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The growing pro-industry policies of the state governments and Government of India in recent times, we at SAFAL FOUNDATION, recognize the importance of developing the youth of India obviously with a special focus on Bengal to have distinct leverage to be employed. To meet this need, SAFAL Foundation has taken its first step setting up an up class skill development center and technical training institute in 2016 operating from Durgapur, West Bengal.
Research with various manufacturing and service industries at the time revealed that the job aspirant’s clan had been meeting only 25% requirement of the recruiters in terms of employability skills. The groupsees the possibility of training the youth technically and furthermore indulges employability skills to cater the recruiter's expectations.
We foresee, within a few years, our institute would create its genuine footprints in the skill development arena and most importantly into hundreds of young employed people's lives.


Safal Foundation with along with PBSSD has launched the above-mentioned FREE courses. Please register yourself and get certified free of cost. GET SKILLED. GET CERTIFIED. GET EMPLOYED

About Us SAFAL FOUNDATION has been established to provide vocational & skill development training with the sole aim of empowering the job aspirants with specific skills in private and govt sector.
We deliver our training programmes by following National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) and National Occupational Standard (NOS) with state of the art facilities and SSC (Sector SKILL Council) certified trainers. The Entire "SAFAL" family is working with its full dedication and devotion for 'Skill India' and to make india the " SKILL Capital" of the world.

Our Mission Our mission is to be a major stakeholder in the "Skill India" mission and to utilise our demographic dividend to produce skilled workforce who would be a part in the economic growth of our country. SAFAL FOUNDATION aims to reach out to the youth of India living in cities, small towns & villages and provide them with job specific training to enable them to get jobs across different service and manufacturing sectors, considering the opportunities and the growth of them in India.

Our Vision: With a rich vision in the field of skill training, SAFAL FOUNDATION raises the bar every day to provide a quality education and bright future to our students. It is our vision to make tomorrow's industry leaders from our pool of trainees. We want them to contribute globally in their chosen fields. Following our far reached vision we impart high quality education & professional training to our students to make them future professionals who will play active part in the growth of our society.

Our Affiliations: We are affiliated and direct training partner of ESSCI (Electronic Sector Skill Council of India.

  • Multi Skill Technician (Electrical)
  • Field Engineer RACW (Refrigerator, AC & Washing Machine)
  • Solar & LED Technician.

Multi Skill Technician (Electrical)

Outline of the electricity sector

Where would we be without electricians? They keep us safe and hassle free in our daily lives connecting all equipment be it lighting and home appliances, communication devices or simple wiring at our home and work.
Of course, they also provide us with properly wired housing and office blocks too, but there’s so much more to it than that, as you may already be aware!
Every building you could possibly imagine uses electricity: houses, museums, stadiums, office buildings, petrol stations, restaurants, post-offices, coffee shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and so much more. We could obviously go on forever with this one but you get the idea! Builders build them, while electricians give them light and power.
Most electricians work in the construction industry and will work alongside builders to ensure that the structure they’re working is perfectly safe and in full working order. Builders provide electricians with blueprints, which indicate where the wires and power sockets need to go.
Electricians not only install electronics, but also repair and maintain the electrical connections in them. If you have a problem with some wiring in your home, you need to call out an electrician to come over and sort it out. Sometimes electricians will even be asked to rewire entire buildings.
As an electrician, you might also be responsible for installing electrical equipment and machinery in factories and other industrial settings. When you are properly trained and if you know the technical stuff, you deserve a decent and fulfilling career option and wonderful income opportunity.

Field Engineer RACW
(Refrigerator, AC & Washing Machine)

Career Overview


Air conditioning is fast becoming an essential upgrade for homes and offices across regions. The advent of new technologies excites the users to install and upgrade thecooling comfort and living efficiency at home and business. Hence the demand of AC installers and maintenance technicians is far more than the skilled force available. Our skilled faculties and facilities provide the widest possible range of training and know-how of air-conditioning system. We groomour students with the latest technology training they need to have to become an expert.


A refrigeration technician works on commercial, residential, public and industrial projects including transportation and storage. This branch of engineering is at high demand providing support to wide range of products and services. It is also essential for the refrigeration technician to meet high and growing standards of service to provide and comply with the growing requirements of the clients and maintaining the business. Refrigeration technician is closely associated with other parts of the construction and transportation industries at all stages and equally led by rapid changes in these sectorsfor environmental trends and requirements.


Washing machines have transformed many household towards better efficiency and comfortable living in this ever-growing busy lifestyle of today. The exceeding demand of home appliances has changed the work and living landscape of consumers. Introduction of latest technologies and features in different brands and models give wider choice for the consumers to suit the requirements.
This career that requires troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair skills involves activities such as disassembling appliances, fixing damaged areas and replacing broken-down parts among other tasks. If you are interested in taking up this career, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of washing machines and their inner workings. Whether with an appliance repair company or being the boss of your own freelance repair business, it provides stable income opportunity and fulfilling career. This requires formal skill training taking up an apprentice position which provides a good opportunity for learning and developing the necessary skills and acquiring experience before going for your own.
These are very decent career and income options in the home appliances industry. CHANGE YOUR LIVES.

LED & Solar Panel Technician

What does a Solar Technician do?

Solar energy is a clean resource, producing very few emissions in its production and use. Since the Sun is life force of our universe, it is naturally renewable resource of power as well.
In recent years, solar power has become an area of focus within the global energy community. More businesses are investing in to this to reduce their carbon footprint and the households are installing to save or live in an area off the standard power grid, increasingly turning to solar power as a solution.
This is all great news for the Solar Technician. That's because Solar Technicians install and maintain solar power systems so they work at their highest capacities. This can mean working with a passive system, such as heat from a window, or an active system, such as solar panels on a roof that gather and direct sunlight into storage batteries. Maintaining these systems entails repairing solar panels, installing systems to convert the solar DC power to liveable AC power, replacing pumps or fans, and exploring more effective designs.
For the design portion, you the Solar Technicians will work with trained Solar Engineers. Together, you evaluate the problem, observe the current process, and create solutions. Once you've designed a new product or process, you assist in its installation and maintenance.


The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. LED lighting is currently available in a wide variety of home and industrial products, and the list is growing every year. The rapid development of LED technology leads to more products and improved manufacturing efficiency, which also results in lower prices.
With the latest technology and energy saving features, the installation and maintenance of LED are of increased demand in businesses, social amenities, households, service providers and in all possible lighting usages.




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