queues. It had Krishnagar's Sarpuria - Sarbhaja and stocks were exhausted within three hours on the opening day itself. Today, they had to bring in more stocks to meet the craze. Even then at least 400 revellers were still seen waiting in front of the counter.
Mr Das said: "We have been in the trade for the past 112 years and we are amazed to see the craze here. Our product was accommodated as the dark horse. We have sold more than 50,000 units in just two days here." Sarpuria, made of milk-cream is of two types, the ordinary is priced at Rs 300 per kg and the special is Rs 340 per kg.
Sarbhaja is 320 per kg. Saffron-laced Sarpuria was Rs 1,500 per kg but is available as per demand.
Mrs Anindita Mukherjee, chief mentor of the 'Misti Mela.' said: "This is a collaborative market to showcase Bengal's traditional sweets."
Burdwan's Sitabhog - Mihidana, Shaktigarh's Langcha among other varieties also competed besides the innovative Malai Laddu brought to the fair by Mr Kuntal Hazra of Nigon in trouble-ravaged Mongalkote near Katwa.
Mr Apurba Mukherjee, Mayor, Durgapur Municipal Corporation said: "I am a diabetes patient but couldn't stop myself from attending the festival where sweets with on which we grew up are brought together."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 1st Jan 2014
Boat capsizal: Bodies fished out
The bodies of the youths who drowned yesterday after their boat capsized were fished out from Gangdua dam here this morning. The boatman, however, has not been traced yet.
Four young revellers from Durgapur were picnicking near the dam yesterday. The youths had taken a deserted country boat for a joyride. However, the boat capsized and all four youths on board were drowned. Shouvik Sinha Majumdar (27) of Viswakarma Nagar in Durgapur was rescued but later died at Bankura Sammiloni Medical College and Hospital.
Disaster Management officials had been searching for the bodies since last evening but dense fog had hindered their work. Today the officials started their search around 9 a.m. They fished out the bodies of Raju Manna (25) of Bhiringhee, Rintu Saha (24) of Amrai village and Utpal Mondal (27) of Jhandabad.
Gangdua Dam, also known as Shalidam, is built across river Shali, about 4 km from Amarkanan in Bankura. This 4,900-ft dam was constructed to save a village in Bankura from flood and now it irrigates nearly 1,320 acres of land. It is a picnic spot and many people visit the place mostly during winter. Shalidam is situated on the way to Bankura from Mejia.
Police and administrative officials, meanwhile, have failed to trace the "irresponsible" boatman.
Bankura District Magistrate Vijay Bharti said: "The boatman couldn't be traced till this evening. No one in the village have taken responsibility."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 1st Jan 2014
DPL greets new year with zero generation
A state-owned power plant here has greeted the New Year with absolute zero generation and has started drawing power from the national grid further to cater to the needs in its command area.
The state-owned Durgapur Projects Limited's new Managing Director has assumed charge yesterday itself, incidentally. Mr Mrinal Kanti Moitra, a retired power sector executive has replaced Mr Mriganka Majumdar, another superannuated executive holding charge as MD since two years on contract.
Mr Moitra, a retired West Bengal Power Development Corporation executive was assigned as Executive Director (Technical) at DPL and was elevated as MD yesterday.
The power plant was completely shaded especially after the prestigious Chinese made seventh unit with 300 MW capacity tripped further yesterday followed by the subsequent tripping of its unit Number VI (110 MW) in the morning.
The seventh unit remained out of generation for 11 days in the middle of last December and had collapsed on 17 December during further synchronisation following a fire incident while being charged with furnace oil.
Again, the unit tripped on Tuesday morning bringing DPL's generation to zero. The unit Number VII, according to the senior power plant officials will take at least 15 days to recover.
One senior official with the DPL said: "We have started drawing power from the WBSETCL grid. Yesterday we had drawn 140 MW and today we have drawn 150 MW to cater to the needs of domestic demand."
The plant authority is trying to restore its unit Number III with 77 MW generation.
The unit Number III, however takes severe toll on sick DPL as it is being run by using costly lubricating oil.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 30th Dec 2013
Fog delays landing of first commercial chopper in Andal Airport
Due to dense fog the first commercial chopper to the proposed airport here took nearly 30 additional minutes to arrive this morning.
Though termed commercial service, the first chopper accommodated some 'paid staff' of private agencies. State Transport Minister Madan Mitra who was scheduled to be on board the first fleet was absent.
Aerotropolis, the airport city project here, has been facing rough weather for years over land procurement, funding and clearance from the passenger flight operation authority. The helicopter services were introduced in Andal today following state's MoU with Pawan Hans Limited, national helicopter major, signed on 18 March to connect remote areas of Bengal by air. On 27 June a Pawan Hans chopper, meanwhile, had landed here for a trial run.
Today the twin-engine Dauphin chopper (VT-ELD) landed at 11:57 a.m. on the western part of the runway, which was scheduled to arrive at 11:30 a.m. Pilot Hrumohinder Singh Uppal said: "Visibility was poor due to dense fog and it was just 1.8 km which seemed to be at least 2.5 km." His co-pilot Mukesh Malhotra said: "We had to opt for Visual Flight Rules clearance, which caused a delay in take-off."
Visual flight rules (VFR) are a set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in weather conditions generally clear enough to allow the pilot to see where the aircraft is heading.
Specifically, the weather must be better than basic VFR weather minima, which is in Visual Metrological Condition (VMC), as specified in the rules of the aviation authority.
The pilot must be able to operate the aircraft with visual reference to the ground and by visually avoiding obstructions and other aircraft.
If the weather is below VMC, pilots are required to use Instrument Flight Rules and operation of the aircraft will primarily be through referencing the instruments rather than visual reference. In a control zone, a VFR flight may obtain a clearance from air traffic control to operate as Special VFR.
The Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited ~ the key project promoter ~ meanwhile, claimed that the introduction of the helicopter services from the airport "also signifies that it is now totally ready for operations for commercial passenger aircraft of domestic carriers, having completed 100 per cent of construction activities".
The Airport ~ the centerpiece of the country's first Aerotropolis project ~ is also in the race to become the first operational private Greenfield Airport among 21 such other projects in the country.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 30th Dec 2013
3 workers die in factory mishap
Three labourers died after liquid hot metal fell on them inside a private rolling mill in a state developed industrial patch here this morning. Another labourer was seriously wounded.
During the morning shift workers at the Parasnath Re-Rolling Mill in Angadpur industrial complex were charred when molten hot iron spilled due to leakage in the ladle carrying the liquid. Two labourers ~ Jagbharan Yadav (22) of Durgapur and Amol Banerjee (25) of Barjora ~ were charred to death instantly and another Mantu Yadav (28) succumbed after being shifted to the hospital with another injured labourer.
Mr Bubun Das, supervisor of the unit said: "The hot metal fell on them as the ladle was punctured. The labourers didn't have any chance to escape."
The casualties shocked the labourers though none of the trade unions came out to protest and the senior administrative officials also made substantial delay in seeking explanation. The district administration and police, however, are yet to initiate case against the factory. Mr Debabrata Chakraborty, district factory inspector said: "We have initiated a probe to ascertain why the factory didn't take adequate preventive measure."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 23rd Dec 2013
Coal miner killed, one arrested
Anandagopal Mondal (56), an electrical supervisor with the Eastern Coalfields Limited-a CPSU subsidiary, was killed by hired goons at his workplace inside the protected mine zone last night.
Police suspect a family feud behind the murder. They booked his son's father-in-law this morning. Kartik Mondal, a switch board attendant was with the supervisor when miscreants barged into the highly protected area. Kartik told the police: "The armed miscreants suddenly sneaked into the mine yard and attacked Anandagopal with a sharp weapon. They stabbed him thrice, and then slit his throat." Kartik managed to escape, and later informed ECL's security guards.
The incident occurred at 1 a.m. The mine employees and police have raised questions on how miscreants sneaked into the protected site.
In the morning the officials from the local Laudoha PS arrived and started investigations.
The police came to know that the deceased miner's family had a long standing dispute with his son Sanjoy's father - in- law Uttam Laha.
Meanwhile, Sanjoy's wife has already filed a case against her father-in- law and her husband bringing charges of cruelty under Dowry Act (Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code). Sanjoy stated: "They used to threaten us regularly, we suspect that my father - in - law had assigned goons to kill my father."
The police have booked Uttam Laha, and initiated a probe.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 20th Dec 2013
Complaint against Inttuc leader
A private super-specialty hospital here today lodged a complaint against an Inttuc leader alleging assault and extortion.
Mr Debdas Majumdar, the Inttuc's general secretary at the state-owned Durgapur Projects Limited, a power utility, had gone to the outpatients department of The Mission hospital here for treatment this morning. Dr Rajarshee Mukherjee, according to Mr Majumdar, was supposed to attend to him at 9 a.m.
The physician, however, arrived at 10 a.m, which irked the leader and he allegedly abused the doctor and threatened him with dire consequences.
Mr Probir Mukherjee, CEO of the hospital, in his complaint stated: "He (Mr Majumdar) misbehaved with the chairman, MD and CEO of the hospital and also demanded Rs 10,000 as 'waiting charges' and also issued threats."
The complaint was registered at the New Township police station here.
Prior to that the hospital authorities had also complained to the state agriculture minister, Mr Moloy Ghatak.
The hospital authorities alleged that one of Mr Majumdar's aides who was accompanying him also misbehaved with and abused the senior officials of the hospital.
Mr Gautam Banerjee, Mr Majumdar's assistant, was accompanying him to the hospital. He, meanwhile, has also lodged a complaint with the New Township police station bringing counter-charges of misconduct against the hospital authorities.
Mr Banerjee alleged: "Mr Majumdar is sick and he went there as a patient. The physician arrived late, which annoyed him."
He added: "It was astonishing that a hospital didn't consider him as a sick person and instead lodged a police complaint against him."
Mr Majumdar said: "I have explained everything to my senior political colleagues."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 19th Dec 2013
District book fair to begin today
Three state minister accompanied by the district collector, sabhadhipati of Burdwan Zilla Parishad and the Mayor of the local civic body are scheduled to participate in a walkathon during the inauguration of the district book fair which will start here tomorrow.
State Agriculture Minister Mr Moloy Ghatak, Small and Medium Enterprise Minister Swapan Debnath and Technical Education Minister Robiranjan Chatterjee will take part.
Ninety-five publishing houses will set up 101 stalls at the week-long book fair. The state's Library Department and Mass Education Department together have contributed Rs 2 lakh for the fair. To meet expenses, the committee has also put up a car-expo beside the book fair complex.
Two hundred and twenty-eight libraries across Burdwan have been asked to purchase books worth Rs 14,000 each and the district inspector of schools has instructed 238 high schools in the district to purchase books worth Rs 10,000 each.
"The Durgapur Municipal Corporation ~ one of the agencies behind the show ~ has assured to buy books worth Rs 1.5 lakh from this year's fair," said Mr Subrata Sain, joint secretary of the 26th District Book Fair Committee.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 19th Dec 2013
Man remanded in 10 days police custody for murder
The Durgapur court today ordered seven days police remand for the person accused for the murder of an iron scrap mafia.
On 23 November, a gangster involved in iron scrap pilferage, Dilip Tiwari, was shot dead in the Khatpukur area under Kanksa police station.
During investigation, police came to know that Barun Chattaraj alias Nonte was behind the killing intending to eliminate his rival.
Police finally arrested Nonte yesterday and he was produced before the ACJM court, Durgapur, today with a plea for 10 days remand. Nonte was accused of murder, possessing illegal firearm and kidnapping with an intention to kill someone (under Sections 302, 366 of the IPC and 25/27 of the Arms Act). He was given seven days police remand.
Police will interrogate the accused to find out how the mafia groups are planning murders to eliminate their rivals.
Nonte had been operating in Gopalpur under Kanksa police station area for more than a year and had opened a depot. Police were after him. But the investigating officers repeatedly failed to take action against the Nonte due to non-availability of sufficient evidence.
Mr Biswajit Mukherjee, OC, Kanksa police station, told The Statesman: "The mafia or their aides are pilfering defunct machinery from secondary iron steel units. However, these units are guarded by various government and private-run security agencies.
"Our officers, during investigation, discovered that some of the security personnel were hand-in-glove with the mafia which had helped in setting up of of depots in various locations like Gopalpur, a refugee settlement," said Mr Mukherjee.
More than 100 youths are being engaged by each mafia group to help loot, transport, process and smuggle the scraps to different units across Asansol Durgapur industrial zone. The mafia, for years, are being provided shelter by political leaders and therefore the goons had been avoiding arrest.
In Durgapur and Asansol, illegal trading of iron scrap has flourished in places like Kada Road, Prantika crossing beside the busy Benachitty market, Maya Bazaar, Kulti, Burnpur harbour.
Dreaded mafia members like Gopal Jaiswal, Musa Singh, Iqbal Khan were provided political shelter by CPI-M earlier and now are being patronised by the ruling Trinamul Congress.
Murder as a fallout of intra- and inter-gang rivalry has become regular in Asansol, Durgapur.
In 2011, within a month of the change in guard in the state, Ramlakhan Yadav, a mafia, was murdered in Asansol. Subsequently, the industrial zone witnessed murders of political leaders like Amitabha Mukherjee, and Dilip Sarkar under Hirapur police station area in Asansol.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 18th Dec 2013
KIC Metaliks restarts Durgapur's mini blast furnace facility
KIC Metaliks Ltd has restarted commercial production at its mini blast furnace (MBF) at Durgapur plant, after carrying out repair and maintenance activities. With reference to the earlier letter dated August 27, 2013, regarding shutdown of MBF at the Durgapur plant of the company, KIC Metaliks Ltd has now informed BSE that the repair-work/relining of the furnace is complete and it has been reheated on December 14, 2013 for commercial production.
Further, the Company has informed that the annual production capacity of the MBF has increased from 1,10,000 TPA to 1,65,000 TPA due to modernisation and expansion of the same.
Source: business-standard.

Durgapur, 18th Dec 2013
SUVs stolen in Durgapur
Two Suburban Vehicles (SUVs) were stolen from the City Centre area from Durgapur last night.
Mr Lalbihari Roy, a cable operator said that he had parked his car near his office. After half an hour some of his staff complained the car couldn't be found anywhere. A police complaint was registered immediately.
Mr Uttam Malakar, a driver said his SUV was also stolen near from the same City Centre. Mr Malakar said: "I had dropped a senior executive of Bankura administration and had parked the vehicle near the government housing." Senior police officials said a investigation has been started in this connection.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 18th Dec 2013
Murder accused iron scrap mafia arrested
Police have finally arrested the murder accused iron scrap mafia of Kanksa in Burdwan today.
Barun Chattaraj alias Nonte of Gopalpur village was missing since the body of the leader of a rival gang, Dilip Tiwari was found dumped beside a village in Khatpukur on 23 November.
Tiwari had been shot dead. Police had picked up three aides of Nonte ~ Boltu Pasi, Ganesh Dhibor and Kishan Ruidas ~ within 24 hours.
After interrogation, the cops of the Kanksa PS came to know that it was Nonte who had hatched the murder conspiracy and had shot at Tiwari from point blank range.
The murder plan was hatched to eliminate Tiwari from his illegal business racket of iron scrap smuggling from the local iron and steel units.
Nonte was operating a depot in Gopalpur village. Nonte had fled the area after the arrest of his aides.
Police, acting on a tip-off raided Nonte's residence in Gopalpur today and arrested him. Mr Biswajit Mukherjee, OC, Kanksa PS said: "He had fled the area earlier as he knew police was out to arrest him."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 16th Dec 2013
Car hits trailer, 4 family members spot dead.
Four members of a Durgapur family were killed when the car they were travelling in crashed into a trailer parked along NH2 near Panagarh on Monday.
Another member of the family is seriously injured.
Police said Biswajit Shyam (42), a resident of Kanksa, Gopalpur, his wife Tandra Shyam (32), cousin brother Soumyajit (18) and his son Shibam (7) all died in the spot after the accident occurred. His Daughter Sneha was admitted at the Medical College Hospital Burdwan in a critical condition. She was referred to Kolkata after her condition deteriorated.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 16th Dec 2013
MGNREGA:Water from coal mines to be utilised for irrigation
Utilising wastewater from the coal mines has been planned as a model micro irrigation project under the MGNREGA in Andal block under the Raniganj Coalfields in Burdwan.
18 mines have been identified for the purpose, the senior administration officials said.
Four pits of Chanchani colliery under the Eastern Coalfields Limited have been chosen as the source of water for the 1.6 km stretched of the micro irrigation channel. "This will help irrigation of around 20 acres of land in the area, " said Mr Manas Kumar Panda, BDO, Andal.
He said: "Forty percent of work has already been completed. However the work was scheduled to be completed by 15 December."
In Chanchani's Majhipara, one pond is being re-excavated and the wastewater from the underground colliery will be transported to the pond through the channel. Another irrigation channel helping carriage of wastewater from the ECL's Open Cast Project to facilitate minor irrigation of 25 acres of cultivable land has been excavated under MGNREGA. The project generated 1745 man-days against Rs 2.44 lakh expenditure in the 2013-14 year.
In Baraboni block in Asansol a pond exploiting MGNREGA fund worth Rs 12 lakh is being planned to be excavated demolishing the Sanyasi illegal coal pits.
The pond will help irrigation of 1 acre of agricultural land in four tribal villages. The project is expected to generate 4700 man-days.
Another re-excavation of pond in Pandaveswar blocks against utilisation of MGNREGA fund worth Rs 1.98 lakh has been planed which will help minor irrigation utilising the wastewater from ECL's North Jambad colliery. This project is expected to generate 1273 man-days.
The district meanwhile has covered 2, 16,590 hectares under minor irrigation across Burdwan of which, 52,026 hectares are covered by the Water Research Investigation & Development department.
According to the environmental experts, mining can have adverse effects on the surrounding surface and ground water if protective measures are not taken.
The result can be unnaturally high concentrations of some chemicals like arsenic, sulphuric acid and mercury over a significant area of surface or subsurface.
Runoff of soil or rock debris, although non-toxic, the experts claimed, also devastates the surrounding vegetation.
Large amounts of water dispatched from mine drainage and mine cooling and other mining processes increases the potential for these chemicals to contaminate ground and surface water.
In well-regulated mines, hydrologists and geologists take careful measurements of water and soil to avoid any type of water contamination.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 13th Dec 2013
DPL lights up 1 unit, before secy’s visit
State-owned power unit, Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL), finally powered up one of its units last night, giving respite to the company ahead of the state power secretary's scheduled visit to the plant next week.
The DPL had suspended power generation absolutely, as the cost of generation in its two units (III and IV) brought online as an emergency measure last Sunday was much higher compared to the selling price. The major generating units (VI and VII) were shut down for overhauling last Sunday.
The DPL, to cater to the average need of 300 MW in the command area, started rationing power as it could procure only 180 MW of power on average from the grid.
In the last five days, the DPL has drawn nearly 11 million units from Indian Energy Exchange for Rs 2.94 per unit cost and six million units from WBSETCL at Rs 4.79 per unit cost.
DPL sells power at Rs 4.19 per unit cost. Yesterday, Load Dispatch Centre officials said: "DPL had drawn 230 MW and today it was nearly 72 MW till 3 p.m. and after 5 p.m. the purchase soared up to 150 MW."
The apparent decrease in purchase resulted due to lighting up of the unit No: VI. The officials said: "The unit though it used to record 85 MW average generation, could ensure 54 MW today."
The managing director, DPL told The Statesman: "Unit VII is expected to resume operation by 15 December, which would help stabilisation of the company soon."
DPL's tag as a 'power trader' has earned criticism by the trade unions
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 13th Dec 2013
Police begin hunt for scrap racketeer
Police has begun a hunt for one iron-scrap mafia turned killer who has been threatening terror to the family members of a gang-war victim, in Kanksa area in Burdwan.
On 23 November, one iron-scrap mafia, Dilip Tiwari, was shot dead. His body was found by police from beside a pond in the Khatpukur area. Police arrested three youths ~ Ganesh Dhibor, Kishan Ruidas and Boltu Pasi within 24 hours of the incident. After interrogating them, police came to know that one iron-scrap racketeer, Barun Chattaraj alias Nonte, was the key conspirator behind the murder.
Barun, police investigations revealed, was also running an illegal trade of iron-scrap from a depot in Gopalpur area. He had engaged nearly 50 aides who were procuring iron machinery from the abandoned plants and factories in the Durgapur and Panagarh industrial zone.
The OC, Kanksa police station, Mr Biswajit Mukherjee said: "He had hatched the murder conspiracy to eliminate Tiwari from the racket of illegal iron-scrap trading. He had invited Tiwari to one of his Muchipara outlets as a friend for discussion and had shot him point blank."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 10th Dec 2013
Copter service aborts take-off
A helicopter service that had promised to connect Calcutta with the districts has been grounded before take-off on "technical grounds", at least for a week.
Pawan Hans was scheduled to fly Calcutta-Santiniketan-Durgapur from Monday, but postponed the inauguration of the service on the morning of the first flight.
While "technical problem" is the immediate cause for the postponement, sources in the aviation industry feared that the F-word - feasibility - could play spoilsport in the weeks to come.
"Corporate travel is the lifeblood of aviation. Industry-starved Bengal can hardly guarantee that to a helicopter service. Pawan Hans cannot survive long without corporate travellers," said an official of a private helicopter company in Delhi.
Sources in the state transport department said there were a "few bookings" for the inaugural flight but did not specify how many. Each Pawan Hans helicopter can seat seven passengers.
"Pawan Hans has yet to carry out trial landing at two of the proposed destinations, Gangasagar and Balurghat. Ticketing procedures involving a private agency haven't been finalised either. These loose ends will be tied up by next Monday," an official said.
Transport minister Madan Mitra added to the confusion by saying that the launch had been postponed because of a rethink by the government on a single-route launch. "This isn't because of lack of preparedness. We would like the service to take off from all the venues together."
Sources in Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), with which the state government struck a deal on December 5 for the Calcutta-Durgapur route, said the ticketing system needed to be fine-tuned before starting the service.
Industrialists and top company officials routinely hire helicopters to tour the districts, but lack of industry in Bengal would make any helicopter service totally dependent on the government role - either through subsidies or through pre-booked hours.
Cart Air had started charter services from Calcutta in 2011. By the end of 2012, the company had shifted its two helicopters to other states. "Although the short joyrides were popular, a helicopter service can't subsist on that," a source in the company said.
In 2011, Northeast Shuttles, a private airline that had started a service between Calcutta and Cooch Behar, backed out for want of passengers.
"In places like Delhi, political parties use copter services frequently. But here there are hardly any takers," said an official of a private airline.
"In any case, most of the routes in Bengal are not viable. The only route where there is potential for corporate travel is Durgapur, mostly by public-sector executives," an official said.
A twin-engine, seven-seater helicopter like the one Pawan Hans plans to operate in Bengal needs to fly full at least 40 to 45 hours a month to break even. "The minimum cost of operating a helicopter for 20 minutes - the time needed to reach Durgapur from Calcutta - is Rs 6,000 per seat. A service provider has to charge more than that to make a profit," an aviation industry veteran said.
Calcutta-Gangasagar - Rs 1,500
Calcutta-Durgapur - Rs 4,200 (Rs 2,500 after subsidy)
Calcutta-Malda - Rs 1,300
Calcutta-Balurghat - Rs 1,500
Calcutta-Santiniketan - Rs 1,500
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 10th Dec 2013
The Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) has started suspending power generation since yesterday, especially after two major generation units (VI and VII) were forced to be taken out of the generation line for major overhauling.
The power plant introduced its units III and IV as a rescue measure. The respective units were commissioned in June 1964 with generation capacities of 77 MW each. "But they hardly can afford generating 80 MW together. They cannot cater to the average daily load," said a senior DPL official.
The officials said: " The growth in power in the DPL command area, is around 20 per cent per annum, the current demand being around 300 MW which is about 45 per cent of the total power generation capacity of the utility." He added: "It meets local demand through its captive transmission and distribution networks."
The MD, DPL, Mr Mriganka Majumdar, said: "We were forced to suspend generation as the cost of generation per unit was increasing much, due to extensive consumption of oil and coal by the old units. "The cost crossed the prescribed tariff causing substantial capital loss to the DPL's exchequer and so we suspended the entire power generation of the power plant." This was a regulatory measure, Mr Majumdar said.
The West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission constituted by the state in 1999 in terms of section 17 of the Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act, 1998, according to the senior DPL officials, have approved the DPL's measure. The units I and II commissioned in 1960 with 30 MW each however were decommissioned 10 years ago. The labour fronts meanwhile have criticised DPL's bid of bringing down power generation to zero as a measure to check financial loss.
Mr Dibyendu Banerjee, General Secretary, Intuc said: "We are surprised to note that the authority is gradually reducing DPL to a power trading company instead of a power generation company."
The MD, Durgapur Projects Limited, Mr Majumdar said: "We expect that by 15 December the situation will be normalised after the units VI and VII would be added to the generation line."
Source: The Statesman.

