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1. If u fall,don't see the place where u fell,but, see the place where u slipped "That's the way to be successful person.MY BEST WISHES
2. In the fight between wave & rock on seashore, Wave always wins.Not through strength,but through persistence.Dont ever GIVE UP until you win.BEST WISHES
3. Success formula:Sleep 8 hours....Work 8 hours....&Make sure they are not the'same hours'...!!-BEST WISHES
4. I wish a wish 4 u, it's the wish i wish 4 few.The wish i wish is not new but still as fresh as dew. The wish i wish 4 u is that all ur wishes come true.
5. People will always throw stones in ur path.It depends on U what u make from it,A Wall or A Bridge..!Your decision will change Your wishes
6. Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and Reverent lifting of the heart to God In honor and praise for His goodness. Happy Thanksgiving!
7. I am so grateful that I have you all with me on this Thanksgiving Day
8. Space SeeMs Like An EMpty Word, But Its Full Of Special People Around Caring Endlessly. Thank You For Being A Part Of My SPACE
9. As the night turns in2 day, keeps ur worries out of sight! No matter how tough the world may seem, U still deserve the "SWEETEST" day! Have a great day.
10. Hamari to duaa hai koi gila nahi... Woh Gulab jo ab tak khila nahi... Zindagi mein tumko wo sab kuch mile... Jo Duniya mein ab tak kisi ko mila nahi...
11. I may be far 4 a min, 4 a hr, 4 a day, 4 a month, but I'l always b there 4 u. I may not be able to always say good morning, good evening, good night, but, I'll never say Gud Bye ...
12. No1 Ever Won a Game of Chess by Taking only Forward Moves.Sometime U have 2 Move Backward 2 get a Better Step Forward.That's also in life..BEST WISHES
13. Future is nt somthng u Await! Its smthng u must CREATE! Plan ur future in ADVANCE coz tat is were u wil spend the REST of ur LIFE:best wishes
14. Whatever we do, we must remember our aim at evry moment . If you dream to fly with eagles, don't waste time In swimming with ducks.
15. A Ship is AlwAys sAfe At the Shore.But it wAs not Built for thAt."So tAke Risk And Achieve More.-ThAt's U wAnna to wishes
16. LIFE Is vehicle which is driven wid d help of d wheels called HARDWORK, bt d journey is impossible without the fuel called CONFIDENCE....MY BEST WISHES
17. One can Count the number of Seeds in an Apple,but,One cannot Count the no of Apples in a Seed!FUTURE is unseen.Hope always for the BEST.
18. "The mark of a great player is in his ability to come back. The great champions have all come back from defeat"DO NOT GIVE UP.BEST WISHES
19. No one can go back and change a bad beginning, but anyone can start anything anytime and create a successful ending....BEST WISHES
20. You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression..but remember the first impression is not the last CHANCE!BEST LUCK