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Weather in Durgapur

The Steel city of West Bengal, India

Weather in Durgapur is one of the most important aspect of information needed by the people of Durgapur and visitors who wish to visit Durgapur. Durgapur experience extreme hot climate in Summer and Extreme colder days in the Winter. So Temperature in Durgapur during the summer is an important piece of information. The rainfall during the moonsoons is another important information we all need. In the extreme colder days again we go for the temperature in Durgapur. So here we have tried to provide those information for the people's need.

Temperature in Durgapur is recorded officially by Paribesh Bhawan, West Bengal Pollution Control Board situated at Sahid Khudiram Sarani, City Centre, Durgapur- 713216. We have got immense help from Mr. P.K. Barai , Sr. Scientist, Durgapur Regional Laboratory. The temperature, Humidity and Pollution levels are recorded by advanced machineries situated in different regions of Durgapur like

  • Angadpur
  • PCBL More(Dew India)
  • Bidhan School (Bidhannagar)
  • PCBL (Colony Club),
  • Benachity (Quality Hotel)

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