Durgapur, 9th Dec 2013
Land dispute still a hurdle for airport city plans:
Senior district administration officials accompanied by senior police officers today went to the Air Traffic Control building of the proposed airport city in Andal this afternoon to help sort out the recurring land dispute.
This dispute has been causing a lot of inconvenience for the past three months to the flagship aviation-turned-realty project.
Residents of seven villages situated around the project site are apparently reluctant to sacrifice further land for the project. The fresh requirement of land is for relocation of the High Tension towers that are planned to be shifted from the core project area. The HT towers traverses across the proposed airport's runway and causes problems in aviation activities.
The state already had acquired 2,300 acres land for the controversial project, which now requires further land for shifting the CPSU power company's towers. In all, 17 towers would be shifted and each tower would require 1.5 cottah of land stretched across seven villages ~ Patsaora, Ichhapur, Andal, Arati, Bansgora, Amlouka, Amrai.
"The project already has taken up our land six years ago in front of our eyes; we can see they are selling those to different companies at a twenty-time price hike. They have cheated us and now they are asking for further land," locals alleged.
On last 1 October, the SDM, Durgapur, had arranged a meeting with the respective panchayats and police to help procurement of land for the purpose but it failed to yield any definite result as the villagers on 29 November 2013 had not allowed survey officials to assume basic work. Also, villagers were annoyed when the project promoter allegedly had tried to fabricate the theft of an unlicensed gun from the project area, which the locals believe, was purposely planted to mount pressure on the reluctant villagers and they believe that a section of Trinamul Congress leadership allegedly had hatched the conspiracy.
The DM, Burdwan, Mr Soumitra Mohan, after a meeting said: "The project requires shifting 3,315 metres of HT cables. Today, we held a primary discussion with the land owners and have assured them to consider their grievances."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 6th Dec 2013
'New' school textbook well behind the times
A newly printed textbook in a Bengali medium state approved school has raised the eyebrows of the literate domain in the municipal towns.
On page number 77 of the textbook's 2013 edition, printed in October 2012, it is written: "President of India ~ Mrs Pratibha Patil, Governor of West Bengal ~ Gopal Krishna Gandhi and Chief Minister of West Bengal ~ Budhhadeb Bhattacharjee"
The names of ministers of LF regime are accommodated as the state cabinet ministers. The book incidentally was printed after the change in guard at Writers' and is being read in a school where three state ministers are scheduled to arrive tomorrow to attend a function.
One Presidential award-winning teacher, Mr Sushil Bhattacharjee, is the president of the managing committee of the school ~ Surenchandra Model School. Mr Bhattacharjee told reporters: "I had no idea that the teachers had approved such a faulty book."
The SDM, Durgapur, Mrs Kasturi Sengupta, has taken cognizance of the matter after the guardians of students today registered complaints against the school and the textbook publisher officially. Mrs Sengupta said: "This is a gross defect and we would seek explanation from the school authority."
The book titled 'Gyan Bichitra' meant for classes V, VI and VII to help empowering general knowledge of the students has sparked off sensation after a section of the guardians protested vehemently about the wrong information in the book. The matter came into focus after Mr Ranjit Jana ~ a fruit vendor in a local market in City Centre heard his son, Sumanta, a class VI student reciting the content of the page in preparation for his examination. Mr Jana alleged: "We spend a huge sum for my son's education. It was ridiculous to see my son uttering the wrong names. So I took the matter to the school authority, but they paid no serious heed to this."
Mr Jana lodged a complaint with the SDM, Durgapur today. Mr Susanta Poddar, director of the school said: "Earlier we had detected the problem and had asked the publisher to rectify it when the Guardians' Forum had come to us."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 6th Dec 2013
Language no bar for GUNDAY Ranveer-Arjun
When GUNDAY is released shortly, it would be creating a new benchmark of expanding the outreach and ambit of a film to reach the audience. Trust Yash Raj films to pull another bunny out of the fact when it releases GUNDAY, as it is being released simultaneously in both Hindi and Bengali. Obviously the trigger for going for this innovation lies in the fact the story line of GUNDAY is situated in Kolkata and the coal belts of Raniganj and Durgapur and being a period film in the sense that it traces the history associated with the world of coal mines of the 1970s, the producers have thought it apt to simultaneously release the Bengali version of GUNDAY as well.
Obviously with the advancements in technology it has become tad easy to translate a film into any other language than its base source, a genre which has been perfected by various Hollywood studios for more than a decade, who release the dubbed versions of the English films in various Indian languages. As a matter of fact few movie channels on television survive and thrive by following this maxim of showing the dubbed versions of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films on their channels throughout their day, and the realization seems to have dawned on the film fraternity to diversify into this genre as well and Yash Raj films has taken a lead in this regard.
It is not that the simultaneous release of a film in both Hindi and Bengali is happening for the first time in the film industry. It already has been done through Amitabh Bachchan's BARSAAT KI EK RAAT, which was simultaneously released in Hindi and Bengali, the difference being that in Bengali BARSAAT KI EK RAAT was christened as ANUSANDHAN. Besides, SHALIMAAR which was made by Krishna Shah was released simultaneously in Hindi and English.
In the recently released film MADRAS CAFE and CHENNAI EXPRESS to add to the local flavor the dialogues of the natives were carried in the local language itself- Tamil, that added an element of genuineness to the content and also brought out the affinity of the audience in a more pronounced manner. GUNDAY would try to achieve the same through its simultaneous release both in Hindi and English and one only hopes that this trend would have much more innovative manifestations in the times to come.

Durgapur, 6th Dec 2013
College staff assaulted by Durgapur TMC leader
Mr Sukhen Bauri , a group-D staff with the Durgapur Municipal Corporation (DMC)-run Michael Madhusudan Memorial College was attacked by Kartik Dasgupta, the assistant general secretary of the Trinamul Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCCP) in the college today. The college authority and the district leadership of the TMCCP have suspended the accused both from the college and from the union leadership.
Mr Bauri said: "He was drunk and was trying to disturb students in the badminton court. I protested and he attacked me before I could anticipate anything. He punched my jaw and then hit my chest. I fell on the ground."
Earlier, a number of college staff complained about the behaviour of Kartik, a first year student humanities. When students saw Kartik attack Mr Bauri, they chased Kartik.
The college principal, Dr Ranjushree Patra, said: "The student's arrogant behaviour has been reported to us several times but today he definitely crossed limits. So we have suspended him. We have brought the matter to the notice of the college managing committee president seeking his intervention."
Mr Apurba Mukherjee, mayor, DMC and the managing committee president said: "I have asked the college authority to table the matter in the general body meeting of the college, slated in January."
Mr Ashoke Rudra, district president, TMCCP said: "We have suspended him and will inquire the matter."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 5th Dec 2013
Girl lured for sightseeing in tourist spot and raped by Facebook friend
A tribal schoolgirl who eloped with her Facebook friend last Monday from Durgapur town was raped in a hotel room in Maithon. She was taken to the Durgapur SD Hospital for medical examinations today.
The girl was a class-XII student who left for her school to collect form for availing benefits under State's 'Kanyashree' project. When she didn't return home, her father who is a worker with a private iron rod manufacturing company lodged a complaint with local police.
She returned yesterday and informed her parents that she had gone with a youth named Ranjit Hembram of Maithon area for sightseeing in the Bengal-Jharkhand bordering tourist spot. She said that she met Ranjit through Facebook and had been friends with him since last three months. He asked her to visit Maithon dam and since it was a single day return journey from Durgapur, she agreed to go there with him. She said: "It was surprising that he took me to a hotel room that was booked previously and proposed to marry me. When I said that my parents should know about this first, he locked me inside the room. There was no one to help me and respond to my screams."
The youth then allegedly raped her continuously for two days. She told her family that the youth dumped her in a local train yesterday. According to a neighbour of the victim girl: "The parents failed to get any help from police as the New Township police station refused to register a case of rape and referred her to the Coke Oven PS adjacent to the Durgapur Railway Station."
The Coke Oven PS asked the girl's family to lodge a complaint with the GRP. Finally when the ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav intervened, a complaint was registered at the New Township PS in the afternoon.
Mr Yadav said: "After the Delhi gang-rape incident, the Supreme Court of India has made it clear that the policemen in the place of the incident will inquire the matter."
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 4th Dec 2013
Fly to Durgapur in a chopper from next week
Helicopter service provider Pawan Hans is scheduled to start passenger chopper services between Behala and Durgapur from Sunday.
The helicopter, which can seat eight, would reach Durgapur in 40 minutes and use the passenger terminals of the Aerotropolis. The fare has been fixed at Rs 4,200.
In preparation for flight operations, work has started on laying 400KV high-tension high-tension hybrid power lines at the Aerotropolis.
Sources said the airport construction is almost complete and is awaiting Airports Authority of India (AAI) approval for the diversion of high-tension electric lines and poles of the state electricity provider in and around the airport.
Sources said that 11.1km of 400KV lines and 5.5km of 220KV lines would be diverted. About 102 poles need to be erected, of which construction on a few has been completed. Land acquisition for the poles and cables has been done by the district administration.
Partha Ghosh, the CEO and director of Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited (BAPL), said the company was trying its level best to meet the deadline of running the first flight from Poila Boisakh, in keeping with chief minister Mamata Banerjee's wish expressed during her recent visit to Andal.
"The district administration is helping us a lot in the matter and we expect the diversion of electric poles would be finished by February and we'll be able to meet the deadline," he added.
Source: timesofindia

Durgapur, 2nd Dec 2013
Durgapur steel plant's Rs 2,875-cr modernisation underway
As part of modernisation of SAIL's Durgapur steel plant at a cost of Rs 2,875 crore, the newly rebuilt coke oven battery No 2 today commenced production here in the presence of company chairman C S Verma.
After the completion of the ongoing modernisation and expansion programme, the capacity of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) would enhance to 2.12 million tonnes of saleable steel from the current level of 1.60 MT, SAIL BSE 0.29 % sources said.
Post expansion, DSP is expected to improve the finished component in its products basket from the present level of 36 per cent to 64 per cent.
Rebuilt at a cost of Rs 213 crore, the battery No 2 has several advanced technological features leading to both qualitative and quantitative improvements in coke making from this battery.
The rebuilt Coke Ovens Battery No. 2 has 78 ovens with each oven of volume 23.8 cubic metre. As a special feature, double gas collecting mains has been introduced in the battery and it will ensure improved recovery of valuable coke oven gas from the battery.
Apart from this, several advanced pollution control measures, which include leak proof doors, stationary high pressure water jet cleaner among others have been incorporated in the battery, sources said.
The SAIL chairman, who also visited the wheel and axle plant, project site of bloom-cum-round caster and medium structual mill and Alloy steels plant, had detailed meeting with senior officials of DSP and ASP and emphasised on the importance of devising systems and streamlining processes to further strengthen the synergy between DSP and ASP.
Durgapur Steel Plant was setting up a 1 MT Medium Structural Mill and a 0.75 MT Bloom-Cum-Round Caster mill.
Source: economictimes.indiatimes

Durgapur, 27th Nov 2013
JUMBO Herd invades Rajbandh
A herd of Dalma range elephants barged into urban localities of Rajbandh, Amlajora near Panagarh on the NH-2 today early morning.
Locals residents panicked when they saw the herd marching towards Amlajora, crossing the railway line. They tried to stop them by pelting stones at the herd. Being obstructed by the locals the herd went towards neighbouring Rajbandh where the CPSU oil majors have set up terminals. At around 9 a.m, the forest officials arrived and managed to drive the wild herd of elephants towards the adjacent bushes.
Mr Ajoy Das, DFO, Durgapur, said that the herd entered the urban area from Sonamukhi jungles in Bankura after crossing the Damodar river.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 27th Nov 2013
Four students injured in school bus accident in Durgapur
Four students of Amrita Vidyalayam School in Bidhannagar of Durgapur suffered minor injuries after the bus in which they were travelling lost control and hit a roadside tree. The incident took place near Durgapur Project Limited (DPL) colony of Durgapur in the morning hours of yesterday (November 27) when the bus carrying the students was on its way to the school.
The injured were rescued by the locals of DPL Township and were rushed to DPL hospital. The driver and the helper of the bus fled immediately after the incident.
Eyewitness report suggests that the mishap occurred at around 6.30 am near the DPL INTUC office. The speeding bus carrying nearly 20 students rammed into a roadside Jamun tree while traveling from A-Zone to B-Zone of DPL Township.
The sudden incident took the students boarding the bus by surprise and they started screaming and shouting. Local residents rushed and rescued the students. Some of the injured were taken to the DPL Hospital from where they were released after giving first-aid. Injury of four of the students was comparatively more. However no one suffered critical injury.
The school authority of Amrita Vidyalayam School, a senior secondary English medium school affiliated under CBSE, sent three teachers to the spot where the mishap occurred to take control of the situation. However the bus that collided was not under direct control of the school authority and the school does not have much to do on the matter.
The police was informed about the incidents by local residents. The police later took the bus to the nearby Coke Oven police station. Police sources said that from preliminary evidence it appears that the incident took place due to brake failure. The police have called the owner of the bus for interrogation.

Durgapur, 24th Nov 2013
SBI ATM robbed in Budbud
Robbers broke into an State Bank of India ATM in Budbud in Burdwan last night but could take away only the cash in the delivery slot.
The ATM had been targeted by robbers before the Pujas, but it didn't have any security personnel. Asked why, SBI local branch manager Sudipta Das said: "After the pre-Puja attempt I had informed the higher authorities of the need to deploy a security guard. But there were no positive response."
Circle Inspector Biswajit Das said the SBI authorities were yet to ascertain the amount of cash looted. The manager said: "We believe nearly Rs 4000 stuck in the delivery duct was taken away. The ATM's cash chamber was intact.".
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 24th Nov 2013
Youth killed
A youth involved in iron scrap trafficking was shot dead last midnight and his body was found lying beside a pond in Panagarh, Burdwan this morning.
Three bullets were found in his head, abdomen and neck. He died on the spot and the assailants fled. Police has booked three people suspecting their link with the murder. Dilip Tiwari (34), aide of an iron scrap mafia, was held two months ago for possessing illegal firearms.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 24th Nov 2013
INTTUC-INTUC rivalry rears head at DPL
The Inttuc's General Secretary, Mr Debdas Majumdar who is likely to be superannuated in January, has been accused of threatening his Intuc counterpart Mr Dibyendu Banerjee. Mr Banerjee has complained about the matter to the Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) officials seeking immediate action. The DGM (Personnel & Administration), DPL, Mr Tito Deb, told The Statesman: "I was informed that he has lodged a complaint but the complaint is yet to reach my office. The authority may be expected to take the matter seriously, considering the magnitude of the charges."
Mr Banerjee alleged: "I was on duty and I had to meet the DGM (Personnel & Administration) to inform the company was loosing ground on power generation, distribution and revenue sector. The minute I left his chamber, Mr Majumdar attacked me and started abusing me."
He said: "I will have to face heat from his men if I don't reverse my stance on issues like giving extension of superannuated officers in DPL. Mr Maumdar is desperately trying to secure his extension after his scheduled superannuation on 31 January."
Mr Banerjee, the Intuc general secretary alleged at a press conference today: "Six senior executives those have retired from their services in other plants have been re-deployed in plum posts in DPL. The trade unions cannot raise their voice against such practices as the new state government has prohibited joint management committee meetings in DPL."
Mr Majumdar, meanwhile, refuted the charges. He claimed: "Mr Banerjee was misleading the officials and was trying to camouflage the actual crisis. His political identity is also in question."
Mr Majumdar was accused of attacking DPL managing director Mriganka Majumdar at his office chamber on 29 October. Following the Chief Security officer's detailed report on the assault, the DPL authorities had issued a show-cause notice to Mr Majumdar.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 20th Nov 2013
Wine Shop Robery in Durgapur
Burglars broke into a liquor shop at a mall in Durgapur's City Centre and escaped with booze worth Rs 60,000, mostly imported scotch, rum and vodka, on Wednesday. The robbers also took away around Rs 50,000 in cash.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 19th Nov 2013
Costly escalators gather dust in Durgapur Railway station
Fancy escalators brought in from China are lying abandoned for the past eight months at the Durgapur Railway Station ~ being positioned as a Model Railway Station under the Eastern Railway.
The escalators meant to cater to the sick and aged were first proposed in 2009 for Asansol, Kharagpore, Sealdah, Dhanbad, Patna Railway Stations in Eastern and South Eastern Railway.
On 15 May 2012, the Railway Board had approved installation of such escalators. A Gurgaon based firm was assigned the job of setting up these escalators at 100 Railway Stations across the country.
The company was asked to follow the Research Design & Standards Organisation norms specified in 2008.
In the first phase, the Gurgaon- based firm brought 60 escalators manufactured by M/S SJEC Corporation, China.
The Durgapur Railway Station was among the first pick locations chosen for the purpose and were supplied the escalators.
A senior Railway officer said: "The equipment was brought here almost eight months ago and we have not received any further communication in this regard. Also the contractor concerned has done the disappearing act as a result these expensive escalators are gathering rust ."
Mr Jyotirmoy Roy, manager of Durgapur Railway Station said: "I have no information on what is to be done, and recently the MP, Burdwan, Durgapur, had come to my office to inquire the fate of the escalators."
Source: The statesman

