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Videos of Durgapur

These are the most popular videos of Durgapur on YouTube. Most of this videos are uploaded by us and few are collected from youTube, uploaded by other netizens of Durgapur. we hope that this collection of Durgapur videos will be most appreciated by our viewers.

  1. Durgapur Station and Kumarmangalam Park in Durgapur

  2. Durgapur Barrage and Benachity Bazar in Durgapur

  3. Junction Mall And Durgapur Airport

  4. IQ City and Durgapur Barrage in Moonsoon

  5. Fashion Show and Beauty contest in Durgapur 2010.

  6. Fashion Show in Durgapur city, 2010.

  7. Durgapuja 2011 in Durgapur city

  8. Soumitro Chatterjee in Marconi, Durgapur 2009 and Durgapur Seva Project

  9. Common wealth Games Queens Baton in Durgapur 2010.

  10. Program in Srijoni Durgapur 2010 for Common wealth Games Queens Baton

  11. Common wealth Games Queens Baton leaving Durgapur 2010.

  12. Deb and Subhoshree in Marconi,Durgapur 11th OCT 2010

  13. Deb and Subhoshree in Marconi,Durgapur 11th OCT 2010 Part2

  14. Sreya Ghosal and Debojit in Bijaya Sammailani of Marconi DurgoUtsab 24th October 2010, Durgapur Part-1

  15. Shreya and Nachiketa in Durgapur.

  16. Nachiketa in Bijaya Utsab 22nd October 2010 in Tagore House, Durgapur by Expressnews Channel.

  17. MARCONI Dakshin Pally Durga Puja 2010

  18. David Hare More Durga Pratima And Pandal 2010

  19. Joydeb Durgapuja 2010 And DAVID HARE MORE Durga Puja Program 2010

  20. Club Santosh and Sector 2C Durgapuja 2010

  21. Muchipara and Fuljhore Durgapuja 2010

  22. Club Santosh Pandal Inside Durga Puja 2010 and T.N. Durgapuja 2010

  23. Fuljhore Durgapuja 2010 Pandal Inside and Nabaroon Club Durga Puja 2010

  24. Agrani Durgapuja 2010 Pandal and Nabaroon Durga Puja 2010 Mela

  25. Marconi Durgapuja 2010 Alok Sajja, Lighting And MadhyaPally, Balaka, Edison Durga Puja 2010

  26. Hostel Avenue, A-Zone Durgapuja 2010 And Tilok Road Durgapujo 2010 DeviBaron

  27. Durgapur Kalipuja 2010 Videos, Page-1

  28. Trade Fair in Gandhi More,Durgapur 26th SEP 2010 and Asha Sabla Mela 2010

  29. Recstacy 2010 NIT Durgapur and Shan in NIT 2010.

  30. News of Gas leakage in Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur, 2010 and Taekwondo Traning to kids in Durgapur

    Initially we are providing few videos of Durgapur. Soon more videos are going to follow