Durgapur, 19th Nov 2013
Choppers adorn Durgapur sky in preparation of President's visit
Indian Air Force choppers hovering in the Durgapur industrial town's skyline dragged hundreds of locals to the helipad in Durgapur Steel Township in phases today.
The IAF has taken control over the Durgapur skyline these days as the President of India, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, is scheduled to arrive for the convocation of the National Institute of Technology ~ a deemed tech-varsity here on 22 November.
At around 11.15 a.m., the IAF chopper (No: Z 2963) appeared in the southern skyline and more than a hundred cars, motorbikes and pedestrians made beeline to the helipad to have a glimpse of the scene.
After two hours yet another chopper appeared from the northern corner.
One senior official with the Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate said: "The choppers are conducting mock fly programmes and also are taking pan videography shots to ensure the President's security."
The IAF officials from Panagarh Air Force also rushed to the spot. "As per protocol, every possible security measures are being ensured for the President by the concerned departments here, " said Mr Soumitra Mohan, DM, Burdwan.
Source: The statesman

Durgapur, 19th Nov 2013
Bengal government to set up state's second open jail in Durgapur
In a bid to give jail inmates some amount of freedom, West Bengal government has decided to set up an "Open Correctional Home" at Durgapur in Burdwan district, the second such home in the state for convicts.
"Only prisoners in their fag end of serving jail terms would be lodged in this home and they will be free to come and go outside, mix with their families and earn livelihood on their own," state minister for Correctional Administration Department Haider Aziz Safwi said.
He said while the first open correctional home at Lalbag in Murshidabad district has a capacity to lodge 80 inmates, 30 such prisoners would be kept at the Durgapur facility.
Asked whether there was chance of prisoners fleeing while remaining outside the correctional home, he said there was only one example where an inmate who was suffering from cancer fled, but was later apprehended.
Sometime later the prisoner had committed suicide in jail, the minister added.
As jails in different districts were overcrowded, there was a plan to set up a district jail at Tamluk in East Midnapore district and another at Barasat in North 24 Parganas district..
Source: NDTV

Durgapur, 9th Nov 2013
Durgapur's Abhishek Ghorui, the pixel perfectionist
Stunned by a Hollywood movie's visual effects? Chances are Durgapur boy Abhishek Ghorui was part of a team that made it, reports Shounak Ghosal
He is loath to claim credit but the Hollywood credit lists betray him. From his modest home in Durgapur, to distributing pamphlets in Mumbai to earn money and finally, being part of the visual effects team that bagged the Oscar for 'Life of Pi', Abhishek Ghorui's story is a classic tale of struggle and success. Currently based in Bangalore, the Bengal boy has his fingerprint on blockbuster movies like 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', the Brad Pitt-starrer 'World War Z', 'Jack the Giant Slayer', Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus', 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'... In fact, IMDB lists Abhishek as an uncredited visual effects artist for two of the biggest movies of recent times - the 007 flick 'Skyfall' and 'Man of Steel'. And he's only just begun.
"I never imagined I would hold the Oscar one day, But I started dreaming about it when two movies I worked for - 'Prometheus' and 'Skyfall' - were nominated. They could not bag the top award but when 'Life of Pi' nailed it, I knew that day wasn't far away. And it was such an amazing feeling when I touched the Oscar. It felt like I was on top of the world. It was difficult to sleep as that golden moment kept flashing on my mind in repeat mode," grins the young achiever who learnt visual effects at a Park Street institute.
The journey
"I was born and brought up in Durgapur, where I did my schooling. I always had a keen interest in painting and creative work, and wanted to become an artist. But after completing Plus II, when everybody was aspiring to become a doctor or engineer, I also followed the mainstream and took admission in a computer science course in a college under Calcutta University. But I felt disinterested in computer programming. So, I decided to explore the field of my choice. After a lot of research, I came to know about some institutes which offered animation and visual effects courses. Although my parents had very little knowledge about these fields, they gave me great support. However, after completing the course, I was in for total disappointment. I got no job offer as there was not a single animation company in Kolkata. But I was determined. I packed my bags and boarded the train to Mumbai to chase my dream. With little money and no contacts there, I struggled until an old friend offered me shelter in his room.
"I started looking for jobs but there were no openings for a greenhorn artist in any studio. The next four-five months were very tough. I even distributed pamphlets in front of colleges to earn money. Suddenly, I got a call from a renowned Mumbai studio. My joy knew no bounds when I came to know that I was the only one to be selected, from hundreds. That was the beginning of my career. I tasted success after my name featured in the credit list of 'Tron: Legacy' in 2010," Abhishek narrates. From then on, there's been no looking back.
Visual effects vs digital art
"Visual and digital effects are very similar but not the same. A visual effects artist integrates live action (which is being shot by camera) with computer graphics object or environment to make it realistic. A digital artist does painting, drawing, sculpting etc with the help of technology," Abhishek explains. "As a visual effects artist, my job is to prepare a particular scene where a computer generated (CG) object (character, explosions, environment etc) can be integrated into, to create a realistic environment. For example, consider a scene where an actor is jumping from a building with the help of wires. The director wants to add a CG creature behind the character. My task is to clean those wires to pixel-perfect and prepare the scene so that the CG creature can be placed without losing even a half-pixel of the original information. I've done a good number of scenes and shots in 'Life of Pi', 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' and 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', among others."
Source: The Times Of India.

Durgapur, 6th Nov 2013
Sachin Tendulkar Fan from Durgapur to Drive his Car in reverse Gear
With Sachin Tendulkar set to play at Eden Garden for the last time for a Test match on Wednesday, everyone in West Bengal wants to give him a fitting farewell.
One of his followers from Burdwan has found a unique way to pay his tribute to the master.
Sunit Chakroborty from Burdwan district will drive his car on reverse gear from Durgapur to Eden Gardens in Kolkata -- about 199 km in distance!
Chakroborty says this is his way of showing his gratitude to the god of cricket.
He already holds a record in reverse gear driving and met Tendulkar in Mumbai in 2011.
He will go to Eden Gardens via Burdwan, Hooghly and Howrah districts.
His car was flagged off on Tuesday by cheering Sachin fans.
"I want too felicitate Tendulakar on his 199th Test century by driving on reverse gear from Durgapur to Eden Garden. The reason is Sachin himself loves to drive on reverse gear," he said.
"With this I too want to give a message that if I can drive on reverse gear, then a man too can avert accident if he drives carefully," he said.
"The world record for reverse gear driving is held by two Americans but that record can be made by an Indian too. The record is of 14,000 km in 37 days," he said.
He said he wanted Sachin to join him on reverse driving for a day.

Durgapur, 31st Oct 2013
Protest against installation of Cell-Phone Tower in Durgapur
Residents of a Durgapur locality today prevented a contractor from installing a cellphone tower of Reliance Jio atop a house, saying radiation from such structures posed health hazards.Today, around 50 protesters gheraoed the Reliance Jio-engaged contractor and his workers who had come to install the tower atop the house of a private firm employee near City Centre."Two cellphone towers already exist within 100 meters of each other in the locality. If another tower is put up, we will have to bear the brunt of the effects of radiation. We have already urged the local councillor and the sub-divisional officer,” said Ratan Das, 63, a retired Alloy Steel Plant employee. Asked about the effects of radiation from cellphone towers, general surgeon said the waves increased the chances of skin cancer.According to DoT rules, all telecom companies have to register with it before energising any tower. The department can conduct surprise checks to measure the radiation from a tower and impose a minimum fine of Rs 5 lakh in case of violations.The Durgapur Municipal Corporation has allowed installation of 74 towers of mobile service providers for an annual levy of Rs 1.5 crore.The residents today submitted a memorandum before mayor Apurba Mukherjee and mayoral council member Prabhat Chatterjee.

Durgapur, 27th Oct 2013
Airport talks fall through
Villagers whose land has been identified for acquisition to shift power transmission towers standing in the way of the completion of the airport city project in Andal walked out of a meeting the administration had called yesterday to break the deadlock.
The 400-odd farmers, who had come to attend the meeting in Patshaora village with officials of the Burdwan administration and project promoter Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), protested when the block development officer of Laudoha requested them to part with their land so that the six towers could be shifted from near the runway.
Basudeb Gorai, a farmer who led the group, told BDO Manish Sharma: "Why are you asking us to give up our land when we have clearly refused to do so in several meetings in the past one year. The company (BAPL) is only interested in real estate and not setting up the airport. The Trinamul government is against forcible land acquisition."
Gorai and the other villagers threatened to beat up BAPL officials. "We will beat up BAPL officials and cut off their legs if they try to lay foot on our land," Gorai said.
The villagers walked out of the meeting, shouting slogans against BAPL and the administration.
Moments earlier, Ujjwal Mondal, the Trinamul chief of the Patshaora panchayat, had urged BDO Sharma to call off the meeting as the farmers were unwilling to part with their land.
A BAPL source said company representatives would meet the chief minister.
The project, which has missed several deadlines, was supposed to come up in December 2012.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 25th Oct 2013
NIT, Durgapur Junior Research Fellowship 2013
The last date to apply for the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur Junior Research Fellowship 2013 is November 20.
The project is titled Interaction of Bio-active Molecules With Pt(II) and Pd(II) Complexes of Bi-dentate Supporting Ligands: Their Kinetic, Mechanism and Speciation Study. The project will be funded by SERB, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
Important date:
Application deadline: November 20, 2013.
Fellowship details:
The fellowship will cover Rs.16,000/- +HRA p.m.+ M.A. for 1st two yrs. The fellowship will cover Rs.18,000/- +HRA p.m.+ M.A. for last two yrs.
Eligibility criteria for Junior Research Fellowship 2013 :
Candidates holding Chemistry (Organic/Inorganic/Phys Chemistry specialization) with NET (JRF/LS)/valid GATE score with minimum marks 6.5 CGPA or 60% marks in M. Sc. from recognized Institute /University are eligible to apply.
Candidates interested in the NIT, Durgapur Junior Research Fellowship 2013 need to apply by post.
Check here for more details on NIT Durgapur - Junior Research Fellowship 2013

Durgapur, 24th Oct 2013
Andal airport land lock, BAPL officials confined during survey
Over 100 farmers whose land has been earmarked for acquisition to shift electricity towers from near the runway of the under-construction Andal airport allegedly confined for four hours officials doing a land survey today.
The farmers accused Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), which is promoting the Rs 10,000-crore Airport City project on 1,818 acres, of stepping on their land "illegally" and "forcibly" as they had refused to sell their plots several times.
The attack comes a little over a month after the Singapore government-owned Changi Airports International, a stakeholder in BAPL, requested chief minister Mamata Banerjee and her government to help remove impediments in shifting six electricity towers from near the airport runway and a speedy resolution to the land problem.
BAPL requires around 70 acres in Andal and Laodoha to shift the transmission towers of power utilities DVC and WBSETCL. BAPL is willing to purchase the land directly from the owners but a section of villagers is reluctant to give up their plots alleging that the private company was more interested in real estate than setting up the airport.
A series of meetings BAPL and the local administration held with landowners yielded no result.
A BAPL official said if the company did not get the land to shift the transmission towers, it would consider taking the power lines underground.
"We will have to think of taking the lines underground but it will escalate the project cost and take much more time. However, the matter is under discussion. We will apply for the final DGCA approval after resolving the issue," the official said.
Around 9.30am today, farmers pumping water out of their paddy fields in Andal's Patshaora village spotted the BAPL officials taking pictures of the land and asked them why they were doing so.
The farmers started protesting when the officials told them that they were surveying the land identified for acquisition.
"The farmers shouted at us and some of them pushed us around. We tried to escape but they dragged us to a temple and detained us there for four hours," an official who do not wish to be named said.
A large contingent from Laodoha police station and the pradhan of the Trinamul-run Icchapur gram panchayat, Ujjal Mandal, arrived at the spot around 1.30pm and rescued the officials.
Mandal assured the farmers that their land would not be acquired forcibly. "If the farmers do not agree to give up their land, we will not force them. Our party is against forcible land acquisition," he said.
Basudeb Gorai, a portion of whose land had been acquired for the project in 2007, said: "Another portion of my remaining land falls in the 70 acres identified for acquisition for shifting the towers. In 2007, BAPL, with the help of the then Left government, had taken our land at throwaway prices. We did not resist then as we had thought the socio-economic scenario of the area would change once the airport came up."
"The land was handed over to BAPL in 2009 but the airport is yet to become operational. BAPL is inviting real estate companies to set up housing projects here. They are not interested in completing the airport and we will not give them any more land for promoting real estate."
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 24th Oct 2013
Raid in Vegetable market and fish market by Durgapur SDO
The senior administration and Agricultural ~ Marketing department officials held two days consecutive raids in the open markets across the Durgapur industrial region since yesterday. Seventy grocers and vegetable sellers, seven cloth merchants, two fish-traders were found at fault and at Sen Market and Station Bazar nearly 100 traders were given caution for not maintaining proper weighing devices. Last week one fish trader was caught by the Enforcement officials for using improper weighting tools.At the Benachitty market, the officials led by Mrs Kasturi Sengupta, SDM, Durgapur caught seven cloth merchants for using faulty scales and nearly 50 grocers, vendors for using forged weights. Executive Magistrate, Mr Biswanath Samaddar and and Agri-Marketing officer, Mr Mohammed Ali were also assigned to raid other open markets.Mr Biswanath Samaddar said: "Today we have given caution to 100 traders for using faulty measuring devices in Durgapur market."

Durgapur, 23rd Oct 2013
Durgapur Cement Units has resumed Production
Birla Corporation Limited had informed the Exchange that the operations at the Company's Durgapur Cement Units have been affected on account of severe 'Tornado' on October 13, 2013, which damaged local High Tension line and pole structure. Damodar Valley Corporation along with the Company has initiated necessary action for restoration of power supply and it is expected that the supply will resume in 10-12 days time. The production of cement can be resumed only after the restoration of power supply. The Company has now informed the Exchange that the production of cement at Durgapur Cement Units has resumed following the restoration of power supply by Damodar Valley Corporation on October 22, 2013 at 9.20 p.m.

Durgapur, 16th Oct 2013
DSP does it again: Best Ever H1 Performance
Durgapur Steel Plant, a unit of SAIL - a Maharatna PSU has done it again by clocking the best ever first half (April- September) performance in this year since inception of the plant. The plant recorded the all-time high first half as well as yearly production in the previous year. Congratulating the employees for the stupendous performance, Mr. P K Singh, CEO, DSP said, "DSP has maintained consistency in improving the performance. The focused strategy and synergy among all departments have played the key role in this achievement. With heightened optimism and efforts of the collective, we will set yet another record in the annual production in the current year also". The plant recorded the best ever IL I (April- September) production in vital items viz, hot metal, crude steel, saleable steel, special steel, casters, saleable steel despatch, blend mix and sinter, registering a substantial growth over the corresponding period last year (CPLY).

Durgapur, 16th Oct 2013
SAIL ISP modernization nears completion
SAIL Chairman C.S. Verma was at SAIL's IISCO Steel Plant (ISP) Burnpur on 5th October to review the modernization & expansion work of ISP which is in the last mile of its integrated commissioning. He was accompanied by S.S. Mohanty, Director (Technical) and T.S. Suresh, Director (Projects & Business Planning). SAIL ISP is being upgraded and modernized with a total cost of over Rs 16000 crore and the plant will produce 2.9 million tonnes of Hot Metal after completion.
Source:economic times

Durgapur, 16th Oct 2013
IISCO Burnpur news
A total of twelve executives were promoted to Assistant General Manager rank at IISCO Steel Plant. Chief executive officer Narendra Kothari gave away the promotion orders to them in presence of all the Executive Directors and other senior officers. Four of these executives are doctors of Burnpur Hospital; three are from Plant; two each from Finance and Personnel and one is from ISP Delhi Office.
Source: echo of india

Durgapur, 14th Oct 2013
Operations at Durgapur cement unit affected due to tornado
Birla Corporation said the operations at the company's Durgapur cement unit have been affected on account of severe tornado on Oct. 13, 2013, which damaged local high tension line and pole structure.
"Damodar Valley Corporation along with the company has initiated necessary action for restoration of power supply and it is expected that the supply will resume in 10-12 days time," it said.
"The production of cement can be resumed only after the restoration of power supply," the company added.
Shares of the company declined Rs 2.2, or 1.04%, to settle at Rs 210. The total volume of shares traded was 616 at the BSE (Tuesday).

Durgapur, 14th Oct 2013
Phailin plays with lives of people in Asansol-Dugapur
On Monday, Asansol-Durgapur, West Bengal's industrial corridor woke up with a rude shock as heavy rain and storm flattened Durga Puja pandals in the twin-town. Flood water entered inside Durgapur Steel Plant and Eastern Coalfields Limited headquarters causing damages worth Rs 100 crore and bringing in industrial activity to a complete halt. Even as Met Department on Saturday had warned of Phailin effect in Burdwan district, according to locals, the district administration did not take much precautionary measures leading to the disaster.

Durgapur, 13th Oct 2013
Two electrocuted, puja pandal gutted after storm in Jamuria, Durgapur
Two persons were electrocuted, 15 others injured and a Durga Puja pandal gutted when a high tension electricity wire snapped after a storm in West Bengal's Burdwan district today.
The incident took place in the evening at Parasar village in Jamuria, additional police commissioner of Durgapur-Asansol Commissionerate Suraj Kumar said.
The high tension wire snapped and fell on a community puja pandal, gutting it and adjoining stalls.
The area, adjacent to Bihar, has been experiencing rain and storm since morning in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin that pounded Odisha and northern Andhra Pradesh yesterday.
The two youths who were electrocuted were visiting the mela ground at the time. One of them hailed from South 24-Parganas district.
The 15 injured are being treated at various nearby health centres and hospitals, Mr Kumar added.
Source: NDTV

Durgapur, 13th Oct 2013
Five persons killed, four injured in accident near Durgapur
Five occupants of a car were killed and four others injured when their car hit a truck on NH 2 in Burdwan district, police said on Sunday.
The victims were returning to Kolkata from Durgapur after attending the last rites of their relative, superintendent of police S M H Mirza said.
The spot where the accident occurred at 10-45 pm last night falls under Galshi police station.
The injured were admitted to Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, where their condition was stated to be serious, he said.
The driver was in an inebriated state at the time of the accident, he said.
Source: ZEE News

Durgapur, 10th Oct 2013
New Electrical Energy Systems Study Results from NIT, Durgapur Described
A new study on Electrical Energy Systems is now available. According to news reporting originating in Durgapur, India, by Vertical News journalists, research stated, "Power transformers are key elements in a power system. Hence, their maintenance is essential for uninterrupted power supply."
The news reporters obtained a quote from the research from the National Institute of Technology, "In line with this demand, a portable, online diagnostic analyzer is designed which is able to collect temperature data and quantify the concentration of some of the dissolved gases in transformer oil with the help of a non-invasive sensor fabricated by nanotechnology methodology. After conditioning the signals appropriately, the data are transmitted to the substation for storage. The computer also has the ability to remotely access the data for analysis and assess the health of the transformers. From the data of three gases, different faults, if they are occurring inside the transformer, can be predicted."
According to the news reporters, the research concluded: "The fault diagnosis is done by dissolved gas analysis, which is one of the proven methods widely used during the last two decades."
Source: By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Journal of Technology

Durgapur, 8th Oct 2013
Flats allowed on land leased for IT zone
The Asansol-Durgapur Development Authority (ADDA) has granted permission to the Shapoorji Pallonji Group to build houses on a part of a plot leased out to the company to set up an information technology special economic zone.
Bengal Shapoorji Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd was given 25 acres on a 99-year lease in 2008 by the then Left-dominated ADDA to build an IT SEZ. But the project did not take off because of the global economic downturn.
Under the new proposal, apartments will be built on 12.5 acres and an IT park on the rest of the land. Around 10 per cent of the flats in the low income and middle income group brackets will be sold to the public through lottery at government-approved rates.
According to the agreement in 2008, Bengal Shapoorji was given the land at a subsidised rate of Rs 50,000 a cottah against the then commercial price of Rs 1.5 lakh a cottah. The 25 acres that cost Bengal Shapoorji Rs 7.5 crore in 2008 are valued at Rs 75 crore in the commercial market now.
A clause in the 2008 lease agreement said that if the company failed to build the SEZ in five years, it would have to pay a penalty of Rs 5 lakh a month.
The minutes of an ADDA meeting, held on September 12, mention that Bengal Shapoorji could not make the IT SEZ in five years because of the global meltdown.
Subhodip Payen, the coordinator for Bengal Shapoorji for the project, said over phone from Calcutta: "We appealed to the ADDA that we failed to construct the IT SEZ because of the slump in the IT sector and to make the project viable, it is required to go for housing projects and commercial establishments on some portion of the land. We will construct the IT park on the rest of the land."
He added: "We did not pay any extra money to ADDA other than the Rs 7.5 crore we have paid in 2008 at the time of agreement."
Economic compulsions and lack of investors have forced revisions of profiles of projects executed by others in Calcutta, too, including when the Left was at the helm of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation.
Opinion had been voiced then that a controversy-free process would have been to re-tender the land to provide a level playing field to all investors, some of whom may not have found the project viable if it was limited to an IT SEZ. The Trinamul-led Bengal government is opposed to SEZs.
The minutes say that after discussion with the current ADDA dispensation, which is now Trinamul-dominated, Bengal Shapoorji sought denotification of the IT SEZ in 2013 and came up with an alternative proposal.
ADDA has agreed to the mixed use of the land and the new proposal given by Bengal Shapoorji.
ADDA chief executive officer S. Gupta said the authority could not take the land back as it was already registered in the name of Bengal Shapoorji.
"We have told them to keep at least 10 per cent of the LIG and MIG flats reserved as per the West Bengal Housing Board guidelines," Gupta said.
The price for an LIG (578sqft) flat has been set at Rs 7.16 lakh with mandatory two-wheeler parking entailing an additional Rs 25,000. An MIG (965sq ft) flat is expected to cost Rs 20.5 lakh, along with compulsory covered and uncovered four-wheeler parking for Rs 2-2.5 lakh.
The price of the HIG flats will be at the sole discretion of the company. The current market prices for an HIG flat, along with parking space, in the area range between Rs 32 lakh and Rs 38 lakh.
Asked about the earlier agreement clause of a penalty of Rs 5 lakh per month if the project is not completed on time, the CEO said: "I am not exactly aware of that clause. I will go through the agreement in detail."
Current ADDA chairman and Trinamul MLA Nikhil Banerjee said an IT park would cover half of the 25 acres.
He said the SEZ was "de-notified and the company said that setting up an IT park alone will not be economically viable. So, we allowed the company to use half the land in a mixed manner, including real estate," Banerjee said.
CPM MP and former ADDA chairman Bansagopal Chowdhury expressed surprise, asking how and why the new authority approved the application. "If they want to construct housing and commercial projects, the board will have to cancel the previous agreement and sell the land at the commercial price," he said.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 7th Oct 2013
Essar runs into road land protest
A group of Trinamul supporters today dug up a moram road used by Essar Oil in Burdwan's Kanksa to transport effluents from its pits, claiming the company was yet to compensate them for constructing the road on their land.
The group of around 20 agitators said that portions of the land on which the company built the road and laid a pipeline underneath belonged to them.
Essar denied having used the villagers' land for the road. Plots needn't be acquired for underground pipes but can be used against a fee.
Production work at the Essar pits was not affected today as they are fully mechanised. Officials, however, could not go to the pits for inspection because of the dug-up road, which also prevented tankers from transporting the effluents and disposing them.
"The road was constructed on portions of land owned by 23 villagers. We have been telling Essar to estimate the price and pay us the amount for the past year but nothing has been done yet. We had no alternative but to dig up the road today," said Sheikh Safik, 27, a local Trinamul worker who led the villagers today.
Essar said "the land on which the road has been constructed was acquired from the government following all procedures".
"But the villagers are now claiming that some portion of their land belongs to them and we should compensate them. The matter would be sorted out soon through discussions," said Rabin Ghosh, a corporate communications officer of Essar in Mumbai.
Essar, which has already invested around Rs 1,500 crore in Kanksa, is exploring and producing coal-bed methane also in Laodoha, Andal and Pandaveswar blocks. The company supplies green fuel to several factories in and around Durgapur and to the upcoming Matix fertiliser plant in Panagarh.
An Essar official in Kanksa said the villagers were trying to extort money from the company with the Pujas round the corner.
"It is surprising that the villagers who never raised the issue earlier today came with axes and spades and dug up the road demanding compensation. It is just a way to extort money before the Pujas," an Essar official said.
Work at Essar Oil has been hampered several times since January this year because of agitation over jobs and renovation of village roads. The string of protests had also prompted industries minister Partha Chatterjee to hold a meeting with company officials and villagers this August.
Trinamul insiders said today's agitation was the fallout of factional feud. According to sources, one faction was helping the company acquire land in the villages while the other was protesting it.
Asked about the feud, Kanksa Trinamul block president Debdas Bakshi said: "There is no faction in our party. We will not allow anybody to hamper work here."
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 5th Oct 2013
Youth gets 10 days police custody for kidnapping
The engineering student accused of kidnapping a cousin brother was sent to 10 days in police remand by the ACJM Court here today. Others accused in the case, meanwhile, were ordered jail custody for four days.
Rudranath Karmakar a second year engineering student at Birbhum Institute of Technology in Santiniketan ~ was arrested last Thursday from Burdwan along with three others.
On 1 October Sayak Karmakar (11) was kidnapped near his residence in Kota village under Budbud police station area in Burdwan. Sayak's father, Mr Krishnadayal Karmakar, a construction material supplier, received a ransom call demanding Rs 12 lakh for his son's release.
After the kidnappers released the boy police discovered Rudranath was the mastermind behind the kidnapping. A couple, Sonu and Chandra Chowdhury of Panagarh, were arrested on charges of assisting Rudranath and a youth Pappu Biswas was arrested for selling forged SIM card to the kidnappers which was used to make the ransom calls. Another youth from Natunhat in Katwa was among the conspirators and is still at large.
Source: The Statesman

Durgapur, 4th Oct 2013
Durgapur lady teased, relatives assaulted
A young physiotherapist and his mother were beaten up last night when they protested drinking and brawling by some suspected Trinamul supporters at a colony in Durgapur town where mostly retired state government employees live with families.
Rupam Laha, 35, who was kicked and punched in his abdomen and chest, said a group of local youths known to be Trinamul supporters were drinking inside a single-storey vacant quarter and made lewd remarks at his wife when she was on her way to a shop.
"I went to the quarter adjacent to ours and told the youths to leave. But they ridiculed me. When I protested and threatened to call police, they told me they were Trinamul supporters and I could not do anything. They beat me up," Rupam said.
When Rupam's mother Tapashi, 58, came to his rescue, she was allegedly pushed to the ground and beaten up. "The youths twisted my mother's left wrist and assaulted her. She suffered bruises on her left hand and injuries to her hip," said Rupam.
The police arrived after being informed by some residents, but by then, the youths had fled.
Rupam's father Gour Chandra Laha is a retired state government employee.
Residents said Trinamul supporters held regular drinking sessions in eight vacant quarters and passed lewd remarks at ladies.
"Often, young women join them in the revelries," said Manju Das, a resident.
She alleged that the youths owed allegiance to local Trinamul leader Shankar Munshi, who has set up a club-cum-party office in one of the vacant quarters.
Munshi denied the youths had links with Trinamul.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 3rd Oct 2013
Govt help for airport land
The Burdwan administration has begun discussions with villagers to convince them to part with land to shift high-tension electricity towers so that the runway of the upcoming airport in Burdwan's Andal can be cleared.
On Tuesday, the sub-divisional officer of Durgapur held a meeting with the additional district magistrate (land acquisition), officials of airport project promoter Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), panchayat pradhans and police to draw up a plan to get land for shifting the transmission towers soon.
Six towers of the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) and the West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd on both sides of the runway and cables that criss-cross the strip will not allow planes to land or take off.
Last month, the Singapore government-owned Changi Airports International requested the Bengal administration to help remove impediments in shifting the towers so that the airport that is part of the Rs 10,000-crore airport city project can be completed.
Changi Airports International is a stakeholder in BAPL.
BAPL requires around 70 acres in the Andal and Laodoha mouzas to shift the transmission towers. The company is willing to purchase the land directly from the owners but a section of villagers is reluctant, alleging that BAPL is more interested in real estate than in setting up the airport.
Sources said Mamata Banerjee instructed the Burdwan administration after the naming ceremony of the airport on September 19 to find a prompt solution to the impasse.
"The chief minister is keen to ensure that the first flight from the Andal airport takes off on Poila Boisakh (mid-April). We are trying hard to solve the land issue. It will take at least three to four months to shift the towers once land is available. We are in a hurry as we have only six months left," a district official said.
"We have requested the panchayat pradhans to convince the villagers to part with land," he added.
BAPL and district land officials today begun a fresh survey to earmark land for shifting the towers.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 2nd Oct 2013
Burdwan trader son kidnapped
The 11-year-old son of a Burdwan trader, who is said to have done "good business" supplying construction materials for the proposed Matix fertilizer plant, was allegedly kidnapped while returning home from tuitions last evening.
Krishna Dayal Karmakar said he received a call last night that asked him to deposit Rs 12 lakh in a "party fund".
"The caller, however, did not mention the name of the party and disconnected the line. I tried calling on that number but it has been switched off since," Karmakar said.
The trader said in his complaint that he suspected neighbours in Budbud of having a hand in the kidnap.
"I have established my business as a construction material supplier. They know that I have done good business in the past three years. They are jealous of me and have abducted my son because of this. But I cannot single out anybody," he said.
Although the caller asking Karmakar to pay Rs 12 lakh did not name any party, local Trinamul leaders and workers have been recently accused of running syndicates to supply materials to the proposed Rs 5,000-crore fertilizer plant.
Both Trinamul and the CPM denied they had anything to do with the "party fund".
The kidnapped boy's mother Mala said she usually accompanied Shayan home everyday from his tuition classes 1km away. But yesterday, his classes got over half-an-hour earlier because of incessant rain.
"I was about to leave home around 7pm. When I reached the teacher's home, he said my son had already left an hour ago," Mala said.
She added that some neighbours had told her that they had seen Shayan along with two youths on a motorbike around 6.30pm. Karmakar received the ransom call two hours later.
Neighbours said Karmakar was a farmer a few years ago who cultivated his three-acre plot. But he sold the land and with the Rs 30 lakh he got, he started the business to supply construction materials. He has been supplying materials to Matix fertilizers for the past three years.
Police said they have started investigations and raids in the area.
"The boy's father did good business over the past few years. We are looking at all possibilities, if anybody known to him committed the crime," said S.M.H. Meerza, superintendent of police in Burdwan.
Told about the caller asking Karmakar to deposit the money in a "party fund", Trinamul Budbud block chief Janardhan Chatterjee said: "We are not involved. Ask the CPM."
The CPM's Galsi zonal secretary Sayed Hossain accused Trinamul-backed youths of kidnapping the boy.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 1st Oct 2013
One Person was drowned at a swimming pool in Durgapur
One Person was drowned at a swimming pool owned by Durgapur Steel Plant authority, sparked off a sensation in Durgapur.
The Pool is maintained by a private farm by the name Amazon. They have got the lease of the pool from DSP authorities. The Pool is situated in ISPAT NIWAS (Formerly Ispat Hotel), Indira Priyadarshani Sarani, and was separately leased to Amazon.
An investigation started on how the person got drowned in the pool.

Durgapur, 29th Sep 2013
Durgapur NIT boy kin alleges murder
The elder brother of Vijay Kumar Rai, the National Institute of technology(NIT), Durgapur , student who was found dead beside his hostel on Friday, lodged a police complaint of murder yesterday.
Ajay Kumar Rai, who came to Durgapur with eight family members yesterday to take Vijay's body home to Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh, told the police he suspected his brother has been pushed off the terrace of the four-storeyed hostel building. He said there was "no chance" of Vijay committing suicide or falling off the roof.
Ajay lodged a written complaint with the police and a verbal one with the institute.
"We have started a murder case under Section 302 of the IPC against unknown persons on the basis of a complaint lodged by the deceased's elder brother." An investigation is on. No one has been detained yet as the complaint has not mentioned any specific name," said Dibyendu Das, the officer in charge of Durgapur police station.
The police had initially registered a case of unnatural death.
Police sources the preliminary post mortem report did not suggest any foul play. "The doctor has verbally told us that he apprently did not find any foul play but the final report is yet to be prepared. We are waiting for the forensic report. We will question Vijay's friends, roommates and NIT officials, " a police officer said.
NIT officials said they wee conducting a probe independently.
Source:The Telegraph.

Durgapur, 27th Sep 2013
Actor Ranveer Singh hospitalised with dengue
Actor Ranveer Singh was admitted to a suburban hospital here in the wee hours of Friday morning following high fever. Doctors have diagnosed a severe case of dengue.
The actor was shooting in Durgapur near Kolkata for 'Gunday' since the past few days, but despite fever, he continued to shoot as per the schedule to avoid any inconvenience and loss to the production, read a statement from his official spokesperson.
He only underwent tests once he was back in Mumbai, and he was diagnosed with dengue here.
There is currently no clarity on how long it will be before Ranveer is back in action, but he is in a very positive state of mind.
'Gunday' is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, and it also features Priyanka Chopra and Arjun Kapoor.

Durgapur, 27th Sep 2013
Durgapur NIT boy found dead
The body of an NIT student was today found with his face down outside his hostel on the Durgapur campus.
The body of Vijay Kumar Rai, a second-year biotechnology student who hailed from Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh, was spotted by hostel inmates around 7.30am today. There was dried blood near his mouth and his hands were folded.
A section of Rai's classmates said he was pushed off the roof of the four-storeyed hostel after he refused to sing despite being told to do so by some fourth-year students.
The NIT authorities denied the allegation of ragging.
NIT registrar P.S. Sandhu said: "We have no information that Rai had been ragged."
Police said they had started a case of unnatural death.
The roof of the NIT hostel has three-foot-high walls. Sources said it was unlikely that Rai had fallen off accidentally. His classmates said Rai could not have committed suicide as there was no abnormality in his behaviour.
Source:The Telegraph

Durgapur, 27th Sep 2013
Inter School Debate in Durgapur
Rotary youth parliament and inter-school debate on "social network does more harm than good to the society" organised by Rotary Club of Durgapur in association with TTIS and t2 at Junction Mall in Durgapur, 3 P.M.
Source:The Telegraph

Durgapur, 27th Sep 2013
Walk for healthy heart in Durgapur
Walk by women and children for healthy heart at Burdwan, Durgapur, Asansol, Purulia and Dhanbad on World Heart Day organised by The Mission Hospital in association The Telegraph on September 29, 8.30am
Source:The Telegraph

Durgapur, 24th Sep 2013
Durgapur residents turn out in force to watch Priyanka, Ranveer and Arjun shoot new film Gunday
The residents of West Bengal's Durgapur turned out in force on Sunday to watch actors Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor shoot for their upcoming film Gunday.
It was a sight to behold as scores of locals lined up across the coal mine where a few crucial scenes were to be shot, and their enthusiasm left the cast and crew, especially Priyanka, pretty overwhelmed.
The actor cum singer, who has been receiving glowing reviews for her single 'In My City' in the United States, thanked those who came on Twitter.
Looks like all of Durgapur came out to welcome us. Thank u for all your love (sic)," Priyanka wrote, and attached to her post the link to a photo showing the hordes of cinema fans.
The turnout cheered up director Ali Abbas Zafar too. "Sunday entertainment for village crowds," a clearly enthused Zafar posted on Twitter.
There was a surprise treat in store for the fans as well, as the National Award-winning actor Irrfan turned up on set.
The team of Gunday has been shooting for the film for more than 100 days now, starting the schedule in West Bengal capital Kolkata before moving on to Durgapur.
Arjun, Ranveer and Priyanka are currently shooting the last leg of the film in Durgapur.
Priyanka plays a Bengali woman in the film, and provides the much-needed glamour to a script centred on two thieves, played by Arjun and Ranveer, who get involved with the coal mafia.
On Saturday, the team wrapped up an important and action-packed sequence set in the coal mine.
The scene sees Ranveer and Arjun don a rugged look in khaki outfits. The film is set in the eighties, and is likely to be wrapped up in 10 days.
Source: dailymail

Durgapur, 23rd Sep 2013
Mela started at Durgapur Haat.
The mela for artisans and craftsman of rural Bengal started again in Durgapur Haat. The mela has started from 22nd Sept. 2013 and will remain upto 6th Oct. 2013. This time a huge no. of artisans from rural Bengal has visited the fair with their products. The visitors get a chance to buy articles of various regions of Bengal.
Located in Pallasdiha, City Centre Phase-II, opposite of Disha Eye Hospital just near National Highway, Durgapur Haat is easily accessible to visitors as well as the artisans.
The "Durgapur Haat" is a dream project of CM Mamata Banerjee to support the artisans of rural Bengal who get a chance to display and sell their products directly to the customers and admirers of such products.

Durgapur, 22nd Sep 2013
Man kills his wife, son before hanging himself in Durgapur.
An 80-year-old former employee of Durgapur Steel Plant was today found hanging in his home while the bodies of his wife and their son with Parkinson's Disease lay on the floor in another room.
Police said Nepal Chakraborty, who was "depressed" after his 46-year-old son was detected with the disease two years ago, could have throttled the two to death before hanging himself.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 22nd Sep 2013
Dad thrased
A betel shop owner in Asansol was beaten up with sticks in front of his daughter on Saturday when he confronted a group of youths who allegedly passed lewd remarks at her.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 22nd Sep 2013
'Gunday' film crew hurt in accident near Durgapur
Four persons, including three crew members, on their way to the shoot of 'Gunday' were injured when the Toyota Innova they were travelling in collided head-on with a truck on NH-2 near Bansra in Raniganj police station area on Saturday morning.
The truck driver fled but both the vehicles have been seized.
'Gunday' stars Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles. For the past five days, the film unit has been shooting at Khottadih Colliery area of Eastern Coalfields Limited.
The accident comes a day after Priyanka, Ranveer and Arjun were mobbed on Friday evening when they went to watch a film at a multiplex in the City Centre area of Durgapur. Police resorted to lathicharge to control the crowd, injuring some people in the process. The actors had to return to their hotel - City Residency - without watching the film. They were escorted by police.
The SUV driver Sonu Ali, costume designer Sikha Rahi and production assistant Param Shiv - have been admitted to The Mission Hospital in Durgapur. Another production assistant was released after first aid.
Sylva Murugan, ACP (east) of Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate, said the injured have sustained fractures.
"At 5.45am the Innova collided head on with a truck near Bansa More. Four persons were injured and shifted to The Mission Hospital in Durgapur," he added.
Satyajit Bose, chairman of The Mission Hospital, said the condition of Sikha is still critical but the other two are stable. "We are trying our best to release them soon," he said.
Padam Bhushan, line producer of Yash Raj Films that is producing Gunday, said that he was terribly upset with the accident.
The driver, costume designer, and two production assistants have been injured when their SUV in which they have been travelling crashed head on with a truck near Bansra at NH2 under Raniganj Police Station area here this morning. They were going for the shooting of the upcoming film of Yashraj Films - Gunday , starring Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra etc. The film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Copra. All of them have been admitted to The Mission Hospital in Durgapur and one has already been released.
Sylva Murugan, ACP (east) of Asansol Durgapur Police Comissionerate said that the driver - Sonu Ali has suffered bilateral fractures in rib cage and lower limb, Sikha Rahi (30) , the costume designer has suffered bilateral fracture and lower limb injury, the production assistant , Param Shiv (37) has suffered left sided fracture in multiple ribs.
" At around 5.45 AM the Innova vehicle collided head on with a truck near Bansa more. Four persons have been injured and all of them have been shifted to The Mission Hospital in Durgapur. The driver of the truck has fled away and police has seized both the truck and the SUV,"he added.
Talking to the TOI, Dr.Satyajit Bose, chairman of The Mission Hospital said that the conditions of all the victims are stable now though the condition of Shikha Rahi is still critical. "We are trying our level best and they will be released as soon as possible,"he added.
Padam Bhushan, line producer of Yash Raj Films told this correspondent that he is terribly upset and busy today and is unable to speak to the media about this incident.
For the last five days the film unit have been shooting in Khottadih Colliery area of Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) under Pandaveswar Police Station area. Khottadih Colliery is famous for first long wall mining introduction in the country and unused airstrips set up for refuelling of aircrafts during World War period. Shooting is however not disturbed by today's incident and will go on for another couple of days at Khottadih. The casts have been staying at City Residency Hotel in Durgapur.
Yesterday evening, also Durgapur Police has to resorted to lathicharge after few stars including Priyanka Chopra went to a multlepex to watch a movie at posh City Centre area. During lathicharge few fans have been injured.
The film Gunday is based on the life of two small time coal thieves of the 1980 of Bengal, who later turned into big time coal mafia don. The movie is slated to be released on February next year.

Durgapur, 20th Sep 2013
Durgapur airport named after poet Nazrul Islam
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday named the upcoming airport at Andal near Durgapur in Bardhman, some 100-odd km from the city, as Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport.
Nazrul Islam, a Bengali poet is popularly known as 'bidrohi kobi' (rebel poet). He was born in Churulia village in the same district (of Bardhaman) that the airport is coming up.
Kazi Nazrul Islam later migrated to Bangladesh in 1972. Nazrul Islam is officially recognised as the national poet of Bangladesh and commemorated in India.
Nazrul Islam's grandsons - Kazi Arindam and Kazi Anirban - and their mother Kalyani Kazi were also present on today's occasion.
The upcoming Greenfield airport at Andal is being executed by Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd with the State Government-run West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) having a minority stake.
Apart from WBIDC, other joint venture partners in the project include Singapore's Changi Airports, IL&FS, Citystar Infrastructure, Lend Lease Co, Pragati 47 and Pragati Social Infrastructure & Development Ltd.
BAPL on its part has already inked a memorandum of understanding with Pawan Hans Ltd to introduce helicopter services between Kolkata and Durgapur.
Apart from the airport, the aerotropolis project also includes a township, called Sujalaam Sky City, complete with a hospital and business centre.

Durgapur, 20th Sep 2013
Plea to shift towers in airport path Singapore govt seeks Mamata help
The Singapore government today requested the Bengal administration to help remove impediments in shifting electricity towers from near the Andal airport runway.
Lim Liang Song, the CEO of the Singapore government-owned Changi Airports International that is a stakeholder in promoter Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited (BAPL), sought the help of chief minister Mamata Banerjee and chief secretary Sanjay Mitra for a speedy resolution of the problem.
Six high-tension towers of the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) and the West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd are coming in the way of the completion of the airport, which is part of the Rs 10,000-crore Airport City project near Durgapur. At least two towers are on the runway and have to be removed immediately.
Partha Ghosh, the founder-director and CEO of BAPL, said the company had appointed Larsen & Toubro to shift the towers. "L&T has to complete the relocation by December 15. I am hoping the airport will be operational by Poila Boisakh (mid-April)," he said.
BAPL needs about 70 acres for the relocation. The company is willing to purchase the land directly from the owners. But a section of landowners has refused to give up their plots.
Government role in getting the 70 acres for the tower relocation will be limited because of the recently passed land bill that bars forcible acquisition and the state's hands-off land policy. Industry observes, however, said the government could use its good offices to ensure that the landowners took informed decisions.
"The transmission towers are located in the project area and close to the runway. The transmission lines pass across the runway. They need to be shifted before flights can take off. The civil aviation ministry will not give us clearance to operate flights from the Andal airport unless the towers are shifted," a BAPL official said.
"We need around 70 acres to shift the towers but the landowners are not willing to sell their plots to us," he added.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 19th Sep 2013
Investment windfall in Durgapur- Asansol belt
At a time when the Rupee has taken a beating and the economy is floundering, the Asansol-Durgapur belt, also referred to as the Rurh of India, seems to have bucked the trend.
Be it central public sector or private sector projects, they are all progressing at a decent clip notwithstanding the minor time and cost overruns.
The Rs 5,000-crore 1,000 mw greenfield thermal power plant of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) at Andal has already commenced commercial generation and secured the energy needs of this rapidly industrializing belt.
The Rs 17,000-crore greenfield 2.5 million tonne integrated IISCO Steel Plant of SAIL is set to start commercial production in months. Once operational, it will mark the revival of a steel plant that everyone, including its employees, had given up on till a few years ago.
Construction of the Rs 5,000-crore Matix Fertiliser Plant of the Essar Group at Panagarh is progressing steadily. The NHDP of the Centre has sanctioned the six-lane conversion of NH-2 connecting New Delhi with Kolkata, expanding what is already the lifeline of the area.
The first phase of the Rs 10,000-crore airport city project is nearing completion. When it does take off in the first half of next year, it will shrink the world for those living in the region. Agriculture minister Moloy Ghatak is confident that the airport city will completely transform the socio-economic scenario of south Bengal.
Essar Oil & Gas Ltd is setting up the Rs 3,000-crore coal bed methane gas extraction project in Durgapur that will open new vistas in alternative fuel and green energy in the region. The pipeline network has already been laid.
Several companies like HR Johnson (ceramic unit at Panagarh) and Jayashree Tea (fertilizer plant at Panagarh) have evinced interest. DVC chairman RN Sen has also announced that the company will develop an unused 250-acre plot at Panagarh to set up an industrial park. The biggest paper unit in the east - Ballavpur Paper Mill - is planning to expand the Raniganj unit.
Pramod Srivastava, director of Allied ICD Services, eastern India's only operational dry port at the Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) in Durgapur, is extremely upbeat about the future. While the ICD handles 1,200 containers per month at present, he is confident that the figure will shoot up to 2,500 containers by next March.
P&H Joy Mining, the Indian subsidiary of US based Joy Global Inc, has purchased 25 acres in Andal to set up a manufacturing unit. Ardex Endura and Shyam Agro Foods have also taken land at the airport city as has Mission Hospital.
With industries pouring in, real estate sector is also abuzz with activity as some of the leading groups in the realty sector line up projects. Consumer goods firms and auto companies are also making a beeline to tap customers.
"The Durgapur-Asansol belt is attracting the biggest investment in the state at present and the Andal airport city is poised to play a bigger role in its further development," said Burdwan district magistrate Saumitra Mohan.
Asansol Chamber of Commerce secretary and Ficci member Subrata Dutta is delighted at the strong showing by both central public sector undertakings and private companies.
"Kobe Steel of Japan is setting up a Rs 5,000-crore steel unit in Durgapur. I am happy I live in a city that is bustling with energy," he said.
Source: The Times Of India

Durgapur, 19th Sep 2013
New stance gives wing to Andal dream
Exactly five years after Mamata Banerjee's strident opposition to farmland acquisition drove away the Nano car factory from Singur in Hooghly, the mercurial politician who is now the state chief minister will anoint an airport city project at Burdwan's Andal that is being developed on a land parcel twice the size of the abandoned Tata Motors site.
The CM is scheduled to visit the newly-developed airport on Thursday - the first such privately built greenfield facility in the region - and christen it Kavi Nazrul Islam Airport after the Bengali poet, musician and revolutionary. Singapore airport developer Changi is a stakeholder in the project.
Mamata's visit is all the more significant because it marks her new and pragmatic approach on private investment and land acquisition. Till as recently as a year ago, her government was at odds with the airport project being developed on land acquired during the Left Front regime, leading to fears that it may get shelved midway.
Incidentally, acquisition for the 1,820-acre land spread across 11 moujas of Andal began in December 2008, barely two months after the Nano plant's exit. And while the farmers' resistance to farmland acquisition at Singur and Nandigram attracted the global media and catapulted Mamata's political career to a sharp ascent graph culminating in her victory, the acquisition at Andal went unnoticed as land owners willingly sold their infertile plots to pursue an urban dream.
In fact, those who gave up land became rich overnight. Already employed with Sail, ECL or the Railways, most of them not keen in agriculture were happy to part with their land for a lucrative pay. As 73-year-old Nripen Bakshi of Khandra pointed out, people living in the vicinity of Durgapur have always wanted urbanization and the benefits that come with it.
"Unlike people in Singur or Nandigram who are dependant on land, we have worked in industries and our children are employed there now. Cities and factories are a reality for us, not some pipedream," explained 55-year-old Dhiren Mondal of Dhankshinkhanda.
Mamata, who drew flak in the first 24 months in power for acting more like an opposition leader than a CM, seems to have adopted a refreshingly new approach post August 2, 2013 when she wooed India Inc in Mumbai.
Consequently, the airport city project at Andal is now palatable. In a bid to woo airlines, Mamata announced a waiver of sales tax on aviation turbine fuel for Andal, Bagdogra and Cooch Behar airports, shortly after the hardsell in Mumbai.
On its part, project promoters Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL) has allowed the state government through West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation to allot 20% of the 650-acre industrial park and provide preferential allotment to IT firms suggested by the state at the 150-acre IT park.
With work on the airport nearing completion, the focus will soon shift to the city in the making that will develop as a satellite township to both Durgapur and Asansol. The 650-acre airport is the nucleus of the airport city project that will also house an integrated township and an industrial and logistics hub. The township with contain residential blocks, hospitals, schools, markets, hotels, sporting venues, shops, offices and retail centers.
The Aerotropolis project is expected to draw investment of Rs 12,000 crore and provide 40,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities. When complete, it will be home to nearly 15,000 people.
Bengal Sristi chairman Hemant Kanoria felt the airport would go a long way in establishing the second city in Bengal. "Most major states including Maharastra, Gujarat, Kerala and Karnataka have multiple tier-I cities. But in Bengal, there is only Kolkata. The potential for a second metropolis exists in Asansol-Durgapur. The new airport can be the catalyst. We are investing in lifestyle apartment complexes, row house township, a world trade centre and commercial developments in Asansol and Durgapur because we believe it is poised to take the next big leap," said Kanoria.
Source: The Times Of India

Durgapur, 19th Sep 2013
Two Bengal institutes on ragging blacklist
Two institutes from Bengal feature in lists, compiled by the national anti-ragging cell, of colleges and universities that have reported the maximum number of ragging cases over the past four years.
The West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, occupy third places on the two separate lists for colleges and universities.
The lists, which rank 10 institutes each according to the number and gravity of the cases registered on the 24-hour anti-ragging helpline, are being sent to the UGC. The commission is likely to launch an investigation against the administrations by the month-end. The 24-hour helpline was set up by the UGC in 2009 to receive, register and follow up on ragging complaints simultaneously with the college administration and the police.
In case of the WBUT, a whopping 91 complaints have been registered with the helpline from technical colleges affiliated to it over the past four years while 15 complaints have reached the helpline from NIT Durgapur over the same period.
The only two universities that have "bettered" the WBUT score are the Biju Patnaik University of Technology in Odisha with 116 complaints and the Gautam Budh Technical University in UP with 113 complaints. In case of colleges, the two others ranked above NIT Durgapur are the technical college of Benaras Hindu University and the Government Polytechnic College, Jhansi, both in Uttar Pradesh.
A total of 439 universities and 1241 colleges were considered by the helpline team for investigation. A little over a month ago, the helpline had published a report which showed Bengal to be the second most ragging-prone state in the country after UP.
As things stand, a UGC team led by anti-ragging activist Raj Kachroo will soon start visiting the campuses that feature on the two lists and start dialogues with the administration and students.
"I will soon be visiting West Bengal. I am studying the cases from Bengal and trying to arrive at a pattern. The administrations of both WBUT and NIT need sensitization and I will have to sit with them and find out where things are going wrong," Kachroo told TOI.
Ranjan Bhattacharya, vice-chancellor of WBUT, was alarmed on learning about the list. "We would certainly look forward to collaborating with the UGC team. In the meantime, we are sending investigating teams to colleges from where we have received complains for surprise checks," he said.
Director of NIT Durgapur, Tarakeshwar Kumar said: "I don't think my campus is as notorious as it is being made out to be. I won't deny that complaints come in now and then, but they are dealt with immediately," he said.
Source: The Times Of India

Durgapur, 18th Sep 2013
Panel pushes for industrial corridor
The government today firmed up its vision for an industrial corridor from Amritsar to Calcutta that will cover 20 cities on the way, including Delhi and Asansol and Durgapur in Bengal.
A high-level panel on the industrial corridor has suggested aligning the industrial corridor to the 1,839km long Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor, which would pass through the seven states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal.
The proposed freight corridor will extend from Ludhiana in Punjab to Dankuni near Calcutta.
The suggestions were made by an inter-ministerial group (IMG), set up by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to examine the feasibility of the Amritsar-Delhi-Calcutta industrial corridor.
The ministerial group has suggested that in the first phase every state could promote at least one industrial cluster of 10 sq km. About 40 per cent of the area within the cluster will be marked for manufacturing and processing activities.
It has suggested that the industrial corridor be set up in a band of 150-200 km on either side of freight corridor.
In the first phase, the Centre is expected to provide the maximum financial commitment of Rs 5,749 crore over 15 years, a release from the Prime Minister's Office said.
The industrial corridor will cover Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Ambala, Saharanpur, Delhi, Roorkee, Moradabad, Bareilly, Aligarh, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Hazaribagh, Dhanbad, Asansol, Durgapur and Calcutta.
This is one of the most densely populated regions in the world and houses about 40 per cent of India's population. The corridor will give a major push to industrialisation and job creation in this region.
Prime Minister's principal secretary Pulok Chatterjee is expected to meet the ministers' panel to discuss the next steps on Friday.
The IMG was mandated to examine the feasibility of the corridor and the structural and financial arrangements needed to operationalise it.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 18th Sep 2013
Two owners of Durgapur company arrested for telling women to 'entertain' businessmen
Two persons have been arrested on the charge of running an escort service in an upscale Durgapur locality in the garb of a placement agency that promised jobs in hospitals, shopping malls and beauty parlours within a month of enrolment.
Two owners of Radium Consultancy, which set up its office at City Centre three months ago, and an employee were arrested last week after they were accused by two women in their twenties who had enrolled with the agency of sexual harassment, mental torture and cheating.
The women had alleged that Radium owners Tapas Das and Paromita Chatterjee had asked them to accompany two businessmen to a tourist spot for a couple of days and "entertain them".
The agency owners had allegedly told the women that their jobs with the companies owned by the two businessmen would be confirmed if the latter were "satisfied" during the tour.
According to the police complaint, the agency owners took "objectionable pictures" of the women when they refused the offer. The owners allegedly threatened to upload the content on pornograpy websites.
The women, coming from lower middle class families, had registered with the agency two weeks ago for a payment of Rs 2,500 each.
"On Thursday, Chatterjee called me up on my cellphone and told me that the consultancy had found a job matching my profile. She asked me to come to the Radium office," one of the complainants said.
"When I went to the office, Chatterjee told me to accompany a businessman to a hotel in Tarapith and entertain him for two days to ensure that I got a job in his company. I immediately refused," she added.
The woman said Chatterjee became furious and abused her. "Suddenly, Das embraced me and Chatterjee started clicking photographs on her cellphone. They threatened to post the photographs on a pornography websites and circulate MMS clips if I approached the police," the woman said in her complaint.
The other complainant spoke of a similar experience. She added that the agency had offered her a hefty amount for accompanying a businessman.
The accused were arrested on Friday and charged with cheating, wrongful confinement, intimidation and blackmailing.
Radium Consultancy had been operating out of a rented room in City Centre's Urvashi housing colony.
"The consultancy had given ads in newspapers and local channels asking men and women aged between 18 and 30 years to enrol with it. The consultancy promised jobs in the Group D category in hospitals and shopping malls, and specialised work in beauty and massage parlours," a police officer said.
"The consultancy also offered lucrative work-from-home jobs to homemakers. The agency had connections with several businessmen and coal smugglers in the area. It used to provide escort services to them," the officer added.
Some consultancies that have been operating in Durgapur for years expressed concern at the way "fly-by-night agencies were mushrooming in the area".
"We have been operating here since 1997 and never faced such complaints. We have given placements to thousands of unemployed youths in different sectors. Such fly-by-night placement agencies are tarnishing our image. The police should crack down on them," said Shantanu Som, the director of Helpline Placement and local Trinamul leader.
The additional deputy commissioner of police (east), Sunil Yadav, said: "We are monitoring the activities of placement agencies that have come up recently in the town."
Source: The Telegraph.

Durgapur, 13th Sep 2013
Effective management training to strengthen Self Help Groupsin Durgapur
AOne of the thrust areas of Essar Foundation's interventions is in the arena of women's empowerment. Women in rural areas have steadily made strides in economic development, entrepreneurship and wider social changes through collective action and peer support. The mechanism that seems to have worked well in this direction is that of women's Self Help Groups (SHGs).
Essar Foundation has been organizing a wide array of initiatives under itsCapacity Building Programmefor Self Help Groups (SHGs) in 15 villages of Durgapur. In a series of meetings and consultations held with SHG members several issues regarding proper functioning and management of SHGs emerged. One of the weak areas was group record management, credit and interest calculation and accounts maintenance.To address these gaps the Foundation organized training for effective management to the SHG leaders and treasurers on 23rd August.
The training was inaugurated by Gram Panchayat Pradhan and Upo Pradhan (Deputy Pradhan) of Gopalpur Panchayat. 51 SHG leaders and treasurers of 37 groups from seven villages under Gopalpur Gram Panchayat attended the training.
The training was conducted by two award winning SHG members of Bankura District. The sessions covered topics like how to manage group savings and credit, inter loaning, types of records to be maintained, book keeping processes, role of treasurers in record keeping, etc. The trainings were made further interesting with engaging games like group bonding games and leadership games. The participants were delighted with the training and looked forward to refresher trainings in coming times. The training was conducted with technical support from NGO partner Durgapur- Sundaram Creative Welfare Society. Source:

Durgapur, 7th Sep 2013
"Gunday" Shooting to be done in a coal mine near Durgapur
Actor Arjun Kapoor says his upcoming film Gunday is not as aggressive and action-oriented film as it is being perceived. In fact, he says it is a wholesome family entertainer.
"Everyone thinks that we (Ranveer Singh and I) are in very aggressive and negative roles in Gunday. But we are very fun-loving gundaas (goons) - we celebrate, love and are happy," the 28-year-old said.
"When you will see the first look of the film, this thought that people have that Gunday is an aggressive and action-oriented film, that will break. It is a full-on family entertainer with a lot of masala, comedy, songs and a love story," he added.
Gunday is about two small-time goons who get involved in the coal mafia. The crew is set to travel to Durgapur to shoot around a coal mine.
"The Gunday shoot is currently on and last 10 days of shoot is left. I am going to Durgapur for it's shooting and we are shooting around a coal mine. So that will end very soon," Arjun said.
Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Gunday also stars Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra.
This Yash Raj Films production is slated to release on Valentine's Day (February 14, 2014).

Durgapur, 6th Sep 2013
Treacherous road to Tagore abode
The road to Santiniketan has become more tortuous and torturous for Calcuttans driving down.
A bridge cave-in a fortnight ago has put National Highway 2B out of bounds for vehicles heading from Burdwan.
The alternative route, NH2, is not only longer by 45km but stricken by a potholed stretch. The 25km road from Panagarh to Illambazar is so cratered that it sustains a cottage industry of automobile workshops along the way.
The distance between Burdwan town and Bolpur through NH2B is 48km. But the detour increases the distance to 93km and the duration of travel by around one hour. The ride through NH2B is around three hours from Calcutta to Santiniketan.
Vehicles cannot take the NH2B, which is a good road, because of the bridge collapse near Oregram on August 25. The structure gave in after the rain-swollen stream overflowed. "We have started repairing the bridge and hope to finish the work in a week," a PWD engineer in Burdwan said on Tuesday.
Sources said the highway was expected to be reopened for four-wheelers by Sunday.
But no immediate solution is in sight on the cratered road. The Panagarh road runs to Moregram in Murshidabad, covering 171km and merging into NH34. The 25km stretch from Panagarh to Illambazar is also used by north Bengal-bound trucks and buses.
The state highway has been riddled with craters for years and cars are often saddled with flat tyres, broken axles and damaged engine and chassis.
Abhishek Roy, a private bank manager in Calcutta who owns a flat in Santiniketan, said: "I had a horrid time while travelling to Santiniketan with my family this Saturday. The front wheel of my WagonR fell into a big pothole. The engine oil chamber cracked. The oil spilled onto the road and I had to stop the car. Luckily, I found a garage where I repaired the damage. My family had to wait at a roadside hotel for over three hours."
One man's maimed machine is another's meal ticket. Many workshops have mushroomed along the state highway in the past two years. The road has not been repaired during this period.
Zulfikhar Khan, 28, who runs a tyre-repairing outlet between Panagarh and Illambazar, said: "Earlier, I used to fix six to seven punctures a day and earn Rs 600 to Rs 700. Now it is not less than 20 tyres and my income has risen to almost Rs 2,000 a day."
Police said at least 100 accidents of varying intensity have been reported on this stretch in the past two months.
"In our monthly district intelligence bureau reports sent to the government, we regularly mention the bad road condition leading to fatal accidents in Kanksa," said S.M.H. Meerza, the Burdwan superintendent of police.
At a review meeting in Calcutta a few days ago, Mamata Banerjee had pulled up PWD minister Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar for the condition of the state's highways.
According to a PWD source, the road was widened and repaired 15 years ago. Since then, only patchwork has been done, which is washed away during every monsoon.
Ghosh Dastidar said temporary repairs would start before the Pujas. "We are preparing a master plan to repair and renovate all state-run highways after the Pujas and funds will not be a problem," he said.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 5th Sep 2013
10 hurt in campus clash over ragging in Durgapur
First-year and final-year students of Bengal College of Engineering and Technology in Durgapur clashed at the college hostel late on Wednesday after the first-year students accused their seniors of ragging.
Ten students have been arrested for rioting on campus, based on complaints at New Town police by the college authorities. No arrests have been made in connection with ragging.
Ten students have also been injured in the violence, six of whom have been hospitalized, said police.
According to police, the clash was reported at 8.15pm on Wednesday. "There was load shedding in the hostel in Durgapur's Bidhan Nagar area around 8pm. All students stay in this hostel. Minutes later, the first-year students alleged that they were being ill-treated and ragged by the seniors for the past several days. This triggered a clash between the two groups and several students were injured," said a police officer.
The situation was brought under control after ACP Sylvamurugan reached the spot with a large police force. A police picket has been posted on the campus to prevent further clash.
The six students who are undergoing treatment at a private hospital have been identified as Udit Narayan Jena, Sumit Ghatak, Sourav Chakraborty, Anand Mohan, Pawan Kumar Das and Kumar Abhinav. All of them are students of the first semester of computer science.
Following the clash, college authorities lodged two separate FIRs. While the first case pertains to rioting on campus in which arrests have been made, the other complaint - which deals with ragging - has been lodged against unknown people. Of the 10 students held, eight are from first year and the remaining from the final year.
Asansol police commissioner Vineet Goel confirmed the arrests. "We are probing the case further as there are serious allegations of ragging,'' said Goel.
Institute director S B Ganguly said the case was being probed internally. "Our anti-ragging committee is also looking into the case. The police have been provided all help. We will take action against erring students once we receive both reports and the allegations are proven. Ragging will not be tolerated in our institute,'' he said.

Durgapur, 3rd Sep 2013
Durgapur Steel Plant output up 5% in Aug
Durgapur Steel Plant, a unit of SAIL, has recorded a growth of 5 per cent in saleable steel production and 7 per cent in dispatch over the corresponding month last year. A SAIL release also said that special steel output witnessed a growth of 6 per cent.

Durgapur, 2nd Sep 2013
Robbery in heart of Durgapur
A gang of eight armed youths raided a businessman's house barely 150 metres from a police outpost in Durgapur's upscale City Centre and took away cash and valuables worth Rs 6 lakh after assaulting the family members early today.
The occupants of the two-storeyed house said the youths had fruits and soft drinks kept in the fridge before fleeing with the valuables in a 90-minute robbery.
According to police, preliminary investigation had revealed that the robbers were in their early twenties. The gang sneaked into the house after removing the iron grille of a window on the ground floor.
The robbery in a house so near to a police outpost raised questions on security in an upscale Durgapur area considered a business centre of the steel town. Residents in the area that houses shopping malls, highrises and hospitals, stressed the need to raise vigil at night, adding they had no idea that a robbery took place in the neighbourhood till later in the day.
Amit Sharma, the businessman whose house was robbed today, owns a petrol pump in nearby Asansol apart from running a travel agency, a canteen and supplying workforce to several firms in Durgapur. Amit was away on business to Calcutta.
After sneaking into the house, the gang first held a dagger to the throat of the domestic help and her son who were sleeping in a room on the ground floor and tied them up with a bedsheet. While one stood guard, the others went to an adjacent room where Amit's elderly parents were asleep.
"I was jolted out of sleep and saw a masked man holding a dagger to my throat. He slapped me. There were at least six others behind him, all of whom were carrying some kind of sharp weapons such as knives and choppers. They told me and my wife to hand over whatever cash and ornaments we have at home," said Bhagwati Prasad Sharma, Amit's father.
The businessman's mother, Meena, was punched in the face when she shouted for help. After taking away valuables from the almirah, the gang forced Meena to take them to the first-floor room where Amit's wife Jyoti was sleeping.
"They told me to call Jyoti by her name so that she opens the door without any suspicion. They barged into the room and forced her to hand over whatever ornaments she was wearing. She also gave them the keys to her almirah. Then they gathered in the dining room and ate food kept in the fridge before fleeing," Amit's mother said.
According to the police, the cash, jewellery and electronic goods robbed were estimated at Rs 6 lakh.
Jyoti, who looks after the canteen her husband owns in an IT company in Durgapur, said she could not recall anybody having threatened Amit in an attempt to extort money.
Both the police and Amit ruled out business rivalry as reason for the robbery.
The police arrived around 6am. "We have started investigation but we are yet arrest any body. We will beef up security and patrolling in the area," said S.S. Murugan, the assistant commissioner of police (east), when asked about the robbery in a house 150m from a police outpost.
The robbery prompted residents of nearby Bengal Ambuja housing colony to question police patrolling at night.
"It is surprising. We had no idea about the robbery. Hardly any police vehicle is seen in our locality at night. Moreover, it had been raining yesterday," a retired deputy general manager of Durgapur Steel Plant said.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 2nd Sep 2013
Essar Foundation inaugurates second Essar Jono Bikash Kendra- vocational skill training center for women
After receiving overwhelming response from the people of Kataberia village, Essar Foundation initiated its second Essar Jono Bikash Kendro at Jatgoria village with the objective of serving as a community-based learning and skill training center for women and adolescent girls.
Essar Foundation inaugurated its second Essar Jono Bikash Kendro, a community-based learning and skill training center for women.
The Foundation has made efforts to provide the opportunity of vocational training for promoting income generation activities towards economic self-dependence. Initially tailoring and kantha-zardozi embroidery training will be provided to women and adolescent girls with the support of technical partner Durgapur-Sundaram. It is expected to train more than 150 women and girls in a span of one year in two batches of six months each.
The training center was inaugurated on August 22, 2013. Mr Biswajit Mukherjee, Officer-in-Charge, Kanksa police station and Mrs Kalyani Karmakar, first auxillary nurse and midwife (ANM) were present as chief guests. More than 100 villagers, mostly women from that area and community leaders of Jatgoria attended the event.
The center has enrolled 28 women in tailoring trade and 18 women in kantha-zardosi embroidery trade in its very commencement. Essar Foundation continues to bring a large number of women and youth into the mainstream of economic activities by providing capacity building and support to livelihoods in lucrative trades.
Report by India Education bureau, Durgapur

Durgapur, 31st Aug 2013
Durgapur Film Festival inaugurated today
On behalf of actor Prasenjit Chatterjee's 30 years film career, Durgapur Municipal Corporation along with Zee Bangla and Bengali Film Lovers Society presents the Durgapur Film Festival.
Actor Prasenjit Chatterjee inaugurated the event along with Mayor Durgapur Municipal Corporation. The festival will run for 6 days starting from today 31st August to 5th September 2013. Seven films of actor Prasenjit Chatterjee will be screened during this six days.
Along with actor Prasenjit Chatterjee many prominent names from Bengal Film industry were also present during this occassion among them Haranath Chakraborty, Chinmoy Ray, Mrinal Mukhopadhay, Sujit Guha, Debdut Ghosh, Rita Dutta Chakraborty, Subhasis Mukhopadhay, Debjani, Anamika, Diganto Bagchi, Rana Mitra were to name a few.
Asansol Durgapur Poilice Commisioner Sri Binod Goyal, Mr. Bipin Vohra, Miss Moni Dasgupta (MIC), Dr. Mihir Nandi (President Durgapur Citizen's Forum), Prabhat Chatterjee (MIC), Mr, Rama Prasad Halder (Chairman Durgapur Chamber Of Commerce), Kabi Dutta (Owner Citi-residency), Amitava Banerjee (Deputy Mayor), Apurba Mukherjee (Mayor Durgapur), Rajoshri Dey (Zee Bangla), Sri Sujoy Kutti (Executive Vice President Zee Bangla) were also present.
Sri Anindita Mukhopadhay (MIC) Mayor's wife was the main enthusiast for the event and was also present on the show.
The films to be screened
1) Dosar --------- 5.30 Pm, 31st Aug 2013
2) Swapner Din---- 3.oo Pm, 1st Sep 2013
3) Bais e Srabon-- 5.00 Pm, 1st Sep 2013
4) Housefull ------5.00 Pm, 2nd Sep 2013
5) Chalo Paltai ---5.00 Pm, 3rd Sep 2013
6) Aparajita Tumi -5.00 Pm, 4th Sep 2013
7) Maner Manus --5.00 Pm, 5th Sep 2013
The Junction Mall, The Jain Group, The Citi Residency, RENE were the various sponspors for the event. TV Delight broadcast Live program of the event.

Durgapur, 31st Aug 2013
Slain Navy man's body to reach home today
All hopes of members of the Haldar family in Durgapur's Sadhudanga, that their elder son Malay may have escaped the INS Sindhurakshak disaster in Mumbai on August 14, sank on Friday when information came in from the Naval headquarters that the youth's body would land at the Kolkata airport on Saturday morning.
After recovering charred remains of crew members from the sunken submarine, the Navy collected DNA samples from family members to match with those from the bodies. Haldar's report was among the first to arrive and his body will be handed over to the family on Saturday.
"Malay Haldar's mortal remains will be arriving at the Kolkata airport around 8.50am on Saturday. The Navy will carry the body to Durgapur and hand it over to the family. Haldar's last rites will be held with full military honours at Durgapur on Saturday. I will be attending the funeral," said Commodore Ravi Ahluwalia, naval officer-in-charge, West Bengal.
Meanwhile, gloom descended on the neighbourhood of Sadhudanga where Malay had grown up. Over the last couple of years, he had turned into an example for his friends and neighbours. A soft-spoken, brave, adventure loving youth, Malay had opted for the Navy's submarine wing, barely months after joining. Among 600 candidates, he was among the 164 who qualified. He was ranked 24th in the batch and was assigned the post of Electrical Mechanic Radio II. The INS Sindhurakshak was the vessel where he was to receive his hands-on training.
Mrinal and Sujata, parents of Malay, were heartbroken when the confirmation came in.
Source: The Times of India

Durgapur, 30th Aug 2013
Bengal's first private airport to be ready early next year
Bengal's first private airport at the industrial town of Durgapur may be operational only by early next year.
Promoted by Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL) - a JV between Changi Airports International (26 per cent) and four Indian companies - the commissioning of the airport is held up due to delay in shifting an electricity transmission line passing through the runway. According to a BAPL statement, rest of the construction is near complete.
Though the West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (WBSETCL) allowed BAPL to shift the transmission facility, construction work is inordinately delayed due to local resistance to land acquisition, according to sources.
"We estimate that the high-voltage power transmission line will be re-aligned within this calendar year, immediately after which we will initiate the process for final stage DGCA approval," a BAPL official told Business Line. The company previously promised commissioning of the airport by early 2013.
According to Arun Mishra, Director, General Civil Aviation, shifting of the high-voltage power transmission line is the primary condition before BAPL.
"We have done an inspection at the upcoming Durgapur airport months back. BAPL has to fulfil certain compliances before DGCA issues them a licence," Mishra said.
Once the transmission line is shifted, other procedures can be completed in a short span of time, he added. Besides, according to Mishra, BAPL has to form a tie-up with Airports Authority of India for air traffic control system.
BAPL is in talks with a few airlines to introduce services at the Durgapur airport, which is projected to tap the potential of the Durgapur-Asansol industrial area.
Source: The Hindu business line

Durgapur, 29th Aug 2013
Police suggests closure of Durgapur dance bar
After the August 11 incident in a dance bar at City Centre of Durgapur, where the name of a local Trinamool Councillor of Durgapur Municipality Corporation surfaced, because of his alleged involvement in a brawl with the girl performers and also with some youths present in the dance bar, police in Durgapur have recently suggested that the closure of the dance bar.
"The Pavilion", the dance bar in question had started operating in the state-owned complex, Dreamplex, at City Centre of Durgapur since last February. The former Commissioner of Police, Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate, Mr. Ajay Nand, had issued a No-Objection Certificate valid for a year in favour of 'The Pavilion' on 29 January, in which he mentioned: "The NOC is issued for bar and entertainment with live music."
After the August 11 fiasco, there has been a widespread public cry to stop the dance bar alleging that it is spoiling the culture of the locality. The bar authority however stopped the dancing after the criticism.
The ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav, on last Monday raided the dance bar and assigned policemen in plain clothes there, who took photographs of the bar. Mr Yadav asked the authority to suspend dancing or singing on the floor till further instruction.
He said: "We have suggested closure of the bar as it was breaking law and order in the area and have communicated in this regard to the Excise Collector yesterday."
Mr. Jagjit Singh, owner of 'The Pavilion', said, "We have requisite permission for a dance bar issued by the Police Commissioner."
However the name of the Trinamool Councillor of Ward No 33, Mr Hira Bouri, who got allegedly involved in a scuffle at the dance bar on August 11 and even threatened some bouncers engaged by the bar with dire consequences has not been booked or even been interrogated by the police. The police have remained tight lipped about the findings from the CCTV footage of the day's incident, which police has collected from the Bar authority.

Durgapur, 28th Aug 2013
Durgapur Film Festival
The First ever Film Festival of Durgapur was going to be organised by Bengali Film Lover's Society and Durgapur Municipal Corporation on 31st August 2013 at Srijoni Auditorium, City Centre, Durgapur-16. The event will run for seven days and will be inaugurated by famous bengali actor Prasenjit Chatterjee. On Account of famous bengali actor Prasenjit Chatterjee's 30 year's in cinema this festival has been organised.

Durgapur, 28th Aug 2013
9 killed as bus falls into ditch
Nine people were killed and 56 injured when a private bus running at a high speed lost control and hit a roadside electric pole, turned turtle and fell into a ditch at Pepsi gate in Panagarh under Budbud Police Station area round 7.30 AM on Tuesday morning.
Kanksa police and Panagarh traffic police personnel rushed to the spot to start rescue operations. SMH Meerza, SP of Burdwan, told TOI that the driver and the conductor of the bus fled after the accident. Budbud police , under whose jurisdiction the accident took place at around 7.30am on Tuesday, has seized the bus which was heading towards Benachity of Durgapur from Natunhat in Burdwan.
Seven of the deceased have been identified while two are yet to be identified. Six bodies are in Burdwan Medical College Hospital (BMCH) and three at Durgapur sub-divisional hospital.
The injured have been admitted to Burdwan Medical College and Hospital. "The condition of ten is serious. The driver and conductor will be nabbed soon," Meerza said. The identified victims include Haripada Das (45) of Benachity, Ramapada Mondal (41), Mihir Baru (35) and Narayan Ghorai (45) of Ausgram, Ganesh Mondal (35) of Guskara, Supriya Roy (65) of Mongolkote and Bati Dhibar (36) of Andal who died on his way to PG hospital in Kolkata.Akash Munshi, OC of Budbud police station, supervised the rescue operations.
He said that seven passengers died on the way to hospital and one succumbed to his injuries at BMCH.
The National Highway 2 has been cleared after the accident and traffic situation is normal now. Initially, injured passengers were admitted to nearby Mankar Hospital, Budbud Hospital and Pursa PHC, but later they were shifted to BMCH as their condition deteriorated.
Traders of Panagarh Bazar alleged that due to heavy monsoon, NH-2 is in a bad shape and needs immediate attention.
The condition of the NH2 in Panagarh is in bad shape due to heavy monsoon resulting in such accidents, traders of Panagarh Bazar alleged.
Source: Times of India

Durgapur, 27th Aug 2013
St.Xavier's School Durgapur was awarded the The Telegraph School Awards
On 24th August 2013, St.Xavier's School Durgapur was awarded the The Telegraph School Awards for Maintenance and Eco-friendly initiatives.
St. Xavier's School, Durgapur, has been more than a school for thousands of students over the years. Past students and parents fondly cherish the nostalgic moments of their school days. Many fathers, teachers and the non-teaching staff have touched their hearts.
"we extend to you our invitation to join us towards making St. Xavier's School, Durgapur, a temple of learning and a sweet home away from home where the future leaders of the world are molded. We look forward to collaborate with all our well-wishers in accomplishing this noble task."

Durgapur, 26th Aug 2013
Durgapur police foiled kidnap attempt of industrialist
Durgapur police on Monday claimed to have foiled an attempt to kidnap an industrialist and arrested three persons involved in the abduction bid. Random tracking of call helped police foil the likely kidnapping of the Durgapur industrialist 36 hours after he had received threat calls demanding Rs 10 crore as ransom.
Police said, on 23 August, industrialist Ramdhani Jaiswal residing at Doctor's Colony in City Centre of Durgapur, received a threat call where he was told to shell out a hefty sum or face abduction.
The first call was made to the number of Akhilesh Konar - domestic help of the industrialist in which the caller demanded R 10 crore to avert kidnapping of Mr Jaiswal.
The next day unknown persons dropped a letter addressed to Mahendra Saw - Mr Jaiswal's Chartered Accountant bearing a similar threat.
Mr Jaiswal who owns two iron units in Chirkunda near Dhanbad in Jharkhand and also runs a pair of TMT Bar manufacturing units in Durgapur and Maithon, brought the matter immediately to the notice of the Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate.
Mr Sunil Yadav, ADCP (East) said: "We took the threats seriously and started tracking the cell number of the caller. This led us to another number which surprisingly was in possession of Ramesh Bhujal - a family driver of Jaiswal."
Bhujal, according to the police was the kingpin behind the conspiracy. Originally from Lumjung, Nepal, Bhujal was serving the family for quite sometime now.
Interrogation reveals that Bhujal got hold of a pen-drive belonging to the industrialist bearing monthly business details of the Jaiswal, which, according to Mr Yadav: "Had helped him to ascertain that Mr Jaiswal was capable of forking out Rs 10 crore. This tempted him to plot kidnapping of his mentor."
Bhujal contacted two gangsters - Sheikh Israfil and Purnachandra Bauri of Haribazar in New Township PS area. The goons had collected two SIM cards using forged identity from Illambazar in Birbhum and Gopalpur in Kanksa.
Bhujal used to pass on vital information to Israfil, and Purnachandra used to write the threat-letters. The police finally arrested Bhujal, Israfil and Bauri subsequently. The court ordered a 10- day remand for the trio.
Mr Jaiswal said: "I had no idea that a person who had been with us for so many years and whom we trusted could plan something so menacing."
Incidents of kidnapping, extortion, and threat involving local industrialists have alarmed traders and industrialists of the Asansol-Durgapur industrial belt. "The region has become a haven for bad elements and industrialists are being targeted by gangsters hoping to make a fast buck," said Mr Shankar Mundiya - an industrialist who was kidnapped from Jamuria in 2003.
The ADCP, Mr Yadav said: "In three recent cases we have observed that the company staff or neighbours were the chief conspirators. We have advised industrialists, traders to remain vigilant and keep identity proof of their employees."
Rising cases of kidnapping and extortion have forced many industrialists of the Asansol-Durgapur industrial belt to engage private security guards. Many have applied for gun-licenses as well.

Durgapur, 26th Aug 2013
Dengue outbreak in Durgapur
Dengue, a mosquito-borne viral disease is fast spreading across some wards in Durgapur Municipal Corporation area, leaving at least two dozen sick. They have been admitted to SAIL's Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital better known as Main Hospital, two private operated super specialty hospitals and some nursing homes. However no casualties have been reported so far.
Meanwhile, Dengue cases in India have nearly doubled with 17,492 cases recorded in the January-July period this year as compared to 8,899 in the corresponding period in 2012. However, the number of fatalities has declined with 56 deaths recorded as compared to 76 last year, according to the Health Ministry data.
The Durgapur Municipal Corporation has begun spraying mosquito repellent and bleaching powder in the affected wards. Member, Mayor-in-council (Health), Mrs Lovely Roy, said: "350 Anganwari staff have been assigned to promote mass awareness in the affected wards with immediate effect."
Naba Waria locality, adjacent to the DMC office, suffered the worst in the outbreak. Eleven persons of the locality have been admitted to either the DSP Hospital or private nursing homes.
The additional chief medical officer of health, Durgapur, Dr Shakuntala Sarkar said: "We have sought a detailed report from the health officer, DMC regarding the outbreak."
Localities like Angadpur, Nepali Vasti, City Centre are also affected. Three persons from the posh City Centre locality who had fallen sick tested positive for dengue.
Mr Prasanta Goswami, father of a patient from City Centre said: "The platelet count of my elder son started dipping below 27,000, which however has been stabilised after he was brought under medical care."
On 16 August, the members of a local NGO, the Durgapur Sankalpa, rescued one roadside tea vendor, Sanjoy Ghosh, who was found gasping for life, lying beside the road near the City Bus Terminus. Ghosh was taken to the DSP Hospital where his condition was stated to be critical.
Dr Monikanchan Saha, CMOH, Asansol told reporters: "We haven't been given initial intimidation about the outbreak. Now we have taken up the matter with a serious concern and are taking steps."

Durgapur, 25th Aug 2013
Essar pipeline laying work at Kanksa near Durgapur stopped
Once again project work of Essar Oil in Durgapur hit road bock due to protests by angry villagers led by local MLA. Villagers of Kanksa, led by local Forward Bloc MLA stopped pipeline laying work of Essar Oil yesterday morning because the Mumbai-based company had not taken permission before carrying out the job.
Essar Oil was laying the pipeline to send coal-bed methane (CBM) to the upcoming Matix fertilizer plant in Panagarh. Galsi MLA Sunil Mandal alleged that the area where Essar was laying the pipeline is densely populated. He also added that a pipeline of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) already exists there.
"How can Essar lay pipeline to carry CBM through an area where there is already an oil pipeline? Both are highly inflammable and can trigger massive explosions anytime. Around 30,000 villagers live in around 15 villages in the area. I cannot allow this, being the local public representative," said Mr. Sunil Mandal, who is also a school teacher.
He said he would speak to the chief minister and the industries minister during the assembly session on Monday.
Mandal called up Burdwan district magistrate Saumitra Mohan and asked if Essar had taken the administration's permission to lay the pipeline.
"The DM told me that he had just assumed charge after being transferred from Darjeeling and was not aware of the Essar Oil's project status. Before beginning the work on the pipeline, the company did not hold discussions with the residents or me. I have asked the Essar officials here to stop work immediately," the MLA said.
This is not the first time that the Essar project has hit resistance from local villagers. A number of times earlier also, Essar project work has been stopped on 11th August by villagers alleging discharge of effluents contaminating ponds and agricultural fields and demanding jobs as compensation. They also accused the company of occupying vested plots illegally.
A team of IOC officials visited the spot yesterday afternoon after being informed by the MLA and inspected their pipeline in the area. They however refused comment.
According to an Essar official in Durgapur, the company was laying pipes in several villages of Kanksa, Loudoha, Pandaveswar and Andal to convey CBM to several factories in and around Durgapur and also to the upcoming Matix fertilizer plant in Panagarh. The official said Essar was paying rent to the landowners whose plots were being used for the pipeline project.
"We had already obtained necessary permission from the west Bengal Development Corporation (WBIDC) for laying pipes in the area. I don't know why the local MLA is now raising objections. We will inform the government," said Rabin Ghosh, the Deputy General Manager (Corporate communication) of Essar in Mumbai.
Local villagers questioned as to how WBIDC can allow Essar to lay pipeline through a thickly populated area thereby putting their life under risk. Whether WBIDC has the authority to allow the laying of a pipeline that carries highly inflammable gas through a populated area is another question raised by the villagers.

Durgapur, 25th Aug 2013
Bodies of woman and kids found
The bodies of a woman and two kids were recovered by the locals at the Arrah area in Burdwan on Sunday.
SP of Burdwan SMH Meerza said the Kanksa Police has seized the bodies from the Chaso More. The bodies have been sent to hospital. "We have found the body of an unknown woman, aged around 27 to 28, with her legs tied with a rope. She was holding the body of a child, aged around 4 months, in her arms. The body of another female child, aged around 7 years, was found lying near her. Their faces were burnt and we suspect they were murdered elsewhere and dumped in Arrah," he said.
The area falls on the border of New Township PS under Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate and Kanksa PS of Burdwan Police. Help from Asansol Durgapur Police has also been sought.
Source: The Times of India

Durgapur, 24th Aug 2013
Mrs Parul Bajoria of Durgapur received Award as Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur
Mrs Parul Bajoria resident of Kanakangan Apartments in Durgapur received an Award as Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur from the hands of our Past President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at ITC Sonar Hotel, Kolkata on 20 August 2013.
She was selected for the award by FOSMI (Federation of Small & Medium Industries) for her work with the artisans of Bankura District by creating new and innovative designs using Baluchari material and Dokra products and marketing them through her outfit MIHARU across the country and also beyond.
Miharu works with artisan communities for revival of handicrafts and handloom of West Bengal by reinventing and redesigning them for urban clientele, developing home decor and other utility products. Each product is designed, conceptualized and created at Miharu aims at translating traditional craft into something modern and relevant to the urban lifestyle.
The product is available through many boutiques and shops throughout the country and is also marketed through the website
The event received wide coverage in electronic and print media. (T2, Sanmarg, Business Standard )
"Friends I am doing my bit for revival of the dying crafts of our district and request you to spread the word too." said Mrs parul Bajoria

Durgapur, 24th Aug 2013
Surjya visits submarine victim's kin
Leader of Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra on Saturday visited the house of sailor Malay Haldar, who has been missing since the blast of Indian Navy submarine Sindhurakshak in Mumbai. The rescue team fished out some bodies from the blast site but Haldar couldn't be traced yet. Naval officers have already collected DNA samples from his parents.
"We will try to offer whatever help is possible," Mishra said. Ironically, no leader from the ruling party has visited the victim's house at DPL Colony.
Source: The Times of India

Durgapur, 23rd Aug 2013
Sen cheat charge on cop son
Saradha chief Sudipta Sen told interrogators in Durgapur last night that the son of a police detective department inspector in Asansol had cheated him of a large sum of money while he was working for the group.
Sen is being questioned by the detective department of the Asansol-Durgapur police commissionerate in connection with default cases.
He did not mention the amount that had allegedly been siphoned off by Kaushik Pahari, the son of detective department inspector Ardhendu Bikash Pahari. Kaushik had worked as the server in-charge of the Saradha Group.
"Sen told us that the son of a police inspector of our department was a senior employee of his group and was among those who were responsible for Saradha going bust. On being prodded, he named the son of Ardhendu Bikash Pahari, an inspector in our detective department," an officer who was present during the interrogation said.
Ardhendu refused comment. "I will not speak to the media on this issue. If my superiors want to know anything, I will tell them," he said.
Kaushik, a resident of Calcutta, could neither be located nor contacted. No police case has been lodged against Kaushik so far.
Vineet Goyal, the Asansol-Durgapur commissioner of police, said: "Action will be taken according to law."
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 22nd Aug 2013
Taunted NIT boy stabs batchmate
A second-year electronics engineering student of National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, stabbed a batchmate repeatedly in his hostel room last night, unable to take taunts and casteist remarks.
Sources said Kushal Kumar Meena, 22, who has been arrested and charged with attempt to murder, had become the butt of taunts among other students after he opted out of ragging in his first year and was put in the "zone-out" category by his seniors.
Students in the NIT who participate in the ragging process are put in the "zone- in" category and are helped by seniors, but those who opt out, belong to the group who are looked down upon. Meena was the only student in his batch who belonged to the "zone out" category.
Last night, biotechnology student Tarun Kumar Sharma came to Meena's room along with two other students and taunted him for being a "zone out". Meena, unable to bear the taunts and casteist remarks, picked up a fruit knife from the table and stabbed Sharma repeatedly.
Sharma has been admitted to a private hospital where a doctor said his condition was stable. Both Meena and Sharma were from Rajasthan's Baran district but did not know each other before becoming batchmates.
Meena, who has been remanded in judicial custody till August 28, said: "Sharma and some other students used to taunt me regularly. I could not take the torture any more and stabbed him."
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 21st Aug 2013
SDO and Leader visit submarine victim's family
The Sub-divisional officer of Durgapur today visited the family of Malay Halder, the sailor feared dead in the INS Sindhu-rakshak blast, a day after his father expressed disappointment at no one from the goverment meeting them.
Abhisek, malay's younger brother, said" "SDO madam came to our home and met my father today. She wanted to know about the incident and expressed her grief. She spent about half an hour with us and promised to provide all kind of assistance from the administration."
According to sources, Burdwan district magistrate Saumitra Mohan had instructed Durgapur SDO Kasturi Sengupta to meet the halders family and offer all necessary help.
Malay's father Mrinal, a Durgapur Project Ltd. employee, has said yesterday:" the least (goverment) could has done is to stand by us at this hour of grief. My son worked to defend the country and I expected the state goverment to co-ordinate with the navy and help us find out id he is alive."
Agriculture minister malay Ghatak, who hails from Asansol, said he had asked Durgapur mayor and local MLA Apurba Mukherjee to visit the Halders soon.
" I have told the mayour to visit the family and tel them that the goverment is beside them. We will provide all necessary help to them. The family should not think that the government, which has a person like Mamata Banerjee as Chief Minister, will not stand by them," Ghatak Said.
Durgapur CPM MP Saidul Haque visited the Halders this afternoon after returning from Delhi." I demand a central goverment job for Abhisekh. malay was a navy crewman and met with an accident while on duty, I will provide them all help," he said.
Source: The telegraph

Durgapur, 20th Aug 2013
Sailor's Dad rues State Silence
The father of Malay Halder, the navy sailor feared dead in the INS Sindhurakshak blast on August 14, rued that no one from the government or the local MLA had come to meet the family so far.
"I am not interested in any job offer or monetary compensation from the state. But the least it could have done is to stand by us in this hour of grief. My son worked to defend the country and I had expected the state government to co-ordinate with the navy and help us find out if he is alive," said Mrinal Halder, 55, an employee of the state-run Durgapur Projects Limited.
"We had expected more sympathy from the government," he added.
Malay, 22, is among the 18 navy personnel feared dead in the explosion in the navy submarine in Mumbai.
A navy team today came to the Halders' house in Durgapur's DPL Colony to collect DNA samples from Malay's parents to ascertain if any of the six charred bodies recovered was of the sailor.
Sujata broke down after seeing the navy personnel in uniform. "My son also used to wear this white uniform. Please tell me if he is alive," she told the navy personnel.
Malay's younger brother Abhishek, a college student in Calcutta, said: "Dada had gifted me a laptop after getting his first salary and told me that I would have to pursue higher studies. I cannot think about my future now."
Asked if the navy had offered him a job on compensatory grounds, Abhishek said: "I got a call today from a navy official in Mumbai. He asked my blood group, age and educational qualification."
The Halders have not cooked since they returned from Mumbai on Saturday. Neighbours are giving them food.
Calls to Durgapur mayor and local MLA Apurba Mukherjee's cellphone went unanswered.
District magistrate Saumitra Mohan said: "We have not been formally informed by anybody that one of the victims was from Durgapur.... But if anyone approaches us, we will surely help."
Source: The telegraph

Durgapur, 20th Aug 2013
DVC plans set up food processing cluster at Panagarh near Durgapur
Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) is planning to develop food processing clusters in Panagarh near Durgapur. The central power utility has 250 acres of unused land in Panagarh, just 14 Km from Durgapur.
DVC chairman R N Sen told reporters on the sidelines of a conference organized by MCC Chamber of Commerce, "We shall talk to the Bengal state governments in this regard. DVC has no plans to set up thermal power unit on this land parcel."
Mr Sen further added, "A cargo airport is coming up at Durgapur, which is just 20 km from the land owned by DVC in Panagarh. This area will be ideal for food processing industry. I am confident that a lot of companies will be interested. We will discuss this issue with the state commerce and industries minister Partha Chatterjee. A food processing cluster here will be a win-win situation for both the airport and the industry."
It may be noted that Matix Fertilisers is setting up a fertilizer plant in Panagarh with an investment of Rs 6,000 crore while Jayshree Tea and Industries (B K Birla group firm) has recently proposed to set up a fertilizer unit in the area worth Rs 1,000 crore.
The DVC proposal will be a shot in the arm for the state government as Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee had said in a CII meeting recently that land will not be a problem for industry in Bengal. Chatterjee was trying to allay fears of the industry circle following the comment of new CII president S. Gopalakrishnan that if industry has to come then land is required for that and the state government should act as facilitator.
According to state industry ministry sources, the second biggest chunk of land is available in Panagarh Industrial Park (900 acres).

Durgapur, 19th Aug 2013
Seventh sailor's body recovered from submarine
Six days after multiple blasts rocked INS Sindhurakshak, the Indian Navy on Monday recovered the seventh body from the third compartment of the submerged submarine. Eighteen sailors are feared to have died in the explosion that took place early on August 13.
The navy on Monday said they had sent medical officers to Durgapur, where the family of a sailor lives, to collect DNA samples of their relatives. Even as the officials work towards identifying the recovered bodies, it is a long agonizing wait for many of the families who are yet to receive official news of the fate of their near ones. "No matter what news I give her, it can never be good," said Visakhapatnam's Simhachalam, brother-in-law of T Rajesh (29) who is feared dead in the explosion. Simhachalam, with Rajesh's brother, reached Mumbai on Monday. Simhachalam said officials received them as well as the relatives of another sailor, Sitaram Badapalli, also feared dead. "They have given us accommodation in the mess and Rajesh's brother was asked to give samples for DNA test," he said. "We have not been permitted to see the bodies as they are beyond recognition."
Source: Times of India

Durgapur, 16th Aug 2013
Durgapur sailor among missing 18, Wanted him to quit: Mother
A 22-year-old sailor from Durgapur is among those feared dead in Wednesday's explosion of submarine INS Sindhurakshak in Mumbai.
Malay Halder's mother, Sujata, 42, who reached Mumbai by flight with husband Mrinal, 55, and a relative yesterday, told The Telegraph that she had requested her elder son several times to leave the job when she came to know that it would entail staying under water.
"When I came to know that Malay had been assigned a job in a submarine, I repeatedly told him not continue. I told him I didn't want him to remain under water. But my son did not listen. Now, I think I have lost my son," said Sujata over phone, breaking down. Her younger son Abhishek is a first-year physics honours student at Calcutta's Ashutosh College.
Sujata said she and the other family members were putting up at the navy guesthouse in Mumbai. "My husband is busy talking to navy officials and completing formalities," she said.
Malay's father Mrinal is an employee of the transport department of Durgapur Projects Limited. The family lives in the company quarters at DPL Colony in Durgapur.
Malay passed his higher-secondary exam from T.N. High School in Durgapur. He had enrolled for an electronics engineering course at Kanad Institute of Engineering and Management in Mankar near Durgapur. But he left his studies midway after getting the navy job in August 2011.
Malay underwent six months' training before being assigned to a submarine at the navy base in Visakhapatnam in March 2012.
"My son was shifted to the electrical department of the Sindhurakshak on August 5. I had asked my son many times to complete his studies and then take up a job," Sujata said, sobbing incessantly.
Neighbours rushed to the Halders' single-storey quarters after coming to know about the blasts from television on Wednesday.
Subhojit Mukherjee, Malay's friend and neighbour, said: "When I reached Malay's house, his mother had a dazed expression on her face. 'Shob sesh hoye galo baba (everything is finished),' she told me."
Subhojit said Malay had come home on leave for the last time on June 4. "He was here till June 29. Before leaving, he told us that he hoped to be back in December. He had planned to throw a party for us on his birthday on December 12 in a good restaurant in Durgapur," said Subhojit, in his early twenties.
"He told us he found working in a submarine thrilling. But, at the same time, he had told us he knew about the dangers his job involved. He had said if some accident happened, he might not survive," Subhojit added.
Sisir Chatterjee, another neighbour of the Halders, said Malay was a "polite and friendly boy". "He got a job early. Many of his friends are still unemployed. But he was never arrogant. He loved his friends," said Chatterjee, an elderly gentleman.
Source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 13th Aug 2013
Industries minister rushes to Durgapur to resolve Essar deadlock
West Bengal industry minister Mr. Partha Chatterjee had to rush in to Durgapur yesterday, after protest led by Villagers of Akandara stopped production of Coal Based Methane (CBM) by Essar Oil on 11th August from its wells in Akandara village in Durgapur.
Mr. Chatterjee, accompanied by agriculture minister Moloy Ghatak and top officials of Essar Oils, was seen waiting for village leaders for more than an hour at the ADDA (Asansol Durgapur Development Authority) guesthouse at City Centre yesterday afternoon. The leaders of the groups arrived at the guesthouse one by one.
The minister "cautioned" Trinamool leaders against disrupting industrial work. He also asked Essar Oil officials to look into villagers' allegations that effluents discharged during extraction of coal-bed methane (CBM) were contaminating ponds and agricultural land in the adjoining areas.
Minister Partha Chatterjee said: "I have come here on the instructions of the chief minister. She is trying hard to bring industry to Bengal and create an industry-friendly ambiance. I have cautioned our party leaders against instigating villagers to stop industrial work, including that of Essar."
Chatterjee said Essar "would have to pay compensation according to law" if effluents discharged while extracting CBM were indeed polluting ponds and agricultural land. "At the same time, the villagers will have to give up the practice of stopping work at CBM pits," he added.
Work at the stalled Essar project site in Akandara village was restored to normalcy.

Durgapur, 11th Aug 2013
'Pollution' protest hits Essar Oil work
Over 200 villagers led by the Trinamul peasants' cell today stopped production of coal-bed methane (CBM) by Essar Oil at a village in Burdwan's Kanksa, protesting discharge of effluents contaminating ponds and agricultural fields and demanding jobs as compensation.
They also accused the company of occupying vested plots illegally.
The villagers told technicians at the production site in Akandara village around 8am to stop the machines.
"The protesters shouted ma mati manush zindabad and told us that the effluents generated during extraction of CBM were polluting ponds and agricultural fields. They said Essar would have to compensate them by giving them jobs, adding that we would not be allowed to work unless the demand was met," said an engineer working at one of the eight pits where work was stopped.
"We work for an agency to whom Essar has outsourced the job of extracting CBM here. We feared we would be beaten up and stopped the machines immediately," he added.
The agitators, led by Trinamul peasants' cell block president Ajijul Middya, stopped vehicles carrying CBM gas and effluents.
"The Essar Oil project is damaging our agricultural land and ponds by releasing effluents from the pits. We have repeatedly told company officials to stop this but nothing has been done. We had submitted a memorandum to the Kanksa block development officer in June. We demand that the company compensate the villagers by giving them jobs at the project site or else, we will not allow them to work here. In many areas, the company has forcibly occupied vested land," Middya said.
Since January, villagers have stopped CBM exploration work in many pits in Kanksa and Laudoha over demands such as jobs, renovation of village roads, a burning ghat, ponds and streetlights.
A senior Essar official in Durgapur denied the charge of occupying vested land. "We did not occupy any government plot. The other issues will be sorted out through discussions. We have decided to call the villagers to a meeting on Tuesday," he said.
The police failed to persuade the villagers to withdraw the agitation.
source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 11th Aug 2013
Presence of 'Bangladeshis' sparks scuffle in Durgapur bar
A councillor with the local civic body got involved in a scuffle in a 'dance bar' over the presence of Bangladeshi immigrant performers.councillor of ward no 33 in the Durgapur Municipal Corporation, has allegedly threatened some bouncers engaged by the bar with dire consequences following the scuffle with erstwhile Bangladeshi performers at the bar.The officer in-charge, Durgapur police said police will seize CCTV footage from the said bar 'by tomorrow' to ascertain how the scuffle began, as well as identify the alleged Bangladeshi nationals.
'The Pavilion'- the 'dance bar' in question - has been asked to provide at least seven days' footage to the competent authority by Collector of Excise, Asansol. The Commissioner of Police, Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate, had issued a No-Objection Certificate valid for a year in favour of 'The Pavilion' on 29 January, in which he mentioned: "The NOC is issued for bar and entertainment with live music. owner of The Pavilion said, "We have requisite permission for a dance bar issued by the Police Commissioner." About the presence of Bangladeshi performers, he said: "Some local councilors have issued residential certificates to such girls and we didn't have enough time to cross examine those."
On 27 July, two girls escaped from the clutches of a broker who had brought them to the bar. They were spotted near Bagdogra, Siliguri. The seven Bangladeshi girls were brought to Durgapur by a broker identified as Raj of Raniganj. The girls were given SIM cards under fake identities, said Mr Parimal Agasty, local ward committee secretary of the ruling.The girls, all aged between 16 and 25 years, were staying in a rented accommodation near Sagarbhanga locality in the town, and have been missing sincle the incident. Police will begin a hunt for the girls, sources said.
Mr Bauri, the councilor accused of pandemonium, was defensive, "I had been to the place to restore normalcy as I was informed that two groups of boys were engaged in a clash," he said. The Mayor, Durgapur Municipal Corporation, told The Statesman, "The Pavilion is not allowed to run a dance bar. We have heard Bangladeshi girls are involved in the bar. This won't be tolerated."
Asked about the councilor's involvement in chaos, he said, "The party is keeping a watch on everything and the offenders will be penalised."
source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 10th Aug 2013
Bengal gives 3-yr sales tax waiver on ATF at 2 airports
The West Bengal government has decided to provide a three-year sales tax waiver on aviation turbine fuel (ATF) to airlines operating out of the coming Changi-promoted Andal airport near Durgapur, 160 km from here, and the one in Bagdogra, in Darjeeling district.
With this, Bengal becomes the first state to bring down the contentious sales tax imposed on ATF to zero, something domestic airlines have been demanding for many years.
Airlines say ATF fuel prices in India are 40 per cent higher than in countries such as Singapore. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra (except in Mumbai and Pune), have brought down sales tax on ATF to four per cent. West Bengal has a duty of 30 per cent on ATF.
Industries Minister Partha Chatterjee said: "The chief minister has approved a three-year sales tax waiver on ATF for airlines in Bagdogra, the only operational non-metro airport in the state. This would be extended to Changi's airport as well, as and when it becomes operational."
Airlines say the move will help them reduce ticket prices and incentivise more passengers to fly into West Bengal. They add the dependence of airlines on the Kolkata airport (which accounts for 98 per cent of air traffic into the state) will not change fundamentally.
The chief executive officer of a top low-cost carrier said: "ATF constitutes 50 per cent of our costs, and this reduction will mean a 15 per cent reduction in out total operation costs. At a fare of Rs 4,000-5,000, the fare differential is not enough for passengers to come to Durgapur and travel to Kolkata, apart from the fact that it will take a lot of time. So, it cannot be an alternative hub."
AirAsia promoter Tony Fernandes has been pushing state governments to built low-cost airports that offer cheaper landing and parking rates, as well as cheaper fuel. Aviation industry watchers said the move might force other states to follow a similar policy.
Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), the special purpose vehicle that is constructing the Andal airport and would run it later, is elated. "We are grateful to the government of West Bengal for its decision," said a BAPL spokesperson. "We are hopeful airline companies will come forward to partner us in various efforts to create better air connectivity across Bengal."
BAPL, in which Changi has a 26 per cent stake, has been lobbying for tax incentives similar to those provided by states such as Maharashtra. It has held talks with all major domestic airline operators. Recently, it signed a memorandum of understanding with the central government-run Pawan Hans for a helicopter service based out of the Andal facility. Changi Airport Planners and Engineers, a subsidiary of Changi Airport International, has been at the forefront of the route planning. Initially, the airport is likely to offer the Delhi-Durgapur-Delhi and Kolkata-Durgapur-Kolkata routes.
BAPL has missed several deadlines to commission the airport. According to company officials, construction at the airport site is on the verge of completion, and final approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is being awaited. The airport is expected to be operational by the first quarter of next year.
After the construction at the site is completed (phase-I), at an investment of around Rs 624 crore, BAPL plans to come up with an airport city with an information technology park, hospitals and a residential complex. It is estimated the airport city would involve an investment of about Rs 10,000 crore.
source: business-standard

Durgapur, 9th Aug 2013
Durgapur traders alleges of extortion
A dance programme to be held at the Srijani Auditorium of City Centre in Durgapur on 11th August is under clout because traders in Durgapur have alleged that some Trinamool leaders of Durgapur has been collecting money for the dance show by using pictures of the artiste with the President and the Prime Minister's wife.
An advertisement tariff card that has pictures of the artiste with the President and the Prime Minister's wife is being used to collect the money, virtually by showing off how much influential person Sadananda Biswas is.
The Sub-divisional officer of Durgapur Kasturi Sengupta, said she would inquire into the allegations of the traders. source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 6th Aug 2013
Warship-grade steel, made by SAIL
Defence scientists, the Indian Navy and the Steel Authority of India have claimed that they have developed a special grade of steel that will replace imports worth billions of dollars that were so far being used to make dozens of warships.
The special steel is military-grade, far hardier and lasting and capable of being used in temperatures as low as - 40 degree C - and of absorbing great ballistic impact - than the metal that went into the making of the Titanic or that goes into the making of ordinary kitchen utensils found in every Indian home.
"The steel that we have developed is both hard and tough - the hardness will not allow it to break but the toughness will allow it to be bent," said technologist P.K. Dutta of Bhilai's research and development unit who worked on the project with DRDO's distinguished scientist G. Malkondaiah and the directorate of naval design.
The breakthrough is the outcome of a technology denial regime and forex crunch as well as a spin-off from the ambitious project to make India's single largest military platform - a 42,000-tonne Indigenous Aircraft Carrier. "Necessity is the mother of invention," is the proverb quoted repeatedly by officials at the facilities where the steel is being produced and in the navy.
SAIL has so far delivered about 28,000 tonnes of the warship-grade steel for the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-1, called Project 71 (P-71), which is scheduled to take to the water on August 12 (next Monday) in Kochi. Taking to the water means that the ship will float but it is still at least five years from being commissioned into the fleet.
Public sector SAIL has set up exclusive facilities at a Special Plates Plant (SPP) in Rourkela that was shown to a small group of journalists for the first time during a conducted tour last weekend.
(Till now unknown outside a charmed circle, the visit to the SPP also gave a glimpse into production lines for armoured plates for Russian-origin T-72 and T-90 tanks, the indigenous main battle tank Arjun and for mine-protected vehicles used in counter-insurgency operations. The SPP is being expanded from a capacity to produce 2,000 tonnes to make 12,000 tonnes of special steel.
A team of scientists of the Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) worked with technologists to develop and set up a production line of the steel, called DMR249A at the Bhilai plant over the last seven years.
Another variant of the steel, called DMR249B, was made at the Alloy Steel Plant (ASP) in Durgapur. This grade is also being used to repair the Indian Navy's Russian-origin Kilo-class submarines and is slated for use in another line of submarines. This grade of steel has also been used to build anti-submarine warfare corvette, the INS Kamorta, at Calcutta's Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers, a defence public sector unit.
The process for the special steel was established in Bhilai after successive "melts" in three plants. While the chemistry of the military-grade steel is a state secret, its peculiar characteristics are said to be a composition of elements chromium, nickel, neobium, vanadium and molybdenum (among others) added to iron ore, coke and coal that go into the making of ordinary steel.
SAIL officials claim that while the special steel is twice the price of other grades of the industrial-purpose metal, it is half the cost of the imported variety that is used in warships. The steel, says Commodore Saibal Sen, project director of P-71, "was a technological imperative". In any case, countries that produce the steel were either unwilling or unable to continue selling it to India.
The special steel will be used to make all Indian warships - and to repair its vessels - from now on, said Commodore A.K. Dutta, principal director in the directorate of naval architecture. The navy now has 46 warships on order.
"We are setting up expanded facilities (in Rourkela) and I hope that the navy will continue to patronise us," said SAIL chairperson C.S. Verma.
Inquiries revealed the process has taken about 10 years. In 1999, the navy procured the formula for a grade of the metal called ABA steel from Russia. The navy was using the metal for its warships - many of which were and are on order in Russia. The navy then handed it over to the DMRL.
"That gave us the chemistry but it did not tell us how we can produce it," says Malkondaiah.
Recalls P.K. Dutta of Bhilai: "One day Commodore (now retired) Sekoria (of the naval design directorate) told me we have to develop the process or the indigenous warship project will have to be abandoned altogether."
The first experiments were undertaken by the National Metallurgical Research Laboratory (NMRL) and involved Heavy Engineering Corporation, Ranchi. But the experiments were a failure. Then the DRDO tasked the DMRL and SAIL till technologists at the Bhilai Steel Plant and the Alloy Steel Plant, Durgapur, discovered through trial and error that the properties of the ABA grade steel could be achieved through a "controlled rolling and continuous casting" process.
Subsequently, they also developed the quenching and tempering process to harden and toughen the steel in Rourkela. This involves dunking the plates cut and rolled from slabs of steel into large vessels of oil and water and re-heating them.
"Our research project worth about Rs 12 crore has now led to the supply of steel worth about Rs 600 crore," claims Malkondaiah.
The technologists have further toughened the steel to produce another grade called DMR249z25. The "z25" is being used for the machine and engine chambers of the indigenous aircraft carrier.
Engineers say this steel can be "compressed" - meaning it can absorb so much impact - to 25 per cent of its thickness, giving it a shock-absorbing quality - such as that from a torpedo-hit. The team is now testing a more refined variety in Rourkela in a strategic project called the DMR292A exclusively for "underwater projects", an euphemism for nuclear submarines.
India's indigenous nuclear submarine, the INS Arihant, being built with Russian expertise, is due for "sea trials" off Visakhapatnam after its reactor goes "critical" - is able to power it fully - within the next fortnight. Two more similar submarines are also in the production line at Visakhapatnam's Ship Building Centre.
source: The Telegraph

Durgapur, 6th Aug 2013
Pawan Hans to fly to Durgapur
Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), developer of the airport city at Andal near Durgapur, will sign the first MoU with an aviation company on Tuesday. Helicopter services operator Pawan Hans and BAPL will ink the pact at the state secretariat, clearing the skies for the first commercial flight between the steel town and Behala.
Pawan Hans, that conducted a test flight last month, is expected to start operations within a month. Since the company can operate up to seven charters a month, BAPL is eyeing pacts with other helicopter operators, including Prayag Aviation, so that there is a flight every alternate day.
source: Times of India

Durgapur, 4th Aug 2013
Durgapur Steel July output rises 9%
Durgapur Steel Plant of SAIL posted a record July performance. The plant also recorded a growth of 9 per cent in major production area such as hot metal, crude steel, saleable steel, special steel and saleable steel dispatch, a DSP release said. The special steel and value-added products comprised 80 per cent, highest ever contribution, of total monthly saleable steel production.
source: thehindubusinessline

Durgapur, 3rd Aug 2013
Factory shooting
Private guards at a closed Jessop factory in Durgapur allegedly fired on a group of villagers on Friday evening, killing a woman and injuring another. The guards had taken them for scrap thieves. AsansolSP Ajay Kumar Nand said a guard has been detained with his gun. Nobody has been arrested yet.
source: Times of India

Durgapur, 29th July 2013
Badminton tournament, Sub-junior ranking held at Durgapur
The All India Sub-Junior Ranking Badminton Tournament 2013 conducted by the Badminton Association of India ended in Durgapur of west Bengal yesterday. The tournament began on 22nd July at the Sidhu Kanu Indoor Stadium of Durgapur and was inaugurated by Pullela Gopichand, the second Indian to win the prestigious All England Open Badminton Championship in 2001.
It has been an arduous struggle for over 1000 shuttlers, in the age group between 13 and 15, who have congregated for the national ranking sub-junior badminton tournament in Durgapur.
In the Boys and Girls "Under 15" there was no upset. Top seeded Siril Varma A.S.S from Andhra Pradesh defeated second seeded Arintap Dasgupta from West Bengal, 21-17, 21-14 to win the Boys Singles "Under 15" title. In the Girls section, top seeded Kanika Kanwal of Delhi defeated second seeded Ashmita Chaliha of Assam 21-12, 21-11 to win the Girls Singles "Under 15" title.
In both the Boys and Girls "Under 13", top seeded players couldn’t manage to reach the final. Third seeded Angad Borchetia of Assam won the "Under 13" Boys Singles by defeating second seeded Akash Yadav of Delhi 21-19, 13-21, 21-18. While Second seeded Akshita A. of Andhra Pradesh defeated Shivani Pathi of Karnataka in straight sets 21-18, 21-14 to win the "Under 13" Girls singles title.
In the Boys "Under 15" doubles, second seeded Siril Varma from Andhra Pradesh and Lakshya Sen from Uttar Pradesh defeated eighth seeded Arintap Dasgupta from West Bengal and Kartikey Gulshan Kumar from Delhi 21-16, 21-10, to lift the title.
In the Girls "Under 15" doubles second seeded Ashmita Chaliha of Assam and Kanika Kanwal of Delhi defeated top seeded Akshita Bhandari of Uttar Pradesh and Shreya Bose of Kerala 21-16, 15-21, 21-9 in a tough three setter.
In the Boys "Under 13" doubles, top seeded Tukum Laa from Arunachal Pradesh and Yash Raikwar from Madhya Pradesh defeated sixth seeded Chayanit Joshi and Dhruv Rawat from Uttar Pradesh 21-9, 21-14.
In the Girls "Under 13" doubles, top seeded Unnati Bisht and Himanshi Rawat from Uttar Pradesh defeated Maini Boruah and Chimran Kalita from Assam 21-16, 21-19 to win the title. A staggering 260 matches were played on the first day of the three-day qualifiers, with umpires and referees being on duty for more than 19 hours. There was no change in the script on Tuesday, when 230 matches were scheduled.
While waiting for their matches late at night, some of the players fell asleep and had to be woken up by their parents or coaches after the announcement of their matches.
Durgapur mayor, Mr. Apurba Mukherjee present at the prize giving ceremony thanked everyone for being patient enough to bear the shortcomings and allow the tournament end on a happy note.

Durgapur, 22nd July 2013
Axes group directors surrenders in Durgapur court
Two of the three absconding directors of Axes Multi Developers of Durgapur surrendered in Durgapur court on Saturday. Judge has ordered 14 day jail custody of the two axes directors, Katyayan Bhattacharyya and Satyabrata Basu. However Saraswati Basu, the third director and wife of director Satyabrata Basu is still on the run.
It may be recalled that following a court complain by Andal resident Ajit Das on 29th April 2013, ACJM of Durgapur Court directed the police to investigating charges of cheating and fraudulent activities against Axes Group.
Immediately after getting the court directives, Durgapur police on 29th night raided the resident of one of its director, Katyayan Bhattacharyya, but Bhattacharyya managed to flee along with the other two directors. Police then raided the City Centre office of Axes the very next day and seized several important documents related to company's activity.
In two phases Durgapur police arrested ten Axes group officials and interrogating them came to know that Axes Multi Developers Ltd., which started as a real estate company of Durgapur, in last two to three years diversified into media, resort, hotel business and mobilizing funds. The interrogating team said that the company is reported to have collected around Rs 50 crore in the past six years on the false promise allotting plots.
Police however failed to track the three absconding directors in spite of an all out effort. On 19th June Durgapur court ordered that the three absconding directors of Axes group must surrender on or before 4th July; failing which their assets will be seized.
Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate (East), Sunil Yadav, intimated that steps to seize the assets of the company has been initiated. The 49 bank accounts of the company with different banks have already been seized by the police.
After remaining in hideout for about two and half months two of the Axes group directors surrendered on 20th July in Durgapur court on their own. But the third director is still at large.
One may recall that Axes group did not featured on the list of 52 fund-mobilizing companies' Durgapur mayor Apurba Mukherjee had sent to the district magistrate demanding immediate steps after the Saradha scam erupted.

Durgapur, 9th July 2013
Stadium turns garbage dump
Garbage piling up in Durgapur since the past week was today dumped on the greens of a municipal stadium after a private agency tasked to collect and process the garbage shut its factory.
The garbage was deposited at the Durgapur Municipal Corporation-run Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium on the instruction of the town's Trinamul mayor Apurba Mukherjee.
Local Trinamul leader Parimal Agasthi today led 20 trucks of garbage and dumped the waste in the stadium. "The mayor told me to dump the garbage at a corner of the stadium. I just did the job," Agasthi said.
Mayor Mukherjee admitted to having instructed Agasthi, saying the civic body lacked options after the private plant where the waste was taken to earlier closed down on June 28. "The closing down of the plant has given rise to all the problems. Wherever our conservancy workers went to dump daily garbage, they were prevented from doing so either by residents or by local councillors. We had no alternative but to dump the garbage in the stadium," Mukherjee said.
Asked how long the municipality intended to dump the waste in the stadium, Mukherjee said: "Till the plant reopens."
Mohun Bagan has a 10-day pre-season camp lined up in the stadium from August 1. The football club is also supposed to play a match against SAIL Football Academy. The mayor declined comment when asked what the civic body would do to remove the garbage before the camp starts.
The daily garbage collected in Durgapur used to be dumped in a waste-treatment plant maintained by Mumbai-based Hanjer Biotech Energies Private Ltd. Set up in 2010 under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission and Asansol-Durgapur Development Authority, the plant closed down on June 28 this year.
Officials at the plant said the municipal corporation was not being able to supply them 120 tonnes of solid waste daily as had been agreed in a deal struck with the civic body.
Sources said workers at the plant also stopped coming alleging that they had not been getting salaries for the past couple of months. Electricity to the plant was disconnected for alleged non-payment of dues.
The dumping of the waste in a stadium frequented by City Centre residents for their morning walks and exercise earned criticism.
"Why did the mayor choose the stadium to dump garbage? Many of us take morning walks there. I was surprised today to see so many trucks carrying garbage entering the stadium and unloading the waste on the field. The waste could have been dumped outside the town," said a retired Durgapur Steel Plant employee who did not want to be named.
The ADDA has moved court against the company for closing down the plant without notice. "The company can't close down the plant all of a sudden. It comes under the essential services category. The officials there are saying they are not getting adequate solid waste. But they should have informed us before closing down. We have moved court," said Antara Acharya, the chief executive officer of ADDA.
"I cannot comment. I am doing whatever I have been instructed by my superiors in Mumbai," said Kaiyum Ansari, assistant general manager of the Mumbai-based firm.
Source:- The Telegraph

Durgapur, 7th July 2013
Man commits suicide in police custody
A man, who was summoned to a police station in Dhanbad district for questioning in connection with a case or robbery, today allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself inside its premises, a senior police official said.
Badal Chandra Dey, a resident of Durgapur of West Bengal, committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling in the toilet of the police station in Nirsa block, Superintendent of Police Anup T Mathew told reporters here.
Dey was working as a driver with a steel company and was brought to the police station on July 3 for questioning in connection with the loot of Rs 24.5 lakh, Mathew said.
The money belonged to the company and he was ferrying it when the loot took place, he said.
He was brought for questioning after mobile phone call details had allegedly found the victim's collusion with the robbers, the SP added.
Source:- business-standard

Durgapur, 7th July 2013
Land cloud on steel plant rail tracks, Plot owner demands contract
Construction of railway tracks to ferry raw materials to a Rs 9,900-crore steel plant in Asansol is stuck for the past four months because of a deadlock over acquiring a 30-metre stretch, resulting in below-capacity production and payment of lakhs in monthly penalty.
The landowner, who works for a coal-trading company against whose owners several police cases of pilfering coal are pending, has demanded Rs 2 crore from the Calcutta-based Shyam Group of Industries for his one-acre plot on which the 30-metre siding - tracks on which trains stop for loading and unloading - will be laid, company officials told this correspondent.
The market rate of the plot Rs 7 lakh per acre.
"Landowner Kishan Lal Sharma and the owners of the company for which he works have also demanded a life-time contract for loading and unloading of raw materials," a Shyam Group official said.
Although the Rs 4,000-crore Shyam Group is ready to negotiate the land price, it has not agreed to the second demand.
Shyam Group vice-chairman-cum-managing director Bhushan Agarwal wrote to the Burdwan district magistrate last Friday and industries minister Partha Chatterjee in May, seeking the intervention of the government and the district administration to solve the impasse.
Agarwal alleged that Sharma and his employers were "blackmailing" the Shyam Group and "creating trouble at the site (of the siding). "This is hindering our work to a great extent and we are unable to complete the siding project."
The letter does not mention the alleged demands of higher land price and the life-time contract for loading and unloading raw materials.
Ratan Kumar Chakraborty, vice-president (human resources) of the group, said: "We decided to set up our own siding, where we can keep our raw materials safe and also save the money we now pay in penalties to the railways. We pay around Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh a month as penalty because we are forced to keep raw materials in wagons at the Tapasi railway siding beyond the permissible time limit.
"Transporters we hire delay in unloading the raw materials, resulting in the payment of penalties."
Chakraborty said the Shyam Group, which owns two more steel plants in Durgapur and Odisha’s Sambalpur, decided to build its own siding after its plant in Jamuria, Asansol, started productions in 2012 as "we have to pay around Rs 120 per tonne to transport raw materials from the railway siding, which is 12km from our plant". The area where the group is building its siding is 2km from the plant.
Another Shyam Group official said that often raw materials such as coal and iron ore were pilfered from the railway siding or during transportation to the plant.
The official said the plant was producing half its capacity because work on the siding could not be finished. "We can produce 3 lakh tonnes of steel, alloy steel, iron and sponge iron a year but are producing 1.5 lakh tonnes now. We are also producing 15MW of power. We will go for full-capacity production after our railway siding is ready," the official said.
The official said landowner Sharma and his employers were threatening plant workers with dire consequences if they continued to work at the siding.
"We are read to negotiate the land price. But we don't want to give the lifetime contract. When we approached Sharma for negotiations, he refused to speak to us, saying his associates would talk to us," the official said.
Sharma refused comment. The employers of the company accused of using strong-arm tactics could not be contacted.
In May, the Shyam Group management had written to the Asansol sub-divisional officer, the police, industries minister Chatterjee and agriculture minister Malay Ghatak, who hails from Asansol.
Chatterjee said some coal smugglers were hindering work at the steel plant's railway siding. "Some coal smugglers are creating obstacles there and I have asked Malay Ghatak to look into the matter. However, we can't force anybody to sell their plot even if they are coal smugglers," Chatterjee told The Telegraph.
Ghatak said he was trying to solve the problem. "These coal smugglers have cases against them in Andal and Raniganj police stations. But they were not arrested earlier because of their links with the CPM. We are looking into the matter. We have asked the administration to find a solution," Ghatak said.
Manoj Dutta, a district committee member of the CPM, said: "Our party never had any link with coal smugglers. The allegation is base. Trinamul is backing coal smugglers in the Raniganj-Asansol coal belt."
Source:- The Telegraph

Durgapur, 2nd July 2013
Durgapur celebrates Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray's Birthday
Durgapur celebrates Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray -the second chief minister of West Bengal's 131st birthday throughout Durgapur. Celebration of the birth anniversary of Dr. B.C.Roy is of great significance for the people of Durgapur, because the industrial town of Durgapur had been the brain child of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.
Durgapur Municipality Corporation (DMC) organized a function at the Information Centre in DMC's City Centre office. A separate function was organized by the B.C.Roy Memorial Committee in front of Netaji Bhavan. The dignitaries present in the function reminisce the contribution of Dr. B.C.Roy in giving Durgapur a permanent place in the map of India.
The Bidhan Bhaban at B-Zone, Durgapur-5, Bidhan Institute, B.C. Roy College also celebrated Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray's birthday.
Durgapur Steel Plant organized three separate functions to commemorate the birth anniversary, of the great visionary, Dr. B.C.Roy. At Ispat Bhavan, the administrative building of Durgapur Steel Plant, CEO of DSP Mr. P.K. Singh garlanded the statue of Dr. Roy in the buildings’ ground floor. Mr. Singh describes Dr. Roy as the founder of modern Bengal. He also reminded that all those who are directly or indirectly linked with DSP must not forget that they all are here because of this great visionary man who dreamt of establishing a steel plant here.
The day is also celebrated as Doctor's Day in the entire country, because of the fact that Dr. Roy was a legendary doctor. Functions were organized at DSP's Main Hospital in Steel Township.
Many NGO's also organized, functions at various places in Durgapur, to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Roy, the founder of Durgapur. A blood donation Camp and a free medical Checkup Camp was organised by B.C.Roy Co-operative and SD Hospital Durgapur on account of the birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Durgapur, 2nd July 2013
Durgapur Steel Plant output up 4% in Q1
Durgapur Steel Plant of SAIL recorded 4 per cent growth in saleable steel output in the first quarter to June 30. In a note, it said that production of wheels and axles grew 15 per cent in Q1 against the corresponding period of 2012-13.
Source: .the hindu businessline

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